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İnternet Kısaltmaları, Sohbet Argosu ve SMS İngilizcesi

12 October Wednesday 2016

İnternet Kısaltmaları, Sohbet Argosu ve SMS İngilizcesi
A - Hey
A LEVEL - A higher exam
A$$ - ass
A&E - Accident & Emergency (department of a hospital)
A&F - Always And Forever
A&R - Artists & Repertoire
A'IGHT - alright
A.I.M. - aol instant messanger
A.K.A. - also known as
A/L - age and location
A/M - away message
A/N - Author's Note
A/S/L - age,sex,location
A/S/L/P - Age/Sex/Location/Picture
A/S/L/R - age, sex, location, race
A/W - Anyway
A1 - Top quality
A1T - anyone there
A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
A2T - Addicted to texting
A3 - Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
A7X - Avenged Sevenfold
AA - Automobile Association
AAA - American Automobile Association
AAAAA - American Association Against Acronym Abuse
AAB - Average At Best
AABF - as a best friend
AAF - As A Friend
AAK - Alive and Kicking
AAMOF - As A Matter Of Fact
AAMOI - As A Matter Of Interest
AAP - Always A Pleasure
AAR - At Any Rate
AAR8 - At Any Rate
AARP - American Association of Retired Persons
AAS - Alive And Smiling
AASHTA - As always, Sheldon has the answer
AATF - always and totally forever
AATK - Always At The Keyboard
AAWC - After awhile crocodile
AAWY - And Also with You
AAYF - As Always, Your Friend
AB - Ass Backwards
AB IS ASSIGNMENT BOOK - AB is Assignment Book
ABBR - Not Defined
ABC - American Born Chinese
ABCP - A bad computer professional
ABD - Already Been Done
ABDL - Adult Baby Diaper Lover
ABEND - absent by enforced net deprivation
ABF - Absolute bloody final
ABFT - About fucking Time
ABH - Actual Bodily Harm
ABITHIWTITB - A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
ABK - Not Defined
ABN - Asshole By Nature
ABOOT - about
ABP - Already Been Posted
ABS - Absolutely
ABSNT - absent
ABT - About
ABT2 - About To
ABTB - All About That Bass
ABWT - about
AC - Alternating Current
ACAB - All Cops Are Bastards
ACC - account
ACCT - Account
ACD - Alt-Control-Delete
ACDNT - Accident
ACE - access control entry
ACG - Asian Cowgirl
ACGAF - Absolutely couldn't give a fuck
ACK - acknowledged
ACLOL'D - Abbreviation of "actually laughed out loud" or "ac
ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union
ACME - A Company that Makes Everything
ACORN - A Completely Obsessive Really Nutty
ACP - Automatic Colt Pistol
ACPT - accept
ACQSTN - Acquisition
ACU - Army Combat Uniform
AD - Anno Domini
ADAD - Another day, another dollar
ADBB - All done, bye-bye
ADD - Address
ADDY - Address
ADE/CLR - Assets Drawing Expenses Capital Liabilities Revenu
ADGTH - All Dogs Go To Heaven
ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADIDAS - All Day I Dream About Sex
ADIH - Another Day In Hell
ADIP - Another Day in Paradise
ADL - All Day Long
ADM - Ay dios mio
ADMIN - Administrator
ADMINR - Administrator
ADN - Any Day Now
ADPIC - Always Dependably Politically Incorrect
ADR - address
ADS - Aiming Down Sights
ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADTR - A Day To Remember
AE - Area Effect
AEAE - And Ever And Ever
AEAP - As Early As Possible
AF - As fuck
AFACT - As far as I can tell
AFAGAY - A Friend As Good As You
AFAHMASP - A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted
AFAIAA - As Far As I Am Aware
AFAIAC - As Far As I Am Concerned
AFAIC - As Far As I'm Concerned
AFAICR - As Far As I Can Remember
AFAICS - As Far As I Can See
AFAICT - As Far As I Can Tell
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AFAIR - as far as I recall
AFAIU - As Far As I Understand
AFAIUI - As Far As I Understand It
AFAP - As Fast As Possible
AFAYC - As Far As You're Concerned
AFC - Away From Computer
AFCPMGO - away from computer parents may go on
AFD - All Fucking Day
AFDN - Any Fucking Day Now
AFF - Affirmative
AFG - away from game
AFGO - Another Fucking Growth Opportunity
AFI - A Fire Inside
AFIAA - As Far As I Am Aware
AFINIAFI - A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
AFJ - April Fool's Joke
AFK - Away From Keyboard
AFK2P - away from keyboard to pee
AFKB - away from keyboard
AFN - All for Now
AFO - Adult fan of
AFPOE - A Fresh Pair Of Eyes
AFT - About Fucking Time
AFU - All Fucked Up
AFWIW - Anyway, for what it's worth
AFZ - Acronym Free Zone
AG - Aggressive
AGB - Almost Good Bridge
AGC - Automatic Gain Control
AGGY - Aggitated
AGH - Ain't Gonna Happen
AGKWE - And God Knows What Else
AGL - Angel
AGM - Annual General Meeting
AGN - again
AGP - Advanced Graphics Port
AGW - All going well
AH - ass hole
AHFY - Always here for you
AHOLE - asshole
AI - Artificial Intelligence
AIAMU - And I'm A Monkey's Uncle
AIB - Am I Boverd
AICI - As I See It
AICMFP - and I claim my five pounds
AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIGF - All In Good Fun
AIGHT - All Right
AIGHTZ - alright
AIH - As It Happens
AII - Alright
AIIC - As If I Care
AIID - and if I did
AIIGHT - all right
AIIT - Alright
AIM - AOL instant messanger
AIMB - As I Mentioned Before
AIMP - Always In My Prayers
AIN'T - am not
AINEC - And It's Not Even Close
AIO - All In One
AIP - agreement in principle
AIR - As I Remember
AIRHEAD - Stupid person
AIS - Ass In Seat
AISB - As it should be
AISE - As I Said Earlier
AISI - As I See It
AIT - Alright
AITE - Alright
AITR - Adult In The Room
AITYD - And I Think You Do
AIUI - As I Understand It
AIWS - as i was saying
AJ - apple juice
AJAX - Asynchronous Javascript and XML
AK - Alaska
AK47 - Assault rifle
AKA - also known as
AKP - Alexander King Project
AKPCEP - Alexander King Project Cultural Engineering Projec
AKTF - Always Keep The Faith
AL - Alcohol
ALAP - as long as possible
ALAYTM - as long as you tell me
ALCON - all concerned
ALEX - Not Defined
ALEXIS - Not Defined
ALF - Animal Liberation Front
ALG - Ain't Life Grand
ALI - Best Friend
ALIHAL - At Least I Have A Life
ALKQN - Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation
ALOB - A Load Of Bollocks
ALOL - Actually Laughing Out Loud
ALOT - a lot
ALOTBSOL - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
ALRIGHT - all right
ALRITE - Alright
ALRT - alright
ALRYT - alright
ALT - Alternative
ALTG - Act Locally, Think Globally
ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit
AM - Ante Meridian
AMA - Ask Me Anything
AMAP - as much as possible
AMAXING - it is amaxing and max put together
AMAZN - Amazing
AMBL - All my boundless love
AMBW - All My Best Wishes
AMC - American Motors Corportation
AMD - Advanced Micro Devices
AMEX - American Express
AMF - Adios Mother Fucker
AMG - Ah My God
AMIIC - ask me if i care
AMIIGAF - ask me if i give a fuck
AMIRITE - Am I Right
AML - All my love
AMOG - Alpha Male Of Group
AMP - Amplifier
AMPLIFER - Not Defined
AMRMTYFTS - All My Roommates Thank You For The Show
AMS - Ask me something
AMSP - ask me something personal
AMTHGF - Absence makes the heart grow fonder
AMTRAK - American passenger railroad corporation
AMV - Anime Music Video
AMW - Americas most wanted
AMZ - Amazing
ANAWFOS - And Now A Word From Our Sponsor
ANC - African National Congress
ANF - Abercrombie & Fitch
ANFAWFOS - And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
ANFSCD - And Now For Something Completely Different
ANGB - Almost Nearly Good Bridge
ANIB - As New, in Box
ANIM8 - animate
ANL - all night long
ANLSX - Anal Sex
ANON - Anonym
ANR - Adult Nursing Relationship
ANTI - Against
ANTM - America's Next Top Model
ANU - Not Defined
ANUDA - another
ANW - anyways
ANWWI - alright now where was i
ANY1 - Anyone
ANYWAZ - anyways
AO - Anarchy Online
AOAS - All Of A Sudden
AOB - Any Other Business
AOBTD - Another One Bites The Dust
AOC - age of consent
AOE - Age Of Empires
AOF - Apprentice Old Fart
AOI - Ass on ice
AOK - All OK
AOL - American Online
AOM - Age of majority
AOMM - Always on my mind
AON - all or nothing
AOS - adult over shoulder
AOT - As Opposed To
AOTA - All of the above
AOTO - Amen on that one
AOTS - All Of The Sudden
AOYP - Angel On Your Pillow
AOYS - angel on your shoulder
AP - Attached Parenting
APAC - All Praise And Credit
APB - All Points Bulletin
APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier
API - application program interface
APM - Actions per Minute
APO - Authorized Personnel Only
APOC - apocalypse
APOD - Another Point Of Discussion
APOS - Annoying Piece Of Shit
APP - Application
APPROX - approximately
APPT - appointment
APR - Annual Percentage Rate
APRECE8 - appreciate
APRECI8 - appreciate
APU - As Per Usual
AQAP - As quick as possible
AR - are
ARD - Alright
ARE - Acronym rich environment
ARED - Alright
ARG - Alternate Reality Gaming
ARGO OR AGRO - Aggravate
ARK - Act of Random Kindness
ARND - around
ARPA - Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARPANET - Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ARSE - a**
ARSED - bothered
ARVO - Afternoon
AS - another subject
ASA - And So On
ASAFP - as soon as fucking possible
ASAIC - As Soon As I Can
ASAIK - as soon as I know
ASAMOF - As A Matter Of Fact
ASAP - as soon as possible
ASARBAMBTAA - All submissions are reviewed by a moderator before
ASAS - As soon as sensible
ASAYGT - As Soon As You Get This
ASBMAETP - Acronyms should be memorable and easy to pronounce
ASBO - Anti Social Behaviour Order
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASE - age, sex, ethnicity
ASF - And So Forth
ASHL - a**h**e
ASHLEY - Not Defined
ASHOLE - a**h**e
ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIG - And so it goes
ASKHOLE - Someone who asks your opinion or for advice but ne
ASL - age, sex, location
ASLA - Age/Sex/Location/Availability
ASLMH - Age/Sex/Location/Music/Hobbies
ASLO - age sex location orientation
ASLOP - Age Sex Location Orientation Picture
ASLP - Age, sex, location, picture
ASLR - age sex location race
ASLRP - age, sex, location, race, picture
ASO - And So On
ASP - At Some Point
ASR - age sex race
ASS - Not Defined
ASSHLE - a**h**e
AT&T - American Telephone & Telegraph
ATA - Ait To Air
ATAB - Ain't That A Bitch
ATB - all the best
ATC - Any Two Cards
ATD - Attention to Detail
ATEOTD - At The End Of The Day
ATEOTLYWBAT - At The End Of This Lesson You Will Be Able To
ATF - All Time Favorite
ATFP - answer the fucking phone
ATGATT - All The Gear All The Time
ATK - Attack
ATL - atlanta
ATM - at the moment
ATMO - According To My Opinion
ATN - Any Time Now
ATO - against the odds
ATOP - at time of posting
ATP - answer the phone
ATPM - About to pee myself
ATQ - Answer The Question
ATSITS - All The Stars In The Sky
ATSL - Along the same lines
ATST - At The Same Time
ATT - At This Time
ATTN - Attention
ATTOTP - At The Time Of This Post
ATTT - Ain't That The Truth
ATV - All Terrain Vehicle
ATVB - All The Very Best
ATW - All the way
ATWA - All The Way Alive
ATWD - Agree That We Disagree
ATY - according to you
ATYS - AnyThing You Say
AU - Alternate Universe
AUB - Are You Bored
AUDY - Are you done yet?
AUFM - are you fucking mental
AUFSM - are you fucking shiting me
AUNT - Cunt
AUO - I don't know
AUP - acceptable use policy
AUT - Are you there
AV - Audio/Video
AV7X - avenged sevenfold
AVA - Angels and Airwaves
AVGN - Angry Video Game Nerd
AVIE - Avatar
AVO - Afternooon
AVPM - A Very Potter Musical
AVSB - a very special boy
AVTR - avatar
AVVIE - avatar
AVY - Avatar
AW - Attention Whore
AWA - As Well As
AWACBE - As Well As Can Be Expected
AWC - After While, Crocodile
AWES - awesome
AWESO - Awesome
AWESOME - Amazing
AWGTHTGTATA - Are We Going To Have To Go Through All This Again
AWGTHTGTTA - Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again
AWHFY - Are We Having Fun Yet
AWK - awkward
AWL - Always with love
AWLTP - Avoiding Work Like The Plague
AWNIAC - All We Need Is Another Chair
AWOL - absent without leave
AWP - Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle
AWS - As We Speak
AWSIC - and why should i care
AWSM - Awesome
AWSOME - awesome
AWT - At what time
AWTTW - A word to the wise
AWTY - Are We There Yet
AWW - Any Which Way
AWYR - Awaiting Your Reply
AYAGOB - are you a girl or boy
AYB - All Your Base
AYBAB2M - all your base are belong 2 me
AYBAB2U - All your base are belong to us
AYBABTG - All Your Base Are Belong To Google
AYBABTU - All Your Base Are Belong To Us
AYBRB2U - All your base are belong to us
AYC - Aren't You Clever
AYCE - All You Can Eat
AYCS - As You Can See
AYD - are you done
AYDY - Are You Done Yet
AYE - Yes
AYEC - At Your Earliest Convenience
AYF - All Your Fault
AYFK - are you fucking kidding
AYFKM - are you fucking kidding me
AYFR - Are You For Real
AYFS - Are You fucking Serious
AYFT - Are You Free Today
AYK - are you kidding
AYKM - Are You Kidding Me
AYL - Are You Listening
AYMF - are you my friend
AYOK - are you okay
AYOR - At Your Own Risk
AYPI - And Your Point Is
AYR - At your request
AYS - are you serious
AYSM - are you shitting me?
