Ay Kardesler Introduces the “El Turco Provocative Marbles” for Upmarket Hotels and Luxury Housing Bursa, Turkey / Press Bulten - The giant Turkish marble and onyx supplier AY KARDESLER targets Chinese upmarket hotels and luxury housing and is pleased to announce its trendy EL TURCO line of marbles. Quarrying and exporting top-quality classic and modern Turkish marble to more than 30 countries for more than 30 years, Ay Kardesler is now on the radar of Chinese wholesale buyers and building contractors for its provocative EL TURCO marbles. The Bursa-based Turkish company plans to raise its marble slab exports to 40 million dollars in 2015. Marble for Fantasy: The El Turco Phenomenon The natural stone industry has experienced boom conditions over the past decade as home building and remodeling trends have favored the inclusion of travertine and marble products in large-scale housing and government projects. “Contractors and buyers want to see added value in buildings, and fantasy marble is one unique way to achieve this!” said Iskender Burukhamzaoglu, Senior Executive of Ay Kardesler and a leading figure in the Turkish marble world. He further added “We’re all looking for solutions to make our lives a little more comfortable and fun. Our provocative line of El Turco marbles aims to inspire and take you to a fascinating world of fantasies.” Bursa: The Home of Top Turkish Marble Quarries Bursa was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire which was almost twice the size of modern China for nearly 500 years. Inspired by this impressive, dynamic and historic background, Bursa has now become the capital city of Turkish marble exports and the cradle of travertine, natural stone and marble quarries thanks to the surrounding marble and travertine mountains. Bursa is a key marble-producing city according to IMMIB (Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association) reports. Rome: A City of Marble Marble has always been considered as a symbol of power and wealth. The Roman Emperor Augustus is quoted as saying: “I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.” It is an interesting fact that Roman emperors and artists imported marble from different regions including Egypt and Anatolia, which is now modern Turkey, to build their cities and show off their wealth. Turkey is home to nearly 3000 quarries and 15,000 workshops, with 90 percent of the marble reserves concentrated in the Aegean and Marmara regions. Yet, marbles of different colors or patterns can be found everywhere in Anatolia, which has been home to numerous ancient civilizations including the Eastern Roman Empire. An Interesting Fact: The word marble is derived from the Greek work marmaron with reference to the Marmara Sea in Turkey. Bursa is a city around the Marmara Sea and the Marmara Region still produces some of the best marble in the world since the ancient Greek times. For 2,000 years, the island has played a very important role in the history of marble and still, even today, is one of the best places to find top-quality marble. Many religious structures in Vatican as well as the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, Turkey were made from marble that came from the Marmara Island. This is why Turkey is considered as the center of the marble industry. About Ay Kardesler Ay Kardesler Marble Co. was established by Yusuf and Ali Burukhamzaoglu brothers in Bursa. With the experience of its commercial activity since 1982 and thanks to its modern infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and huge investments in its factories and production facilities, Ay Kardesler Marble Co. offers its customers its products in 9 different textures and lines. Ay Kardesler Marble Co. has implemented the strictest quality policies within its establishment to be in line with world standards and to increase its global sales. Steadily growing in an indoors area of 6.000 sqm and an outdoors area of 7.000 sqm, the company provides its services with its experienced staff in order to ensure timely dispatch of its products. With its ever-increasing customer portfolio, its long years of experience and standardized production processes, Ay Kardesler Marble Co. has become the primary address for customized solutions for government and civil construction projects. Ay Kardesler Marble Co. is a producer, supplier and exporter of marble slabs, marble blocks, marble shower panels, marble fireplaces, marble fountains, marble water jets, marble coffee tables, marble tiles, marble countertops, marble window frames, marble door frames, marble window sills, marble-top console tables, marble steps, marble base and top dining tables, coffee onyx slab, travertine marble slabs, rosalia, green onyx, jasmine dark marble, golden beige, alexander grey, emperador, and bursa beige marbles.


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