AYSOS - Are You Stupid Or Something
AYST - are you still there
AYT - Are You There
AYTE - alright
AYTF - are you there fucker
AYTMTB - And you're telling me this because
AYTY - are you there yet
AYV - Are You Vertical
AYW - As you wish
AYWK - As you well know
AZHOL - asshole
AZM - Awesome
AZN - asian
AZZ - ass
B - Buck teeth
B& - Banned
B&B - Bed & Breakfast
B&E - Breaking And Entering
B&F - Back and Forth
B&G - Blow and Go
B&M - Bricks and Mortar
B&W - Black and White
B) - Smiley with sunglasses
B-DAY - Birthday
B/C - because
B/F - Brain fart
B/R - Bathroom
B/W - Between
B2B - Business To Customer
B2C - Business To Consumer
B2W - back to work
B4 - before
B4MV - Bullet For My Valentine
B4N - Backbenchers For Nation
B4U - Before You
B4YKI - Before You Know It
B7 - Banned
BA - Bitch Ass
BAAS - Boss
BAB - Bad Ass Bitch
BAC - By Any Chance
BACKFLIP - a term of excitement; to jump for joy; literally j
BAD - Broken As Designed
BAE - 1) Big And Extraordinary 2) Beautiful And Elegant
BAE- - Before Anyone Else
BAF - Bored As Fuck
BAG - busting a gut
BAGL - Bust A Gut Laughing
BAH - Bored As Hell
BAI - Bye
BAIC - Boy am I confused
BAK - Back
BAM - Below Average Mentality
BAMF - Bad Ass Mother Fucker
BAMN - By Any Means Necessary
BANANA - Built Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody
BAO - Be Aware Of
BAP - Breast
BARB - Buy Abroad, Rent in Britain
BARBIE - Barbecue
BASOR - Breathing a sigh of relief
BAT - Bitch Ass trick
BATS - Better-looking across the street
BAU - business-as-usual
BAY - Back at ya
BB - Bye Bye
BB4N - Bye Bye For Now
BBAM - Be Back After Meal
BBAMFIC - Big Bad Ass Mother Fucker In Charge
BBB - Bye Bye Baby
BBBG - Bye Bye Be Good
BBBJ - Bare Back Blow Job
BBBJTC - Bare Back Blow Job to Completion
BBBW - Big Beautiful Black Woman
BBC - Big Black Cock
BBD - Big Buck Down
BBE - Babe
BBEG - Big Bad Evil Guy
BBF - Butt Buddy Forever
BBFBBM - Body by Fisher Brains by Mattel is OK. But, about
BBFE - Best Buds Forever
BBFL - Best Buds For Life
BBFN - Bye-bye for now
BBFS - Bare Back Full Service
BBG - Beautiful Baby Girl
BBIAF - Be Back In A Few
BBIAM - Be back in a minute
BBIAS - Bye, Back In A Second
BBIAW - Be Back In A While
BBJ - Bare Blow Job
BBL - Be Back Later
BBLR - Be Back Later
BBM - Brains by Mattel
BBMFIC - Big Bad Mother Fucker In Charge
BBML - Be Back Much Later
BBN - Bye, bye now
BBOL - Be back on later
BBQ - Better Be Quick
BBR - Burnt Beyond Repair
BBS - Bulletin Board System
BBSD - Be back soon darling
BBSL - Be Back Sooner or Later
BBSS - Be back soon sweetie
BBT - Be Back Tomorrow
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman. A nicer way of saying fat.
BBWL - Be back way later
BBY - Baby
BBZ - Babes
BC - Before Christ
BCBC - Beggars Can't Be Choosers
BCBG - Bon Chic Bon Genre
BCBS - Big Company, Big School
BCBW - Bow Chica Bow Wow
BCC - Blind Carbon Copy
BCD - Behind Closed Doors
BCDHM - Be Careful, Don't Hurt Me
BCE - Before Common Era
BCNU - Be Seeing You
BCO - Big crush on
BCOS - Because
BCOY - Big crush on you
BCOZ - because
BCP - Best Current Practice
BD - Brain Drain
BDBI5M - Busy Daydreaming Back In 5 Minutes
BDBY - Bad Boy
BDC - Big Dumb Company
BDE - Best Dramatic Effect
BDN - Big darn number
BDOML - Best Day Of My Life
BDONG - Bad and Wrong
BDT - 'Bout Darn Time
BDU - Brain Dead User
BEA - a girlfriend or boy friend
BEAST - Not Defined
BEF - Best Enemies Forever
BEG - Big Evil Grin
BELLIG - Belligerant
BER - Beyond Economical Repair
BEST - Best Regards
BESTIE - Best Friend
BESTY - Best Friend
BET - Black Entertainment Television
BETA - Better
BETCH - Bitch
BEWBS - Boobs
BF - Boyfriend
BF4L - Boyfriend for Life
BFA - Best Friends Always
BFAM - Brother From Another Mother
BFAW - Best friend at work
BFB - Better From Behind
BFC - Big Fucking Can
BFD - Big Fucking Deal
BFE - Bum Fuck Egypt
BFF - Big Fat Friend
BFF - Best Friend Forever
BFF4L - Best Friend Forever For Life
BFFAE - best friends forever and ever
BFFE - Best friends forever
BFFF - Best Fucking Friends Forever
BFFFL - Best Fucking Friends For Life
BFFL - Best Friends For Life
BFFLAB - Best friend for life and beyond
BFFLE - Best Friends For Like Ever
BFFLNMW - Best friends for life, no matter what
BFFLTDDUP - Best Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part
BFFM - Best friends forevermore
BFFN - Best Friends For Now
BFFS - Best friend forever sincere
BFFTTE - Best Friends Forever Til The End
BFFWB - Best Friend Forever With Benefits
BFG - Big Fucking Gun
BFI - brute force and ignorance
BFK - Big Fat Kiss
BFMI - Brute Force and Massive Ignorance
BFMV - Bullet For My Valentine
BFN - bye for now
BFOG - Blouse Full Of Goodies
BFP - Big Fat Positive ie pregnant
BFR - Big Fucking Rock
BFRABPBYR - Belousov Family Reunion Annual Beer Pong & BBQ Yea
BFS - Bull Fucking Shit
BFTD - Best friends till death
BFTP - Blast From The Past
BFU - Butt Fucking Ugly
BFUT - Best Friends Until Tomorrow
BFWB - Best Friend With Benefits
BG - big grin
BGD - Black Gangster Disciples
BGF - Best guy friend
BGL - Big Game License
BGM - Background Music
BGR - Boy girl relationship
BGTY - Be good to yourself
BGUTI - Better Get Used To It
BGWM - Be Gentle With Me
BH - Bloody hell
BH@ - Be home at
BHAG - Big, Hairy Audacious Goal
BHD - Bad Hair Day
BHG - Big Hearted Guy
BHH - Bless His Heart
BHIMBGO - Bloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old
BHL8 - Be Home Late
BHM - Big Handsome Man
BHO - Barak Hussein Obama
BHOF - Bald Headed Old Fart
BHS - Be home soon
BI - Bisexual
BI5 - Back In Five
BIA - Bia is a Portuguese diminutive of Beatrix. Beatrix
BIAB - Back In A Bit
BIL - Brother In Law
BIOTCH - Not Defined
BIT - bitch in training
BLARG - a word that one yells either because you r mad sad
BLESS UP - hi or bye with a blessing.
BLS - Blown Like Shit
BLSO - Bottom Lip Stuck out
BLTN - Better Late Than Never
BLUF - Bottom Line Up Front
BLVMOT - Believe me on that
BM - Byte Me
BM&Y - Between Me and You
BM4L - Best Mates For Life
BMA - Bite My Ass
BMB - Bebo Me Back
BMBO - Blow my brains out
BME - Body Modification Ezine
BMF - Blowing Money Fast
BMFE - Best Mates Forever
BMFL - Best Mates For Life
BMG - Be my guest
BMGWL - Busting my gut with laughter
BMHATK - Banging My Head Against The Keyboard
BMHATW - Banging My Head Against The Wall
BMHWB - Be My Hot-Water Bottle
BMI - Body Mass Index
BML - Bless My Life
BMN - But Maybe Not
BMOC - Big Man On Campus
BMOF - Bite Me Old Fart
BMOTA - Byte Me On The Ass
BMS - Broke My Scale
BMT - Before My Time
BMTA - Brilliant Minds Think Alike
BMTH - Bring Me The Horizon
BMTIPG - Brilliant Minds Think In Parallel Gutters
BMTTVE - Best Mates Until The Very End
BMW - Big Money Waster
BMX - Bicycle Motocross
BN - Bad news
BNB - Bad News Bears
BNDN - Been Nowhere Done Nothing
BNF - Big Name Fan
BNI - Batteries Not Included
BNIB - Brand New In Box
BNIP - Brand New In Packaging
BNNW - Brand New Never Worn
BNO - Boys night out
BNP - British National Party
BNSCD - but now something completely different
BNWOT - Brand New Without Tags
BNWT - Brand New With Tags
BO - Bug Off
BOAF - Birds of a Feather
BOB - Battery Operated Boyfriend
BOBFOC - Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch
BOC - Butt on chair
BOCTAAE - But Of Course There Are Always Exceptions
BOE - bind on equip
BOED - Book of Exalted Deeds
BOF - Birds Of a Feather
BOFFT - Big Old Fat Fluffy Thing
BOFH - Bastard Operator From Hell
BOGO - Buy one get one
BOGOF - Buy One Get One Free
BOGSAT - Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking
BOHICA - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
BOHOF - Back Of Hand On Forehead
BOI - Boy
BOIK - Best Of Its Kind
BOL - Best of luck
BOLO - Be On the Look Out
BOLTOP - Better On Lips Than On Paper
BOMB - Really good.
BON - Believe it Or Not
BOO - The meaning is someone you don't know if your just
BOOKMARK - Not Defined
BOOMM - Bored out of my mind
BOOMS - Bored Out Of My Skull
BOOST - to brag or exaggerate
BOOTP - Bootstrap Protocol
BOP - bind on pickup
BOS - Brat over shoulder
BOT - Be on that
BOTB - Back of the book
BOTD - Benefit of the doubt
BOTDF - Blood On The Dance Floor
BOTE - back of the envelope
BOTEC - Back Of The Envelope Calculation
BOTOH - But On The Other Hand
BOTS - Robots
BOTTS - Back On To The Subject
BOUT - About
BOYDS - Back off you dipstick
BOYF - Boyfriend
BOYFRIEND BOMB - when the girl you're into casually mentions that s
BP - Beautiful People
BPLM - Big Person Little Mind
BQ - Be Quiet
BR - Bathroom
BRAIN - Blow Job
BRB - Be Right Back
BRBB - be right back bitch
BRBBRB - Be Right Back, Bathroom Break
BRBCB - Be Right Back, Coffee Break
BRBIGP - Be Right Back, I Gotta Pee
BRBRB - Bathroom, be right back
BRD - Black Rock Depths
BREAK DOWN - can i have some of your food or what ever someone
BREDRIN - Not Defined
BREW - Brother
BRH - Be Right Here
BRLCFH - Broke Ribs Laughing, Call For Help
BRO - Brother
BROMANCE - Brother Romance
BROSKI - Brother
BRRRB - Be rrright back
BRS - Big Red Switch
BRT - Be Right There
BRU - Brother
BRUDDA - Brother
BRUH BRUH - Brother Brother
BRUK - Broken
BRUVA - Brother
BS - Bull Shit
BSAAW - Big Smile And A Wink
BSB - Backstreet Boys
BSBD&NE - Book Smart, Brain Dead & No Experience
BSEG - Big Shit Eating Grin
BSER - Back Stabber
BSF - But Seriously Folks
BSG - Broad Sweeping Generalization
BSK - Big Sloppy Kiss
BSOD - Blue Screen of Death
BSOF - Big Smile On Face
BSOFN - Big Smile On Face Now
BST - Best
BSTD - Busted
BSTS - Better safe than sorry
BSU - Boring Status Update
BSX - Bisexual
BT - About
BTA - But Then Again
BTAICBW - But Then Again I could Be Wrong
BTAIM - Be That As It May
BTB - By The By
BTCHF - Bye, take care, have fun
BTCOD - Beyond the Call of Duty
BTD - Bored To Death
BTDT - Been There, Done That
BTDTGTS - Been There Done That, Got the T-Shirt
BTDTGTTS - Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
BTDTGTTSAWIO - Been There Done That Got The T-shirt And Wore It O
BTE - Best Time Ever
BTF - born to fail
BTFO - Bend The Fuck Over
BTFT - Been There, Fixed That
BTFU - Boiler The Fuck Up
BTFW - By The Fucking Way
BTGOG - By The Grace Of God
BTHO - Beat The Hell Outta
BTHOM - Beats The Hell Outta Me
BTHOOM - Beats The Heck Out Of Me
BTHRM - Bathroom
BTHU - Back the heck up
BTIW - Brothers in the Wind
BTK - Back To Keyboard
BTL - Between The Lines
BTM - Bite me
BTN - Better Than Nothing
BTOBD - Be There Or Be Dead
BTOBS - be there or be square
BTOIYA - Be There or It's Your Ass
BTR - A band called " Big Time Rush".
BTS - By the Same
BTSOOM - Beats the shizzle out of me
BTT - Bump To Top
BTTB - Back To The Basics
BTTF - Back To The Future
BTTH - Boot To The Head
BTTT - Bump To The Top
BTU - British thermal unit
BTW - Back to work
BTWBO - Be There With Bells On
BTWITIAILW - Not Defined
BTWITIAILW/U - By The Way I Think I Am In Love With You
BTWITIAILWU - By the way, I think I am in love with you
BTWITIAILWY - By the way, I think I am in love with you
BTWITIILWY - By the way, I think I'm in love with you
BTWITILY - By the way, I think I love you
BTWN - Between
BTY - Blessings To You
BTYM - Between You And Me
BU - Backup
BU&I - Between you and I
BU2M - Been Up To Much
BUAF - Butt Ugly ASCII Font
BUAG - Butt Ugly ASCII Graphic
BUBI - Goodbye
BUFU - Butt Fuck
BUKT - But You Knew That
BUKTA - But You Knew That Already
BUMP - Bring Up My Post
BUMPING - Means fun, cool, happening, or hot. Also see Qrack
BUNDY - But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet
BUP - Backup Plan
BURD - Bird
BUTT HURT - Means, really hurt.
BUTTA - Cute,nice,and kind
BV - Bad Vibe
BVB - Black Veil Brides
BW - Best Wishes
BWBR - Brunette with blonde roots
BWC - But Who Cares
BWDIK - But What Do I Know
BWG - Big wide grin
BWK - Big Wet Kiss
BWKOL - Big Wet Kiss On The Lips
BWL - Bursting With Laughter
BWO - Black, White or Other
BWQ - Buzz Word Quotient
BWTH - But What The Hell
BWTHDIK - But what the heck do I know
BWTM - But Wait, There's More
BYAM - Between You And Me
BYH - Bless your heart
BYKI - Before You Know It
BYKT - But You Knew That
BYKTA - But You Knew That Already
BYO - Bring Your Own
BYOA - Bring Your Own Advil
BYOB - Bring Your Own Bottle
BYOC - Bring Your Own Computer
BYOCG - Bring Your Own Computer Gear
BYOF - Bring your Own Food
BYOP - Bring your own paint
BYORL - Bring Your Own Rocket Launcher
BYOTH - Bat You On The Head
BYOW - Build Your Own Website
BYT - Bright Young Thing
BYTM - Better you than me
BZ - Bitch
C - see
C 2 C - cam to cam (webcams)
C# - Microsoft programming language
C&C - Command and Conquer
C&G - Chuckly and Grin
C&P - Copy & Paste
C&V - Chapter and Verse
C'MON - Come On
C++ - Programming language
C-P - Sleepy
C.Y.A - cover your a**
C/B - comment back
C/D - Confirm/Deny
C/O - Class Of ...
C/P - Cross Post
C/S - Change of Subject
C/T - can't talk
C1 - Affirmative, Roger that
C14N - canonicalization
C2 - come to
C2C - care to chat?
C2TC - cut to the chase
C4 - Plastic explosive
C4ASHG - care for a shag
C4C - Comment for Comment
C4N - Ciao For Now
C7AY - Gay
C@ - cat
CAAC - Cool As A Cucumber
CAB - Can't Be Assed
CABRON - Bastard
CAC - Cool as a cucumber
CACHAI - Do you understand
CAD - Computer Aided Design
CADDY - Cadillac
CADET - Can't Add, Doesn't Even Try
CAG - Chick Acquisition Guide
CAM - Camera
CANCER STICK - cigarette
CANTO - Cantonese
CAPISH - Do you understand
CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Co
CAS - Crack A Smile
CASE - Completely Absurd Sarcastic Explanation
CAT - Cool person
CATFISH - somebody who creates a fake online identify usuall
CATWOT - complete and total waste of time
CAUSE - Because
CAWK - c**k
CAYC - call at your convenience
CAZ - Crazy in a nice way
CB - Canadian bacon
CBA - Can't Be Arsed
CBB - Can't Be Bothered
CBBC - Children's BBC
CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBF - Can't Be Fucked
CBFA - can't be f**king arsed
CBFB - Can't Be Fucking Bothered
CBFED - can't be f**ked
CBGB - Country, Blue Grass and Blues
CBI - can't believe it
CBJ - Covered Blow Job
CBL - Come Back Later
CBS - Can't Be Stuffed
CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
CC - I understand
CCABW - Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
CCAR - Compact Car
CCC - Coricidin Cough & Cold
CCD - Cock Craving Disorder
CCG - Collectable Card Game
CCITT - Can't Conceive Intelligent Thoughts Today
CCL - Couldn't Care Less
CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCTV - Closed-Circuit Television
CD - Cross Dresser
CD9 - Code 9
CD99 - Parents are no longer watching
CDC - Cult of the Dead Cow
CDFU - Cracking Da Fuck Up
CDIH - Cold Day In Hell
CDIWY - couldn't do it without you
CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access
CDN - Canadian
CDP - Calm Down Please
CDR - Compact Disc Recordable
CDT - Central Daylight Time
CE - Creative Editing
CELL - Cellphone
CELLY - cell phone
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
CEPT - Except
CEREAL - Serious
CES - Consumer Electronics Show
CET - Central European Time
CEX - sex
CEXY - sexy
CF - Coffee Freak
CFAS - care for a secret?
CFC - chlorofluorocarbon
CFD - Call For Discussion
CFID - check for identification
CFL - Canadian Football League
CFM - come f**k me
CFMP - Copy For Me Please
CFN - Ciao for now
CFNM - Clothed Female Naked Male
CFS - Covered Full Service
CFV - Call For Voting
CFY - calling for you
CFYD - Computer Fine User Drunk
CG - Computer Graphics
CGAD - couldn't give a d**n
CGAF - couldn't give a f**k
CGF - cute guy friend
CGI - Computer-Generated Imagery
CGYOOMH - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
CGYOOMM - Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
CGYT - Cat Got Your Tongue
CH - CH is the abbreviation and country code for Switze
CH@ - chat
CHA - Yes
CHAMPS - champions
CHAR - character
CHEEZ - Cheese
CHEEZBURGER - cheeseburger
CHIK - chick
CHILAX - chill and relax in one word
CHILAXING - Chilling and relaxing
CHILLAX - Chill and relax
CHILLIN - relaxing
CHINGO - Chat lingo
CHINK - Asian
CHIRP - to insult or nag someone
CHODE - a partial but not full erection of male genitals;
CHOHW - Come Hell or high water
CHQ - Not Defined
CHQZ - Not Defined
CHR - character
CHRONIC - marijuana
CHSWM - come have sex with me
CHSWMRN - come have sex with me right now
CHU - you
CHUCK - Chill as Fuck
CHUD - A chud can be anything and everything. It is a per
CHUFF - Vagina
CHUT - p***y
CHX - Chickens
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
CIBM - Could It Be Magic
CICO - Coffee In, Coffee Out
CICU - Can I see you
CICYHW - Can I Copy Your Home Work
CID - consider it done
CIF - Cum In Face
CIG - cigarette
CIGGY - Cigarette
CIGS - cigarettes
CIH - Cash In Hand
CIHSWU - can i have sex with you
CIHY - Can I Help You
CIHYN - can i have your number
CIL - Critical Items List
CILF - child i'd like to f**k
CIM - Cum in Mouth
CING - CING means something is about to release
CINI - Cinema
CINT - Cunt
CIO - Check It Out
CIP - Cell it please
CIR - Committed Information Rate
CIS - computer information science
CISC - Complex Instruction Set Computers
CITA - Caught In The Act
CIWWAF - cute is what we aim for
CL - Craig's List
CLA - Cap lock alert
CLAB - Crying Like A Baby
CLASS - Cool
CLB - Creepy Little Bastard
CLD - could
CLESS - clanless
CLI - Command Line Interface
CLICK - Kilometre
CLIQUE - Group of friends
CLIT - Clitoris
CLK - click
CLM - Career Limiting Move
CLT - Cool Like That
CLUEBIE - clueless newbie
CM - call me
CMA - Cover My a**
CMAO - Crying My a** Off
CMAP - Cover My Ass Partner
CMAR - Cry Me A River
CMB - Call me back
CMBO - combo
CMC - Casi Me Cago
CMCP - call my cell phone
CMD - command
CME - Checking my e-mail
CMEO - Crying My Eyes Out
CMF - Count My Fingers
CMFWIC - Chief Crazy Mother Figure What's in Charge
CMH - Call My House
CMI - Count Me In
CMIIW - Correct Me If I'm Wrong
CMITM - Call me in the morning
CMIW - Correct Me if I'm Wrong
CMIYC - Catch Me If You Can
CML - Call Me Later
CML8R - call me later
CMLIUW2 - call me later if you want to
CMNF - Clothed Male Naked Female
CMNT - comment
CMOMC - call me on my cell
CMON - Come on
CMOS - Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMPLCDD - complicated
CMPLTE - complete
CMPTR - computer
CMS - Content Management System
CMT - comment
CMU - Cracks Me Up
CMW - cutting my wrists
CN - can
CNC - Cheap and Chearful
CNN - Cable News Network
CNP - Continued Next Post
CNRHKYITF - Chuck Norris roundhouse kick you in the face
CNT - can't
CO - Company
COA - Course of Action
COB - close of business
COC - Clash of clans
COD - Call of Duty
COD4 - call of duty 4
COD5 - call of duty 5
CODE 29 - moderator is watching
CODE 8 - parents are watching
CODE 9 - Parents are watching
CODE9 - other people near by
COED - Coeducational
COF - Cough
COF$ - Church of Scientology
COFL - Collapses on Floor Laughing
COFR - Cry Out For Revenge
COFS - Church of Scientology
COH - City of Heroes
COI - Come On In
COIWTA - come on i wont tell anyone
COKE - Cocaine
COL - crying out loud
COMIN' - coming
COMNT - comment
COMP - Computer
COMPY - computer
CONGRATS - congratulations
CONTRIB - contribution
CONTRIBS - contributions
CONVO - conversation
COO - cool
COOD - could
COPYVIO - copyright violation
COS - because
COTF - crying on the floor
COTM - check out this myspace
COWBOY CHOKER - cigarette
COZ - because
CP - child porn
CPL - Cyber Athlete Professional League
CPM - cost per 1000 impressions
CPTN - captain
CPY - copy
CR - Can't remember
CR8 - crate
CRACKER - another slang term similar to "red neck", often re
CRAKALAKIN - happening
CRAP - Shit
CRAT - A hairless cat therefore it looks like a mix of a
CRAWS - Can't Remember Anything Worth A Shit
CRAY - Cray or cray cray means crazy but it's more fun to
CRAZN - crazy asian
CRB - Come right back
CRBT - Crying really big tears
CRC - Cyclic Redundency Check
CRDTCHCK - Credit Check
CRE8OR - creator
CREAM - Cash Rules Everything Around Me
CREAM OF THE CROP - refers to the best of the best of something; head
CRINGEWORTHY - named after a guy in the British comic strip The B
CRIP - Community Restoration in Progress
CRIT - Critical hit
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
CRP - crap
CRS - can't remember s**t
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube
CRTLA - Can't Remember the Three-Letter Acronym
CRUNK - combination of crazy and drunk
CRZ - Crazy
CRZY - crazy
CS - Counter-Strike
CS:S - Counter-Strike: Source
CSA - Cool Sweet Awesome
CSB - Cool Story Bro
CSG - Chuckle, snicker, grin
CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
CSKR - c**k sucker
CSL - Can't stop laughing
CSN - Chuckle, Snicker, Grin
CSP - Casual Sex Partner
CSS - Counter-Strike Source
CST - Central Standard Time
CSZ - Catch Some Zee's
CT - Can't Talk
CTA - Call To Action
CTC - call the cell
CTF - capture the flag
CTFD - calm the f**k down
CTFO - chill the f**k out
CTFU - cracking the f**k up
CTHU - Cracking the heck up
CTIC - Completed together in class or Corrected together
CTM - chuckle to myself
CTN - can't talk now
CTNBOS - can't talk now boss over shoulder
CTNCL - Can't talk now call later
CTO - Check This Out
CTP - Computer to plate
CTPC - cant talk parent(s) coming
CTPOS - Can't Talk Parent Over Sholder
CTR - Center
CTRL - Control
CTRN - can't talk right now
CTS - change the subject
CTSO - Cut That Shit Out
CTT - change the topic
CTTD - Cute Things They Do
CTTS - Cute Things They Say
CU - goodbye
CU2MR - See you tomorrow
CU2NIT - see you tonight
CU46 - see you for sex
CU@ - See you around
CUA - See You Around
CUAGN - See You Again
CUAOP - Cracking Up All Over the Place
CUATU - See You Around The Universe
CUB - Call You Back
CUB4UDK - See you before you decay
CUBI - can you believe it
CUD - could
CUDDLE - To keep warm or hug for a long period of time
CUFN - See You for Now
CUIAB - See You In A Bit
CUIC - See You In Church
CUIOL - See You In the Other Life
CUL - See you later
CUL83R - See you later
CUL8ER - See You Later
CUL8R - See You Later
CUL8RM8 - See You Later, Mate
CUL8TR - see you later
CULA - See You Later, Alligator
CULD - Could
CULSR - See you later
CUNS - See You In School
CUNT - vagina
CUOL - See You OnLine
CUOM - see you on monday
CUOTN - See you on the net
CUPLE - couple
CURN - calling you right now
CUS - See You Soon
CUT - See You Tomorrow
CUT3 - cute
CUTTL - Crawling Under The Table Laughing
CUTY - Cutie
CUWTA - Catch Up With The Acronyms
CUWUL - catch up with you later
CUZ - Because
CUZZ - Because
CVQ - chucking very quietly
CW2CU - can`t wait to see you
CW2HU - Can't wait to hold you
CWG - Cunt With Gun
CWM - come with me
CWMAOS - coffee with milk and one sugar
CWOMT - Complete waste of my time
CWOT - Complete Waste Of Time
CWTCU - Can't Wait to See You
CWTGYPO - can't wait to get your panties off
CWTSY - Can't Wait To See You
CWUAS - Chat With You Again Soon
CWUL8R - Chat With You Later
CWYL - chat with ya later
CX - Cancelled
CY - See You
CYA - goodbye
CYAL - see you later
CYAL8R - See You Later
CYAO - Chat Your Arse Off
CYAS - see you soon
CYB - Count Your Blessings
CYBI - Can You Believe It
CYBL - call you back later
CYBR - cyber
CYBSECKZ - cyber sex
CYBTH - Can You Believe That Happened
CYDI - Can you dig it
CYE - Check your e-mail
CYEP - Close your eyes partner
CYF - Check your Facebook
CYFB - Check your Facebook
CYFF - change your font, f**ker
CYH - Consider Yourself Hugged
CYHM - Can You Help Me
CYL - See You Later
CYL,A - see ya later, alligator
CYL8 - see you later
CYL8ER - see you later
CYL8R - See You Later
CYLBD - catch ya later baby doll
CYLOR - check your local orhtodox rabbi
CYM - check your mail
CYNTOTT - see you next time on Tech Today
CYO - see you online
CYPUOT - Can You Pick-Up on This
CYS - See You Soon
CYT - See You Tomorrow
CYU - see you
CYWW2BY - See you, wouldn't want to be you
C|N>K - coffee through nose into keyboard
D - The
D BO - Steal
D CUP - A woman's large breasts. implying bra size.
D&C - divide and conquer
D&D - Dungeons and Dragons
D&DF - drug & disease free
D&M - Deep and Meaningful
D&W - Ducking And Weaving
D'S - Dayton rims
D-DAY - 6th June 1944
D.T.F - down to f**k
D.W - don't worry
D/B/A - Doing Business As
D/C - Disconnected
D/L - Download
D/M - Doesn't Matter
D/S - Dominant/submissive
D/W - don't worry
D00D - Dude
D12 - Dirty Dozen
D1CK - d**k
D2 - Diablo 2
D2D - Dusk To Dawn
D2M - Dead to Me
D2T - drink to that
D2U - Direct to You
D8 - Date
D: - Suprised, shocked
D:< - Angry
D; - Crying
D< - Angry
DA - Dumb ass
DA2 - Dragon Age 2
DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting
DADA - Defence Against the Dark Arts
DADS - Day After Drinking Shits
DADT - Don't ask. Don't tell.
DAE - Does Anybody Else
DAF - Drunk As Fuck
DAFS - do a f**king search
DAH - dumb as hell
DAII - day
DAK - Dead At Keyboard
DAM - Don't Ask Me
DAMHIK - Don't ask me how I know
DAMHIKIJK - Don't Ask Me How I Know - I Just Know
DAMHIKT - Don't Ask Me How I Know That
DANG - Damn
DAOC - Dark Age of Camelot
DAPO - Do all possible
DAQ - Dumb asked question
DARE - Drug Abuse Resistance Education
DARFC - Ducking And Running For Cover
DARL - Darling
DARN - Damn
DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DASF - Drunk As Fuck
DASS - dumb a**
DAT - That
DATO - Dining at the O
DATS - that's
DATY - Dining At The Y
DATYTC - Dining At The Y Till Completion
DAU - Dumb Ass User
DAW - Digital Audio Workstation
DAWG - Do All With God
DAYUM - d**n
DAYUMM - d**n
DAYWBDB - Do as you would be done by
DB - database
DB4L - drinking buddy for life
DBA - Doing Business As
DBAB - don't be a b***h
DBABAI - Don't Be A Bitch About It
DBAFWTT - Don't Be A Fool Wrap The Tool
DBAG - d****ebag
DBAI - Designed By An Idiot
DBAU - Doing business as usual
DBCS - double-byte character set
DBEYR - Don't Believe Everything You Read
DBF - Divorced Black Female
DBG - Don't be gay
DBH - Diameter at Breast Height
DBI - Don't Beg It
DBM - Divorced Black Male
DBMN - Don't bug me now
DBN - Doing Business, NOT
DBNT - Don't Bother Next Time
DBR - Damaged beyond repair
DBS - Dad behind shoulder
DBSS - Don't Be So Stupid
DBZ - Dragon Ball Z
DC - Don't Care
DC'D - disconnected
DCF - Department of Children and Families
DCMAT - Do Call Me Any Time
DCOI - Don't Count On It
DCOM - Distributed Component Object Model
DCOSM - Don't cry over spilt milk
DCTNRY - dictionary
DCW - Doing Cla** Work
DCYCBTH - Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Hatched
DD - don't die
DDD - Direct Distance Dial
DDE - Doesn't do extras
DDF - DDF as we are. Means they want someone as drug and
DDG - Drop Dead Gorgeous
DDI - Don't Do It
DDL - direct download
DDMMYY - Day Month Year
DDOS - Distributed Denial of Service
DDR - dance dance revolution
DDSOS - Different Day, Same Old Shit
DDT - Don't Do That
DE - The
DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration
DEB - Don't Even Bother
DEC - Decent
DED - Dead
DEETS - details
DEEZ - These
DEF - Definitely
DEFFO - Definitely
DEFO - Definitely
DEFS - definetly
DEGMT - Don't Even Give Me That
DEGT - Don't Even Go There
DELISH - Delicious
DEM - them
DEN - Then
DEPT - Department
DER - there
DERE - There
DERNOE - I don't know
DERP - A derp is a dumbass and a derpina is a girl dumbas
DERV - Diesel engine road vehicle
DET - Don't Even Trip
DETAI - Don't Even Think About It
DETI - Don't even think it
DEU - Dumb End User
DEVO - Devastated
DEWD - Dude
DEX - Dex is the sex between Damon & Elena, two characte
DEY - They
DF - Dumb f**k
DFE - Dead Fish Experience
DFK - Deep French Kissing
DFL - Dead Fucking Last
DFMO - Dance Floor Make Out
DFO - dumb f**king operator
DFS - Dating For Sport
DFTBA - Don't forget to be awesome
DFTC - down for the count
DFTT - Don't Feed The Trolls
DFU - don't f**k up
DFW - Down For Whatever
DFW/M - Don't f**k with Me
DFWM - Don't f**k with Me
DFWMT - Don't f**king waste my time
DG - Don't Go
DGA - Don't go anywhere
DGAC - don't give a crap
DGAF - don't give a f**k
DGARA - don't give a rats a**
DGAS - Don't give a s**t
DGF - Don't Give a Fuck
DGK - Dirty Ghetto Kids
DGMAAN - Don't Give Me an Answer Now
DGMS - Don't get me started
DGMTS - Don't Give Me That Shit
DGOAI - don't go on about it
DGOT - Don't Go Over There
DGT - Don't Go There
DGTG - Don't go there, girlfriend
DGTWM - Don't Go There With Me
DGY - Dodgy
DGYF - Damn Girl You're Fine
DGYPIAB - don't get your panties in a bunch
DH - Dear Husband
DHAC - Don't have a clue
DHAFC - Don't Have A Fucking Clue
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHLY - does he like you
DHS - Department of Homeland Security
DHU - Dinosaur hugs
DHV - Demonstration of Higher Value
DHYB - Don't Hold Your Breath
DIACF - die in a car fire
DIAF - Die In A Fire
DIAH - die in a hole
DIC - do i care
DICK - penis
DICKER - Not Defined
DIEZ - dies
DIFF - difference
DIH - d**k in hand
DIIK - Darned if I know
DIIN - Damned If I kNow
DIKHED - dickhead
DIKU - Do I know you
DIKY - Do I know you
DIL - Daughter in law
DILF - dad i'd like to f**k
DILLIC - Do I look like I care
DILLIFC - do I look like I f**king care
DILLIGAD - do I look like I give a d**n
DILLIGAF - do I look like I give a f**k
DILLIGAFF - Does it look like I give a flying flip
DILLIGAS - do i look like i give a s**t
DIM - Do It Myself
DIN - didn't
DIN'T - didn't
DINK - Double Incomes, No Kids
DINU - Do I Know You
DIP - to dip is to leave or take off.
DIR - Do It Right
DIRECTIONER - Someone who loves the band One Direction very much
DIRFT - Do It Right the First Time
DIRL - Die in real life
DIS - Did I Say
DISO - Desperately In Search Of
DISS - Disrespect
DISTO - Did I Say That Outloud
DIT - Details In Thread
DITBPOV - Discretion is the better part of valor
DITR - Dancing In The Rain
DITTO - Me too, or right back accha.
DITYID - Did I tell you I'm distressed
DIY - Do It Yourself
DJ - Dow Jones
DJABBIC - Don't judge a book by its cover
DJF - Divorced Jewish Female
DJM - Don't Judge Me
DJU - did you
DK - don't know
DKDC - Don't know, don't care
DKFS - Don't Know For Sure
DKM - Don't Kill Me
DKNY - Donna Karan New York
DKP - Dragon Kill Points
DKTM - Don't Kill The Messenger
DKU - Drop Kick Ugly
DL - Download
DLAM - Don't Laugh At Me
DLBBB - Don't let bed bugs bite
DLC - Downloadable Content
DLF - dropping like flies
DLG - Devilish Little Grin
DLIBU - Dont let it bother you
DLL - Dynamic Link Library
DLM - Don't leave me
DLMBM - don't let me be misunderstood
DLMBTLTK - Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know
DLN - Don't Leave Now
DLO - Down low
DLS - Dirty Little Secret
DLTBBB - Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DLTBGYD - Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down
DLTCU - Don't let them catch you
DLTM - Don't lie to me
DLUVM - Don't Like You Very Much
DLV - Demonstration of Lower Value
DM - deathmatch
DMAF - do me a favor
DMAL - Drop Me A Line
DMAMOOAM - Don't make a mountain out of a molehill
DMB - Dave Matthews Band
DMBA* - dumba**
DMC - Deep Meaningful Conversation
DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act
DMF - Dumb Mother Fucker
DMG - Damage
DMI - Don't Mention It
DMIID - Don't Mind If I Do
DMML - Don't Make Me Laugh
DMN - d**n
DMNO - Dude Man No Offense
DMTA - Dirty Minds Think Alike
DMU - don't mess up
DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles
DMW - Dead Man Walking
DMWM - don't mess with me
DMX - Dark Man X
DMY - don't mess yourself
DN - Doing Nothing
DNA - does not apply
DNBL8 - Do Not Be Late
DNC - Does Not Compute
DND - Do Not Disturb
DNDC - Don't Know, Don't Care
DNDP - Do not double post
DNF - did not find
DNFD - Do Not Fucking Disturb
DNFTT - Do not feed the trolls
DNIMB - dancing naked in my bra
DNK - Do Not Know
DNM - Does Not Matter
DNO - Don't Know
DNPM - Darn Near Pissed Myself
DNQ - Does not qualify
DNR - Do Not Resuscitate
DNRTA - did not read the article
DNRTFA - did not read the f**king article
DNS - Domain Name Service
DNT - Don't
DNU - Do Not Use
DNW - Do Not Want
DOA - dead on arrival
DOB - date of birth
DOC - doctor
DOD - Day Of Defeat
DOE - depends on experience
DOEI - Goodbye
DOF - depth of field
DOGG - friend
DOHC - Dual Overhead Cam
DOIN - doing
DOIN' - doing
DOL - Dying Of Laughter
DOLTS - Destruction of language through simplicity
DOM - Domainant person
DON - denial of normal
DONCHA - Don't you
DONNO - don't know
DONT - don't
DONTCHA - don't you
DOO - DOO means "dude"
DOOD - dude
DOODZ - dudes
DOOL - Days Of Our Lives
DOR - Dead On Road
DORD - Department of Redundancy Department
DOS - Denial of Service
DOT - Damage over Time
DOTA - Defence Of The Ancients
DOTC - dancing on the ceiling
DOUGH - dough means money
DOVII - Not Defined
DOY - Day of the year
DOYPOV - depends on your point of view
DP - Director if Photography (movies TV commercials, fi
DPAYEIOB - Don't put all your eggs in one basket
DPI - dots per inch
DPKOL - Deep Passionate Kiss On the Lips
DPMO - don't piss me off
DPRSD - depressed
DQMOT - don't quote me on this
DQYDJ - don't quit your day job
DR00D - druid
DRC - don't really care
DRM - dream
DROOD - druid
DSIDED - decided
DSL - Dick sucking lips
DSU - don't screw up
DT - double team
DTA - Don't Trust Anyone
DTB - don't text back
DTC - Down To Cuddle
DTD - Drunk Till Death
DTE - Down to Earth
DTF - Down To Fuck
DTH - down to hang
DTHT - Delighted To Hear That
DTL - d**n the luck
DTM - Doing too much
DTMFA - Dump The Mother Fuckker Already
DTP - Disturbing The Peace
DTR - Define the relationship
DTRM - Does This Really Matter
DTRT - Do The Right Thing
DTS - Don't think so
DTSL - Don't talk so loud
DTT - Don't Touch That
DTTAH - Don't Try This At Home
DTTD - Don't touch that dial
DTTM - Don't Talk To Me
DTTML - don't talk to me loser
DTTPOU - Don't tell the police on us
DTTRIAA - don't tell the RIAA
DTYT - Don't Take Your Time
DU - Don't understand
DU2H - d**n you to hell
DUCT - Did You See That
DUCWIC - Do You See What I See
DUCY - Do you see why
DUGI - Did you get it
DUGT - did you get that?
DUI - Driving Under the Influence
DUK - did you know
DULM - do you like me
DULUVM - Do you love me
DUM - Do You Masturbate
DUMBEST - Not smart then others
DUMM - Do you miss me
DUN - don't
DUNNA - i don't know
DUNNO - Don't Know
DUNO - don't know
DUPE - Duplicate
DUR - Duh
DURS - Damn You Are Sexy
DUS - Does
DUSL - Do You Scream Loud
DUST - Did You See That
DUSWIC - Do You See What I See
DUTMA - don't you text me again
DUUT - Do you understand that
DUWME - Do you want me
DUWTWB - Do You Want To White Board
DUWWB - Do You Want to White Board
DVD - Digital Versatile Disc
DVDA - double vaginal, double anal
DVI - Digital Visual Interface
DVR - Digital Video Recorder
DW - Don't Worry
DWAI - Don't Worry About It
DWB - Don't write back
DWBH - Don't Worry, Be Happy
DWBI - Don't Worry 'Bout It
DWEET - Tweet while drunk
DWF - Divorced White Female
DWHTGTTA - Do we have to go through this again
DWI - deal with it
DWID - Done When It's Done
DWIM - Do What I Mean
DWIMC - Do What I Mean, Correctly
DWIMNWIS - Do What I Mean, Not What I Say
DWIN - Do What I Mean
DWIOYOT - Deal With It On Your Own Time
DWISNWID - Do What I Say Not What I Do
DWKOTA - Deep Wet Kiss On The Ass
DWKOTL - Deep Wet Kiss On The Lips
DWL - Dying with laughter
DWM - Divorced White Male
DWMT - don't waste my time
DWN - down
DWOL - Drunk while on line
DWORD - Double word
DWP - Drunk While Posting
DWPKOL - Deep Wet Passionate Kiss On the Lips
DWPKOTL - Deep Wet Passionate Kissed On The Lips
DWS - Driving While Stupid
DWT - don't wanna talk
DWTS - Dancing With The Stars
DWU - Dats wassup
DWY - don't wet yourself
DWYD - Do What You Desire
DWYM - Does What You Mean
DXC - Deathcore
DY2H - d**n you to hell
DYA - Do you
DYAC - d**n you auto correct
DYB - Dumb Young Bitch
DYCOTFC - do you cyber on the first chat
DYD - Don't you dare
DYE - Damn Your Eyes
DYEC - Don't You Ever Care
DYFI - Did you find it
DYFM - Dude, you fascinate me
DYGTP - did you get the picture
DYHAB - Do You Have A Boyfriend
DYHABF - Do You Have A Boyfriend
DYHAG - Do You Have A Girlfriend
DYHWIH - Do You Hear What I Hear
DYJ - Do Your Job
DYJHIW - Don't you just hate it when
DYK - Did You Know
DYKWIM - Do You Know What I Mean
DYLH - do you like him
DYLLAN - A really shy kid who some how gets all the ladies.
DYLM - Do You Love Me
DYLON - Common first name and family name or Irish origin
DYLOS - do you like oral sex
DYM - Do You Mind
DYNK - do you not know
DYNM - do you know me
DYODD - Do your own due diligence
DYOFDW - Do Your Own Fucking Dirty Work
DYOH - Do your own homework
DYOR - Do your own research
DYSTSOTT - Did You See The Size Of That Thing
DYSWIS - Do You See What I See
DYT - Don't You Think
DYTH - d**n You To Hell
DYTTH - Did you talk to him
DYW - don't you worry
DYW2GWM - do you want to go with me
DYWS - Do You Want Something
DYWTMUSW - do you want to meet up some where
DZ - Drop Zone
E - ecstasy
E&OE - Errors and Omissions Excluded
E-DATING - Online dating
E-OK - Electronically OK
E.G. - example
E/M - Evaluation & Management
E1 - Everyone
E123 - Easy as One, Two, Three
E2EG - ear to ear grin
E4U2S - easy for you to say
E> - Heart
EA - Electronic Arts
EABOD - Eat A Bag Of Dicks
EAD - eat a d**k
EAEC - East Asia Economic Caucus
EAK - Eating at keyboard
EAS - End of Active Service
EB - Eyeball
EBCAK - Error Between Chair And Keyboard
EBD - End of Business Day
EBITDA - earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and
EBKAC - Error between keyboard and chair
EBT - Electronic Benefits Transfer
EC - Easy come
EC,EG - Easy come, easy go
ECF - error carried forward
ECG - Electrocardiogram
ECHASL - Every computer has a software lapse
ECO - Enconomical
ECT - etc
ECU - Electronic Control Unit
ECW - Extreme Championship Wrestling
ED - Erectile Dysfunction
EDC - Every Day Carry
EDD - Estimated Delivery Date
EDDRESS - Email address
EDGY - Cutting edge
EDJ - Energy Drink Junkie
EDM - Electronic Dance Music
EDUMACATION - education
EE - Electronic Emission
EEC - European Economic Community
EEDYAT - idiot
EEE - Expression of excitement
EEG - Extremely Evil Grin
EEJIT - idiot
EEK - Expression of surprise, distress
EEUC - Equipment Exceeds User Capabilities
EF - f**k
EF-ING - f**king
EF4T - Effort
EFA - Edited For Accuracy
EFCT - effect
EFF - Fuck
EFFFL - extra friendly friends for life
EFFIN - f**king
EFFING - f**king
EFG - Epic Fail Guy
EFL - English as a Foreign Language
EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer
EFTPOS - Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
EG - EG is the abbreviation and country code for Egypt
EGL - Elegant Gothic Lolita
EH - What? Huh?
EHLP - help
EI - Eat It
EIE - Enough Is Enough
EIL - explode into laughter
EIMS - Not Defined
EL - Chicago's elevated rail system
EL!T - elite
ELBOW - A pound of marijuana
ELE - Everybody Love Everybody
ELEO - Extremely Low Earth Orbit
ELF - Every Lady's Fantasy
ELH - Every Little Helps
ELI5 - Explain Like I'm 5
ELITE - Skillful, quality, professional
ELLO - Hello
ELNS - Eller noe s
ELO - Electric Light Orchestra (band)
ELOL - Evil Laugh Out Loud
ELP - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (band)
EM - them
EMA - E-mail Address
EMAW - Every Man a Wildcat
EMCEE - MC, Master of Ceremonies
EMM - email me
EMO - Emotional
EMOJI - Tiny Pictures Used In Texts To Communicate A Feeli
EMOTICON - Sequence of characters representing an emotion eg
EMP - eat my p***y
EMRTW - Evil Monkey's Rule The World
EMS - Emergency Medical Service
EMSG - E-mail Message
EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
EMV - Expected Monetary Value
ENAT - every now and then
ENC - Enclosure
ENDI - End item
ENDZ - Area where you live
ENE - Northerner
ENFP - Extraverted, iNtuative, Feeling, Perceiving
ENIAC - Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
ENIT - isn't it
ENNIT - Expression of agreement
ENO - Awesome, cool
ENOF - enough
ENT - Isn't
ENTJ - Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging
ENTP - Extraverted, iNtuative, Thinking and Perceiving
ENUF - Enough
ENUFF - enough
EOA - End Of Article
EOB - End Of Business
EOC - end of conversation
EOD - End Of Discussion
EOE - Equal Opportunity Employer
EOF - end of file
EOG - End Of Grade
EOI - Expression Of Interest
EOL - End Of Lecture
EOM - End of Message
EOR - End Of Rant
EOS - End Of Show
EOT - End Of Thread (i.e. end of discussion)
EOTD - End Of The Day
EOTW - End Of The World
EOTWAWKI - End Of The World As We Know It
EOW - End Of Watch
EOY - End of Year
EP - Extended Play
EPA - Emergency Parent Alert
EPIC - Extremely awesome
EPIC FAIL - Total failure
EPID - Every Person Is Different
EPIN - Epic Win
EPL - English Premier League
EPOS - Electronic Point Of Sale
EPROM - Electronically Programmable ROM
EQ - EverQuest
EQ2 - Everquest2
EQE - Easy Quick Efficient
ER - Emergency Room
ERB - Herb, Marijuana
ERE - here
ERIC - Not Defined
ERICK - Not Defined
ERIK - Not Defined
ERK - Irk, annoy
ERM - Awkward conversation filler
ERO - Erotic
ERP - Erotic Role-Play
ERRYTHIN - everything
ERS2 - Eres tz
ERX - Not Defined
ES - Erase screen
ESA - European Space Agency
ESAD - eat s**t and die
ESADYFA - Eat Shit And Die You Fucking Asshole
ESADYFFB - eat s**t and die you fat f**king b*****d
ESB - Empire Stikes Back (Star Wars)
ESBM - Everyone sucks but me
ESC - escape
ESD - electro-static discharge
ESE - Friend, homeboy (Hispanic)
ESEMED - Every Second Every Minute Every Day
ESH - Donkey (Armenian)
ESKI - Type of urban music
ESL - eat s**t loser
ESMF - Eat Shit Mother Fucker
ESO - Equipment Smarter than Operator
ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages
ESOSL - Endless Snorts Of Stupid Laughter
ESP - Extra Sensory Perception
ESPN - Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
ESQ - Esquire
ESRB - Entertainment Software Rating Board
EST - established
ESTD - Easier Said Than Done
ESTO - Equipment Smarter Than Operator
ET - Extra Terrestrial
ETA - edited to add
ETB,ETR,MAMHWAW - Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy,
ETC - et cetera
ETD - Estimated Time of Departure
ETF - Escape The Fate
ETHOM - Excuse the hell out of me
ETID - EveryTime I Die (band)
ETLA - Extended Three Letter Acronym
ETMDA - Explain it to my dumb a**
ETOB - Every Tub on Its Own Bottom
ETOH - a reference to "ethanol" but commonly used among t
ETP - eager to please
ETPI - Not Defined
ETR - Early To Rise
ETW - Enjoy The Weekend
ETX - End of Text
EU - European Union
EUA - End User Agreement
EUC - Excellent used condition
EULA - End User License Agreement
EV - Expected Value
EV1 - everyone
EVA - Ever
EVAA - ever
EVAR - ever
EVERCRACK - Everquest
EVERY1 - everyone
EVL - Evil Laugh
EVN - even
EVO - Evolution
EVR - ever
EVRE1 - Every One
EVRY - every
EVRY1 - every one
EVRYTIN - everything
EVS - Whatever
EVT - Ei Voi Tiet
EVVK - Couldn't Care Less (Finnish)
EVZBLE - eVisible Social media visibility online visibility
EWBA - Everything Will Be Alright
EWE - Epilogue, What Epilogue? (Harry Potter)
EWG - Evil wicked grin
EWI - E-mailing While Intoxicated
EWW - Expression of disgust
EX-BF - Ex-Boy Friend
EX-GF - Ex-Girl Friend
EXE - Windows program file
EXP - experience
EXPO - Exposition, large-scale public exhibition
EXT - Extension
EXTRA - Over the top, excessive
EY - Hey
EYC - excitable, yet calm
EYEZ - eyes
EYO - Hey, yo(u)
EZ - Easy
EZI - easy
EZPZ - Easy peasy, very easy
E_E - Tired, exhausted
F - Fuck
F WORD - Fuck
F&A - Fucking Asshole
F-BOMB - Fuck
F-WORD - Fuck
F1 - Formula One
F2F - Face to Face
F2M - Female to male
F2P - Free to Play
F2T - free to talk
F4M - Female Seeking Man
F5 - Refresh
F8 - Fate
F9 - Fine
F@ - Fat
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
FAAB - Female-Assigned At Birth
FAAK - Falling Asleep At Keyboard
FAB - fabulous
FABU - Fabulous
FACASAF - Feed a cold and starve a fever
FACE PALM - Slap forehead with the palm of your hand
FAD - F*** a duck
FADED - High, stoned, drunk
FAE - From
FAF - Funny As Fuck
FAFWOA - For A Friend Without Access
FAG - Cigarette
FAH - Funny as heck
FAHQ - Fuck You
FAI - Forget About It
FAIK - For All I Know
FAIL - Suck
FAK - Fuck
FAM - family
FAMALAM - Family, close friend
FAMBO - Family, close friend
FAMCL - Falling of My Chair Laughing
FAMO - Friend, dude, family member etc
FAMS - Family
FANFIC - Fanfiction
FANNYING - Wasting time, messing about
FANTA - Fuck And Never Touch Again
FANTABULOUS - Fantastic and fabulous
FAO - For Attention Of
FAP - Fucking A Pissed
FAQ - Frequently Asked Question
FAQL - Frequently Asked Questions List
FAQOMFT - Frequently Argued Waste Of My Fucking Time
FAS - Funny Ass Shit
FASB - Fast Ass Son Bitchii
FASHO - For sure
FAT - File Allocation Table
FAT32 - 32 bit File Allocation Table
FATHER - Friendly Achiever Trustworth Heroic Exceptional Re
FATS - Fuck All This Shit
FATT - Funny At The Time
FAUX PAS - Social blunder (French for 'false step')
FAV - favorite
FAVE - favorite
FAWC - For Anyone Who Cares
FB - Funny Business
FBB - FaceBook Bitch
FBC - FaceBook Chat
FBF - Facebook Friend
FBG - Fat Bottomed Girl
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBKS - Failure Between Keyboard and Seat
FBM - Fine by me
FBO - Facebook Official
FBOW - For better or worse
FBS - Fucking BullShit
FBSM - Full body sensual massage
FBTW - Fine, Be That Way
FBW - Fly By Wire
FC - Full Combo
FCF - Female crush friday
FCFS - First Come First Served
FCL - Full Container Load
FCOL - For Crying Out Loud
FCS - For Christ's Sake
FCUK - Fuck
FD - Find
FDA - Food and Drug Administration
FDGB - Fall Down Go Boom
FDI - Foreign Direct Investment
FDOI - First day of issue
FDR - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FDROTFL - Falling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing
FDRT - Field division routing table
FDS - Fuck Dat Shit
FE - Fair Enough
FEAE - For Ever And Ever
FEAT - Featuring
FECK - Fuck
FEDEX - Federal Express
FEDZ - Federal Police
FEE - Female
FEELS - Feelings
FEEN - Man
FEENING - Craving, wanting really badly
FEFY - Fast enough for you
FEH - Expression of dismissal, disgust
FELLA - Man, boyfriend
FELLAS - Close friends
FELLER - Fellow, man
FEM - feminine
FEMME - Feminine
FER - For
FERTILITY - When a women has been impregnated by many sperms
FETCH - Cool, trendy, awesome
FETLA - Further Extended Three Letter Acronym
FF - Final Fantasy
FF&PN - Fresh Fields and Pastures New
FF5 - Family Force 5
FFA - Free For All
FFAE - Friends Forever And Ever
FFF - Fabulous Friends Forever
FFFA - Fit From Far Away
FFI - For Further Information
FFM - Two Females and a Male
FFN - Farewell For Now
FFR - For future reference
FFS - for fuck's sake
FFST - Full Flat Square Tube
FFT - Frequently Fought Topics
FFTD - First Full-Term Delivery
FFTFM - For The Feeble Minded
FFTL - From First To Last
FFTP - first full-term pregnancy
FFWE - Finds fault with everything
FFWF - Fight Fire With Fire
FFX - Final Fantasy 10 (game)
FFY - Federal Fiscal Year
FG - Fat Girl
FGDAI - Forget About It
FGI - Fucking Google It
FGJ - For Great Justice
FGS - For God's Sake
FGT - Feeling Great Today
FH - Future Husband
FHB - Family Hold Back
FHE - First Hand Experience
FHITP - FHITP means Fuck Her In The Pussy. Mostly used by
FHL - Fuck His Life
FHM - For Him Magazine
FHO - Friends Hanging Out
FHOF - Freeware Hall of Fame
FHS - For Heaven's Sake
FI - Forget It
FIA - Fuck It All
FIAT - Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino
FIBD - Found In Bed Dead
FIC - Fanfiction
FICA - Federal Insurance Contributions Act
FICCL - Frankly, I could care less
FICKLE MINDED - fickle minded
FIDDY - Fifty
FIDIOT - Fucking Idiot
FIF - Fifth Amendment
FIFA - Faking injury for attention
FIFO - First In First Out
FIFY - Fixed It For You
FIG JAM - F*** I'm Good Just Ask Me
FIGMO - Forget It, Got My Orders
FIIK - Fucked If I Know
FIIOOH - Forget it, I'm out of here
FIL - Father-in-law
FILO - First in, last out
FILTH - Failed In London, Try Hong Kong
FIM - Foot In Mouth
FIMH - Forever in my heart
FIN - finished
FINA - About to do (something)
FINE - Feelings Inside Not Expressed
FINK - Snitch, informer
FINNA - Going To
FINO - Failure Is Not an Option
FIO - Figure it out
FIOFY - Figure It Out For Yourself
FIRME - Cool, good, nice
FISH - First In Still Here
FIT - Good lokking, hot, sexy
FITB - Fill In The Blanks
FITCH - Fucking bitch
FITE - Fight
FITFO - Figure It The Fuck Out
FITH - Fucked In The Head
FITTIN TO - About to, getting ready to
FITY - Fifty
FIVE O - Police
FIX - A dose of drugs
FIXIN TO - About to, getting ready to
FJ - Foot Job
FK - French Kiss
FKA - Formerly Known As
FKU - Fuck You
FL - Fake Laugh
FLA - Florida
FLAFF - Foot Loose And Fancy Free
FLAG - Bandana
FLAGGED - Banned
FLAKE - Unreliable person
FLAKE OUT - Cancel at the last minute
FLAKY - Unreliable
FLAME - Insult someone over the internet
FLBP - Future Lower Back Problems
FLCH - Feels Like Coming Home
FLEA - Four Letter Extended Acronym
FLEEK - Fleek means some thing or person looks nice or pre
FLEX - Show off
FLIR - Forward Looking Infra Red
FLK - Funny Looking Kid
FLOG - Sell
FLOSS - Show off
FLOSSING - Showing off
FLOTUS - First Lady Of The United States
FLOVE - Fucking Love
FLS - Flu-Like Symptoms
FLUFF - Humorous/romantic fan fiction
FLW - Famous Last Words
FLYFF - Fly For Fun
FM - Freqeuncy modulation
FMA - Full Metal Alchemist
FMAO - Freezing My Ass Off
FMC - Fuck My Computer
FMCDH - From My Cold Dead Hands
FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods
FMD - Fuck Me Dead
FMDIDGAD - Frankly My Dear , I Don't Give A Damn
FMFL - Fuck My Fucking Life
FMH - For Him Magazine
FMI - For More Information
FMITA - Fuck me in the ass
FMJ - Full Metal Jacket
FML - despite the most common meaning which is "F**k My
FMLA - Family and Medical Leave of Absence
FMLL - Fuck My Love Life
FMLTWIA - Fuck Me Like The Whore I Am
FMN - Fuck me now
FMO - For Members Only
FMOT - Follow Me On Twitter
FMP - Fuck Me Pumps
FMPOV - from my point of view
FMS - Fuck Me Sideways
FMSL - Fuck My Sex Life
FMTEYEWTK - Far More Than Everything You've Ever Wanted to Kno
FMTKFYTFO - For Me To Know, For You To Find Out
FMTY - From Me To You
FMTYEWTK - Far more than you ever wanted to know
FMUTA - Fuck Me Up The Ass
FMV - Full Motion Video
FN - Fine
FNA - For Necessary Action
FNB - Football and beer
FNE - Free And Easy
FNG - Fucking New Guy
FNO - From Now On
FNU - First Name Unknown
FNX - Thanks
FO - fuck off
FO SHIZZLE - for sure or yes
FO SHO - For Sure
FOA - First Of All
FOAC - Fall Over And Cry
FOAD - Fuck Off And Die
FOAF - Friend of a Friend
FOAFOAG - Father Of A Friend Of A Girlfriend
FOAG - Fuck Off And Google
FOB - Fall Out Boy
FOBL - Fell outta bed laughing
FOBR - Fall Out Boy Rock
FOC - free of charge
FOCL - Falling Off Chair Laughing
FOCLMAO - Fell Off Chair Laughing My Ass Off
FOD - Fuck off and die
FOF - Full of Fail
FOFF - Fuck Off
FOFL - Falling On Floor Laughing
FOFLMAO - Falling on the floor laughing my ass off
FOFO - Fourty Four caliber gun
FOH - Fuck Outa Here
FOI - Freedom Of Information
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
FOL - Fuck Our Lives
FOLDED - Drunk, wasted
FOM - Far Out Man
FOMC - Fell Off My Chair
FOMCL - Falling off my chair laughing
FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out
FOMS - Fear Of Missing Something
FON - Freak Of Nature
FOO - Fool
FOOBAR - FTP Operation Over Big Address Records
FOOD - Marijuana
FOOK - Fook in mandarin is similar as luck.
FOOMCL - Fell out of my chair laughing
FOOPA - Fat in belly area
FOOTY - Football, soccer
FOPS - Fake Cops
FORD - Found On Road Dead
FORGIVE - Faith, Obedience, Righteousness, Grace, Inheritanc
FORTE - Area of expertise, strength
FOS - full of shit
FOSHO - For Sure
FOSS - Free and Open Source Software
FOTB - Fresh Off The Boat
FOTC - Flight of the Conchords
FOTCL - Falling Off The Chair Laughing
FOTD - Face of the day
FOTM - Flavor Of The Month
FOTR - Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkien)
FOUO - For Official Use Only
FOV - Field Of View
FOX - Sexy, attractive woman
FP - Fair Play
FPS - First-Person Shooter (video game term)
FQDN - Fully Qualified Domain Name
FR - For Real
FRAG - Kill
FRAK - Swear word from Battlestar Galactica
FRAP - Frappuccino
FRAT - Fraternity
FREEBIE - Item or service one gets for free
FRESH - Very good, cool
FRESHIE - Imigrant
FRIED - High on drugs
FRILL - For Real
FRL - For Real
FRO - Afro hairstyle
FROG - Offensive word for a French person
FRONT - Pretend, falsely represent
FRONTING - Misrepresenting oneself
FROOB - Free Noob. Non-paying player
FSAS - Famous Stars and Straps (clothing)
FSB - Front Side Bus
FSBO - For Sale By Owner
FSCK - File System (Consistency) Check
FSF - Free Software Foundation
FSHO - For Sure
FSM - Female Seeking Male
FSOT - For Sale Or Trade
FSR - For Some Reason
FSS - Fucking Super Sweet
FSTN - Film SuperTwist Nematic
FSU - Friends Stand United
FSVO - For Some Value Of
FT - Fuck That
FTA - From The Article
FTAO - For the Attention Of
FTASB - Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTB - Fuck the BS
FTBOMH - From The Bottom Of My Heart
FTC - Favorite, Thumbs up, Comment
FTD - Fresh To Death
FTE - Full Time Equivalent
FTEL - For the epic loss
FTEW - For the epic win
FTF - First To Find
FTFA - From The Fucking Article
FTFL - For The Fucking Lose
FTFO - Fuck The Fuck Off
FTFOI - For The Fun Of It
FTFT - For The First Time
FTFW - For The Fucking Win
FTFY - Fixed That For You
FTG - Freedom that's gone
FTHM - From The Horse's Mouth
FTJ - Fuel The Jet
FTK - For The Kill
FTL - for the loss
FTLOG - For The Love Of God
FTM - Female To Male
FTMFW - For The Mother Fucking Win
FTMP - For the most part
FTN - Fuck That Noise
FTO - Filtered tachometer output
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
FTR - For The Record
FTRF - Fuck That's Really Funny
FTS - Fuck This Shit
FTSD - Fears to say diddly
FTSE - Financial Times and the London Stock Exchang
FTSK - Forever The Sickest Kids (Band)
FTTB - For The Time Being
FTTH - Fibre To The Home
FTTT - From Time To Time
FTUW - For The Ultimate Win
FTV - For The Victory
FTW - Fuck The World
FU - Fully understood
FU2 - Fuck You Too
FUAH - Fuck You Ass Hole
FUB - Fat Ugly Bastard
FUBAB - Fouled Up Beyond All Belief
FUBAR - Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
FUBB - Fouled Up Beyond Belief
FUBR - Fucked Up Beyond Recognition
FUBU - Fouled Up Beyond Use
FUCKING A - Fucking Affirmative
FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
FUG - Fucking Ugly
FUGLY - Fucking ugly
FUI - Fucked Up Individual
FUIC - Farmers Union Iced Coffee
FUJIMO - Fuck You Jack I'm Movin' On
FUK - Fuck
FULL MONTY - Whole way, whole thing
FUM - Fucked Up Mess
FUMA - Fake Puma shoes
FUMF - Fuck You Mother Fucker
FUMTU - Fucked Up More Than Usual
FUNEMPLOYED - when you are not employed and having fun. often a
FUNGUS - Fuck You New Guy You Suck
FUPA - Fat Upper Pubic Area
FUQ - Fuck You
FURTB - Full Up Ready To Burst
FUSIT - Fouled up situation
FUT - Follow up to
FUTAB - Feet Up, Take A Break
FUTK - Friends United in Truth and Kindness
FUV - Fuck You Vehicle
FUX - Fuck
FUZZ - Cops, or Police
FVF - Final Value Fee
FW - forward
FWA - Fixed Wireless Access
FWB - Friends With Benefits
FWBNP - Four wheels but no passengers
FWD - Foward
FWIW - For What It's Worth
FWM - Fuck With Me
FWP - Friend With Privileges
FWT - Flying With Turban
FWTD - Fate Worse Than Death
FWTW - For what it's worth
FWU - F****** With You
FX - Effects
FY - fuck you
FYA - For Your Amusement
FYAD - Fuck You And Die
FYE - For Your Entertainment
FYEO - For Your Eyes Only
FYF - Fuck Your Face
FYFG - For Your Future Guidance
FYFI - For Your Fucking Information
FYG - For Your Guidance
FYI - For Your Information
FYIFV - Fuck you, I'm fully vested
FYIO - For Your Information Only
FYK - For Your Knowledge
FYL - Fuck Your Life
FYLTGE - From Your Lips To Gods Ears
FYM - Free Your Mind
FYN - Fine
FYO - For Your Opinion
FYP - Fixed Your Post
FYSBIGTBABN - Fasten Your SeatBelts It's Going To Be A Bumpy Nig
FYT - For Your Time
G - Grin
G'DAY - Good Day
G/F - Girlfriend
G/G - Gotta go
G1 - good one
G2B - Go To Bed
G2C - Government To Citizen
G2E - Got To Eat
G2F - Got To Fly
G2G - G2G means Got To Go; which can refer to someone ne
G2G2B - Got To Go To Bed
G2GIAM - Got to go in a minute
G2GLYS - Got To Go Love Ya So
G2GP - Got to go pee
G2H - Go to Hell
G2L - Got to Leave
G2LKB - Got To Leave Keyboard
G2P - Got To Pee
G2PB - Got to pee badly
G2R - got to run
G2S - Go To Sleep
G2TU - Got to tell you
G3 - Group of Three
G4I - Go For It
G4N - Good For Nothing
G4U - Good For You
G8 - Great
G8R - Gator
G9 - Goodnight
GA - Good afternoon
GAB - Getting A Beer
GABELN - Gruppe Area Brett Echo Liste Newsgroup
GAC - Guilty As Charged
GAF - Gay Asian Female
GAFC - Get a fucking clue
GAFIA - Get Away From It All
GAFM - Get Away From Me
GAFMO - Get A Fucking Move On
GAG - Got any gossip
GAJ - Get A Job
GAL - Get A Life
GALGAL - Give A Little Get A Little
GALHER - Get A Load of Her
GALHIM - Get A Load of Him
GALL - Get a life loser
GALMA - Go away, leave me alone
GALP - Get A Life Program
GAM - Gay Asian Male
GAMMD - Go Ahead Make My Day
GAN - Global Area Network
GANB - Getting Another Beer
GANK - Gang kill
GAP - Got A Pic
GAS - Greetings and Salutations
GASB - Government Accounting Standards Board
GASP - Go Away, Silly Person
GAT - Gun
GATS - General Agreements on trade in services
GATT - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GAWJUS - Gorgeous
GAWJUSS - Gorgeous
GAWMA - Go ahead, whet my appetite
GAY - Homosexual
GAYDAR - Gay Radar
GB - Great Britain
GBF - Gay Black Female
GBFF - Gay Best Friend Forever
GBFN - Goodbye For Now
GBG - Great Big Grin
GBGB - Gastric bypass gone bad
GBH - grievous bodily harm
GBH&K - Great Big Hug And Kiss
GBHAK4U - Great Big Hug And Kiss For You
GBM - Gay Black Male
GBML - Good Bye My Love
GBNF - Gone But Not Forgotten
GBP - Great British Pounds
GBR - Gotta Bitch Rolling
GBS - General Bull Shit
GBTFW - Get Back To Fucking Work
GBTM - Get Back To Me
GBTTD - Got better things to do
GBTW - Get back to work
GBU - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
GBWM - Get back with me
GBY - God bless you
GBYAY - God Bless You and Yours
GC - Groovy cat
GCF - Good Clean Fun
GCMS - Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
GCSE - General Certificate of Secondary Education
GD - Good Day
GD&H - Grinning, Ducking and Hiding
GD&R - grinning, ducking and running
GD&RF - Grinning, Ducking and Running Fast
GD&W - Grinning, Ducking & Weaving
GD&WVF - Grinning, Ducking and Walking Very Fast
GD/R - Grinning, ducking and running
GDAY - Good Day
GDGD - Good Good
GDI - God Damn It
GDR - Grinning, ducking, running
GDW - Grin Duck and Wave
GE - good evening
GED - General Educational Development
GEE - Gangster
GEEZ - Jesus
GEWD - Good
GF - girl friend
GFA - Grenade Free America
GFAC - Go Fuck A Cow
GFC - Going For Coffee
GFD - God Fucking Damnit
GFDI - God Fucking Damn It
GFE - Google Fucking Exists
GFETE - Grinning From Ear To Ear
GFF - Grenade Free Foundation
GFG - Good Fucking Game
GFGI - Go Fucking Google It
GFI - Go For It
GFL - Good Fucking Luck
GFMGN - Good fences make good neighbours
GFN - Gone For Now
GFON - Good For One Night
GFR - Good Fucking Riddance
GFY - Go F*** Yourself
GG - Good Game
GHB - Gamma Hydroxybutyrate
GHD - Good Hair Day
GHF - Gay Hispanic Female
GHM - Gay Hispanic Male
GHTWHT - God helps those who help themselves
GI - Government Issue
GIAG - Give It A Go
GIAR - Give It A rest
GIAT - Give it a try
GIB - Good In Bed
GIC - Gift In Crib
GICBTS - Gosh, I can't believe that stuff
GICNBY - Gosh, I cannot believe you
GIDK - Gee I Don't Know
GIEF - Give
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
GIG - God is good
GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out
GILF - "Guy" I'd like to fuck
GIMF - Google It Mother Fucker
GIMME - Give me
GIRL - Guy in real life
GIRO - Garbage In Rubbish Out
GIT - Get over it
GIWISI - Gee, I wish I said it
GIWIST - Gee, I Wish I'd Said That
GIYD - Google It You Dumbass
GIYF - Google Is Your Friend
GJ - good job
GJIAL - Go Jump In A Lake
GJOAC - Go Jump Off A Cliff
GJP - Good Job Partner
GK - Good Kid
GKW - God Knows What
GKY - Go Kill Yourself
GL - Good Looking.
GL/HF - Good Luck, Have Fun
GL2U - Good luck to you
GLA - good luck all
GLB4UGH - Get Lost Before You Get Hurt
GLBT - Gay, lesbian, bi and transgender
GLBTQ - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning
GLD - Good Life Decision
GLE - Good Luck Everyone
GLF - Group Looking For
GLG - Goofy Little Grin
GLGH - Good Luck and Good Hunting
GLHFTTYL - Good luck, have fun, talk to you later
GLIF - GuideLine Interchange Format
GLIW - Got Lost In Web
GLM - Good looking Mum
GLNG - Good luck next game
GLOG - Go Look On Google
GLOTR - Good Luck On The Rebuild
GLTA - Good Luck to All
GLTD - Generic Top Level Domain
GLTY - Good Luck To You
GLU - Guys Like Us
GLUASDI - God loves you and so do I
GLUCK - Good Luck
GLWS - Good Luck With Sale
GLWT - Good luck with that
GLYASDI - God Loves You And So Do I
GM - good move
GMAB - Give Me A Break
GMAFB - Give Me A Fucking Break
GMAIL - Google web email service
GMAO - giggling my ass off
GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test
GMBH - Gesellschaft mit beschrnkter Haftung
GMC - General Motors Corporation
GMF - Got Me Fucked
GMH - Gives Me Hope
GMO - genetically modified organism
GMT - Getting Me Tight
GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike
GMTFT - Great Minds Think For Themselves
GMV - Got my vote
GMY - Good Man Yourself
GN - Good Night
GNBLFY - Got Nothing But Love For You
GND - Girl Next Door
GNE - Good Night and Everything
GNFB - Good Night Facebook
GNIGHT - Good night
GNITE - Good night
GNO - Guys Night Out
GNOC - Get naked on camera
GNR - Guns 'N Roses
GNSD - Good night, sweet dreams
GNST - Good night, sleep tight
GNSTDLTBBB - Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bi
GOA - Gone On Arrival
GOAT - Greatest Of All Time
GOBLIN - Gangster
GOFLAG - Great oaks from little acorns grow
GOI - Get Over It
GOK - God Only Knows
GOL - Groaning out loud
GOLF - Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden
GOMB - Get off my back
GOMD - Guy Of My Dreams
GOML - Get on my level
GONNA - Going to
GOOH - Get Out Of Here
GOOMBY - Get out of my back yard
GOOML - Get Out Of My Life
GORG - Gorgeous
GORK - God Only Really Knows
GORM - Gormless person
GORP - Good old raisins and peanuts
GOS - Girlfriend Over Shoulder
GOTFIA - Groaning On The Floor In Agony
GOTTA - Got to
GOTY - Game of the Year
GOU - Good On You
GOW - Gears of War
GOW2 - Gears of War 2
GOWI - Go On With It
GOWM - Go out with me
GOXED - to suffer from Mt. Gox’s technical glitches; to
GOYHH - Get Off Your High Horse
GP - Go private
GPA - Grade-point average
GPC - Get/Post/Cookie
GPL - General Public License
GPO - Good for Parts Only
GPOY - Gratuitous picture of yourself
GPOYW - Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday
GPRS - General Packet Radio Services
GPS - Global Positioning System
GPU - graphics processing unit
GPW - Global Password
GQ - Gentlemen Quarterly
GQMF - GQ Mother Fucker
GR - Gotta Run
GR&D - grinning, running and ducking
GR2BR - Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish
GR8 - Great
GRATZ - Congratulations
GRE - Graduate Record Examination
GRITS - Girls raised in the south
GRK - Greek
GRL - Girl
GRO - Guest Relations Officer
GRRR - Growling
GRUIT - Get Ready you Impudent Thing
GRUNT - Not Defined
GRWG - Get right with God
GS - Golden Shower
GSAD - Go Suck A Dick
GSETDI - Get Someone Else To Do It
GSH - good sense of humour
GSHIWMP - Giggling So Hard I Wet My Pants
GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications
GSOAS - Go Sit On A Snake
GSOH - Great sense of humor
GST - Goods and Services Tax
GSTQ - God Save The Queen
GSW - Got some weed
GSYJDWURMNKH - Good Seeing You, Just Don't Wear Your Monkey Hat
GT - Grand Touring
GT2T - Got time to talk
GTA - Grand Theft Auto
GTABO - Get That Ass Back On
GTBOH - Glad To Be Of Help
GTBOS - Glad To Be Of Service
GTBOSH - Glad To Be Of Some Help
GTD - Gettting Things Done
GTF - Gone too far
GTFA - Get The Fuck Away
GTFAFM - Get The Fuck Away From Me
GTFB - Get The Fuck Back
GTFH - Go To Fucking Hell
GTFO - get the fuck out
GTFOH - Get The Fuck Out of Here
GTFOI - Get The Fuck Over It
GTFOM - Get The Fuck Off Me
GTFOOH - Get the Fuck out of here
GTFU - Grow The Fuck Up
GTG - got to go
GTGB - Got to go bed
GTGN - Got To Go Now
GTGP - Got To Go Pee
GTH - Go To Hell
GTHBA - Good Times Had By All
GTHO - Get The Hell Out
GTI - Grand Touring Injected
GTK - Good To Know
GTM - Giggling To Myself
GTO - basically, the coolest car ever created. It stands
GTOG - Got To Go
GTP - Got To Pee
GTR - Got To Run
GTRDUN - Get 'er done
GTRM - Going To Read Mail
GTS - Good Times
GTSU - Good To See You
GTSY - Great To See You
GTW - Got To Work
GUD - Good
GUFN - Grounded Until Further Notice
GUI - Graphical User Interface
GUID - Global Unique IDentifier
GV - Good Vibes
GVN - Given
GVV - German Volunteer Votetakers
GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight
GW - good work
GWAAN - Go on
GWAS - Game Was A Success
GWATCDR - God Willing And The Creek Don't Rise
GWC - Guy With Camera
GWG - Girl With Glasses
GWHTLC - Glad we had this little chat
GWI - Get With It
GWM - Gay White Male
GWP - Gift With Purchase
GWR - Guinness World Records
GWS - Get Well Soon
GWTF - Go With The Flow
GWTP - Get with the program
GYAL - Girl
GYFFR - Get Your Facts Right
GYFO - Get Your Fanny Out
GYHOOYA - Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass
GYHTBT - Guess You Had To Be There
GYO - Get Your Own
GYPO - a logger working by the piece or by the thousand (
GYSR - Gosh, you're so random
GYST - Get your Stuff Together
GYT - Get Yourself Tested
GZ - Congratulations
H - Hug
H&K - Hugs and kisses
H*R - homestar runner
H+K - hugs and kisses
H-FDAY - Happy Father's Day
H-MDAY - Happy Mother's Day
H.O - hold on
H/E - However
H/MO - homo
H/O - hold on
H/P - Hold Please
H/T - Hat Tip
H/U - hold up
H/W - Homework
H1B - US employment visa
H1N1 - Swine flu virus
H2 - Halo 2
H2CU - Hope to see you
H2CUS - Hope to see you soon
H2G - Honest To God
H2GTB - have to go to the bathroom
H2IK - Hell If I Know
H2O - Water
H2SYS - hope to see you soon
H3Y - hey
H4KZ0R5 - hackers
H4U - here for you
H4X - Hacks
H4X0R - Hacker
H4XOR - hacker
H4XR - hacker
H4XRZ - hackers
H4XX0R - To Be Hacked
H4XX0RZ - hacker
H4XXOR - hacker
H8 - Hate
H80R - hater
H82SIT - hate to say it
H83R - hater
H8ED - hated
H8ER - hater
H8R - Hater
H8RED - Hatred
H8S - hates
H8T - Hate
H8T0R - hater
H8T3R - hater
H8TE - hate
H8TR - hater
H8U - I Hate You
H9 - Husband in Room
HA - Hello again
HAAK - High as a kite
HAB - Hot Asian Babe
HABD - Have a blessed day
HABO - Have A Better One
HABT - how about this
HABU - Have A Better Un
HAFL - Heart Attack From Laughing
HAFTA - Have To
HAG1 - have a good one
HAGD - have a good day
HAGE - Have A Good Evening
HAGGB - Have A Goodday Good Bye
HAGL - Have A Good Life
HAGN - Have A Good Night
HAGO - Have A Good One
HAGS - Have a great summer
HAGT - Have A Great Time
HAGU - Have A Good 'Un
HAGW - Have a good weekend
HAHA - Laughing
HAI - hello
HAISTK - How Am I Supposed To Know
HAIT - hate
HAK - here's a kiss
HAKAS - have a kick a** summer
HALATNM - Have A Look At The Next Mail
HALP - Help
HAMMRD - hammered
HAMSTERS! - Have A Marvelous Super Terrific Epic Really awesom
HAN - How about now
HANDLE - Half a gallon of liquor
HANT - Have A Nice Time
HAQ - Have a question
HAQT - He's A Qutie
HAR - Hit And Run
HARD LINES - Bad luck
HASE - rabbit; hare; someone who is fast & stealthy
HASIAN - Hot Asian
HAU - How Are You
HAV - Have
HAVNT - haven't
HAWF - Husband and Wife forever
HAWK - Knife
HAWT - Hot
HAWTIE - hottie
HAWTLW - Hello And Welcome To Last Week
HAWTSOME - Hot and awesome
HAWU - Hi All, Whats Up
HAX - Hacks
HAX0R - hacker
HAX0RED - hacked
HAX0RZ - Hackers
HAXER - Hacker
HAXOR - Hacker
HAXORING - hacking
HAXORS - hackers
HAXORZ - hackers
HAXX0R - Hacker
HAXXOR - Hacker
HAXXZOR - Hacker
HAXZ0R - Hacker
HAXZOR - hacker
HAY - How Are You
HAYD - How Are You Doing
HB - Hurry Back
HB2U - Happy birthday to you
HB4B - hoes before bros
HBA - Host Bus Adapter
HBASTD - Hitting Bottom And Starting To Dig
HBB - Hip Beyond Belief
HBD - Happy birthday
HBIB - Hot But Inappropriate Boy
HBIC - head b***h in charge
HBII - how big is it
HBN - How About Now
HBO - Home Box Office
HBP - Half-Blood Prince
HBT - How About That
HBTU - Happy birthday to you
HBU - How 'bout you
HBY - How About You
HC - how come
HCB - Holy Cow Batman
HCBT1 - he could be the one
HCC - Holy Computer Crap
HCDAJFU - He Could Do A Job For Us
HCIB - how can it be
HCIERY - How Can I Ever Repay You
HCIHY - how can I help you
HCIT - How cool is that
HCO - Hollister
HD - High-Definition
HDCP - High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
HDD - Hard Disk Drive
HDF - Halt Die Fresse
HDGI - He Doesn't Get It
HDL - Hab Dich Lieb
HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface
HDOP - Help Delete Online Predators
HDU - how dare you
HDYDI - How do you do it
HDYDT - how did you do that
HEH - haha
HELLA - very
HEYA - hey
HEYT - hate
HEYY - hello
HEYYA - hello
HF - have fun
HFN - Hell f**king no
HFS - holy f**king s**t!
HFSBM - holy f**king s**t batman
HFTP - Here for the party
HFWT - have fun with that
HG - HockeyGod
HGHT - height
HHIAD - holy hole in a doughnut
HHIADB - Holy Hole in a Donut Batman
HHOK - Ha Ha Only Kidding
HHVF - Ha-ha, very funny
HHWW - Holding Hands While Walking
HHYB - how have you been
HI - Hello
HI2U - hello
HI2U2 - hello to you too
HIB - Have I Been
HICA - Here It Comes Again
HICO - Human In Control
HIET - height
HIG - How's it going
HIGNFY - Have I got news for you
HIH - Hope It Helps
HIIK - Hell If I Know
HIJACK - start an off topic discussion
HILIACACLO - Help I Lapsed Into A Coma And Can't Log Off
HIOOC - Help I'm out of coffee
HIT - Hang in there
HITAKS - Hang In There And Keep Smiling
HITBP - Honesty is the best policy
HITH - how in the hell
HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HIVI - Husband Is Village Idiot
HIW - husband is watching
HIYA - Hello
HIYBBPRQAG - copying somebody else's search results
HJ - Hand job
HK - Hugs and Kisses
HKS - Hot Kinky Sex
HL - Half Life
HL2 - Half-Life 2
HLA - Hot lesbian action
HLB - horny little b*****d
HLBD - Happy late birthday
HLD - hold
HLDN - hold on
HLDON - hold on
HLL - Hell
HLM - he loves me
HLO - hello
HLOL - Hysterically Laughing Out Loud
HLP - help
HLTCR - Has left the chat room
HLY - holy
HLYSHT - Holy s**t
HM - Home
HMB - Hold me back
HMEWRK - homework
HMFIC - head mother f**ker in charge
HMIHY - How May I Help You
HML - Hate My Life
HMMOG - Holy Mary Mother of god
HMOJ - holy mother of jesus
HMP - Help Me Please
HMS - Her Majesty's Ship
HMSL - Hurt My Self Laughing
HMT - Heres My Try
HMTMXM - Hold me, thrill me, kiss me
HMTQ - Her Majesty The Queen
HMU - Hit me up
HMUL - Hit Me Up Later
HMUS - Hit me up sometime
HMW - Haste makes waste
HMWK - homework
HMWRK - Homework
HNG - Horny Net Geek
HNGRY - hungry
HNIC - head n****r in charge
HNK - Hug and kiss
HNOS - Home NetWork Operating System
HNR - Hit 'N' Run
HNTI - How Nice That/This Is
HNTW - How Nice That Was
HNY - Happy New Year
HO - Head Office
HOAS - Hang on a second
HOAY - how old are you
HOF - Hall Of Fame
HOG - Harley Owner Group
HOH - head of household
HOHA - HOllywood HAcker
HOHIL - Head Over Heals In Love
HOIC - Hold On, I'm Coming
HOLE - Asshole
HOLLAND - Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies
HOM - Hit or miss
HOMEY - Friend
HOMIE - good friend
HOMO - Homosexual
HOMPR - Hang On, Mobile Phones Ringing
HON - Honey
HOOPTY - broke down automobile
HOP - Heroin
HOPE - Highlights of Personal Experience
HOR - Whore
HORU - How Old Are You
HOS - Husband Over Shoulder
HOT - Healing Over Time
HOT-TEA - Hottie
HOTHIL - Head Over Heals In Love
HOTT - hot
HOWDEY - hello
HOWDY - How Do You Do
HOWZ - hows
HOYEW - Hanging On Your Every Word
HP - Handphone
HPB - high ping b*****d
HPDC - Happy People Don't Complain
HPOA - Hot Piece of a**
HPPO - Highest Paid Person in Office
HPPY - Happy
HPV - Human Papillomavirus
HPY - happy
HPYBDY - happy birthday
HQ - High Quality
HR - hour
HRA - Hot rear action
HRE - here
HRH - His/Her Royal Highness
HRNY - horny
HRS - hours
HRU - How Are You
HRUD - how are you doing
HRY - Hurry
HS - Headshot
HSD - high school dropout
HSIK - How Should I Know
HSIT - How Sad Is That
HSM - High school musical
HSMF - Holy Shit Mother Fucker
HSP - Highly Sensitive Person
HSR - homestar runner
HSS - horse s**t and splinters
HSV - herpes simplex virus
HSWM - Have Sex With me
HT - Heard Through
HTB - Hate The Bitch
HTC - Hit the cell
HTD - Have To Disagree
HTEI - Hope This Explains It
HTF - how the f**k
HTFDIK - How The Fuck Do I Know
HTFU - Hurry the f**k up
HTH - hope that helps
HTHBE - hope this has been enlightening
HTHFYS - Hope To Hear From You Soon
HTHU - Hurry the hell up
HTM - Hand To Mouth
HTN - High time now
HTNOTH - Hit The Nail On The Head
HTR - hater
HTSUS - Hope to see you soon
HTSYS - Hope To See You Soon
HTTP - hyper text transfer protocol
HTTP: - Not Defined
HTTPS - Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure
HU - Hey you
HUA - Heard, Understood, Acknowledged
HUB - Head Up Butt
HUBBY - Husband
HUD - Heads Up Display
HUGGLE - hug and cuddle
HUGZ - hugs
HUH - Hate you, Honey
HUM - Horny Unattached Male
HUMM - Hope You Miss Me
HUN - Honey
HUNDO P - a hundred percent
HUNIT - hundred
HUR - Here
HUTA - Head Up The Ass
HUYA - Head Up Your Ass
HV - have
HVE - have
HVH - Heroic Violet Hold
HVNT - haven't
HW - Homework
HW/HW - help me with homework
HWB - Hottie With Body
HWDP - Huj W Dupe Policji
HWG - here we go
HWGA - Here We Go Again
HWIK - how would i know
HWISTKT - How Was I Supposed To Know That
HWK - Homework
HWLLLL - He who laughs last laughs longest
HWMBO - he who must be obeyed
HWMNBN - he who must not be named
HWMS - hot wild monkey sex
HWP - Height weight proportionate
HWRU - How Old Are You
HWSNBN - He Who Shall Not Be Named
HWU - hey what's up
HWYD - How Was Your Day
HWZ - how is
HXC - Hardcore
HY - hell yeah
HYA - Hi you
HYB - How You Been
HYCH - Hope You Can Help
HYD - How Ya Doing
HYE - Have you ever
HYFB - Hope You Feel Better
HYG - here you go
HYH - Hold Your Horses
HYIP - High Yield Investment Program
HYK - how you know
HYL - Help You Later
HYPE TRAIN - being into something when there's a ton of media h
HYS - Have Your Say
I - Information
I <3 U - I love you
I C - i see
I&I - Intercourse & Inebriation
I'MA - I am going to
I/O - Input/Output
I18N - InternationalizatioN
I8 - Aight, aite, alright
I8U - I hate you
I<3 U - i love you
I<3U - I Love You
IA - I agree
IAAA - I Am An Accountant
IAAD - I Am A Doctor
IAAH - Insert Appropriate Adjective Here
IAAL - I Am A Lawyer
IAB - I Am Bored
IABW - In A Bad Way
IAC - In any case
IAD - It all depends
IAE - In Any Event
IAFH - I Am f**king Hot
IAFI - I am from India
IAFYDSTTA - If at first you don't succeed, try try again
IAG - It's all good
IAGFII - It's All Good Fun Isn't It
IAGSMSOL - I am getting some money sooner or later
IAGW - In A Good Way
IAH - i am horny
IAI - i am interested
IAITS - It's All In The Subject
IAK - I Already Know
IAL - I Ain't Laughing
IAM - In a minute
IAMA - I Am Mildly Amused
IANA - I Am Not A
IANAA - I Am Not An Accountant
IANABS - I am not a brain surgeon
IANAC - I Am Not A Crook
IANACL - I am not a copyright lawyer
IANAD - I Am Not A Doctor
IANADBIPOOTV - I Am Not A Doctor But I Play One On TV
IANAE - I Am Not An Expert
IANAL - I am not a lawyer
IANALB - I am not a lawyer, but..
IANARS - I am not a rocket scientist
IANMTU - I am not making this up
IANNNGC - I Am Not Nurturing the Next Generation of Casualti
IANS - I am Not Sure
IANYL - I am not your lawyer
IANYM - In A New York Minute
IAO - I am out
IAP - I Am Pissed
IARTPFWTSIOWIM - I Am Repeating This Parrot Fashion Without The Sli
IAS - In A Second
IASA - I Am So Annoyed
IASAP4U - I Always Say A Prayer For You
IASB - i am so bored
IASPFM - i am sorry please forgive me
IAT - I am tired
IATA - International Air Transport Association
IATB - I am the best
IATEU - i hate you
IAU - I adore you
IAVB - i am very bored
IAW - In Another Window
IAWC - In A While Crocodile
IAWMP - I almost wet my pants
IAWTC - I agree with this comment
IAWTCSM - I Agree With This Comment So Much
IAWTP - I agree with this post
IAWY - I agree with you
IAYM - I Am Your Master
IB - I'm back
IB2D - I beg to differ
IBAN - International Bank Account Number
IBB - I'll Be Back
IBBL - I'll be back later
IBC - Idiot Behind Computer
IBCD - Idiot between chair & desk
IBEG - I'd Be Eternally Grateful
IBFY - In Business For Yourself
IBGYBG - I'll Be Gone, You'll Be Gone
IBID - ibidem
IBIWISI - I'll Believe It When I See It
IBK - Idiot Behind Keyboard
IBM - Inadequate, But Marketable
IBRB - I'll Be Right Back
IBS - Internet b***h Slap
IBT - I'll be there
IBTC - Itty Bitty Titty Committee
IBTD - In Before The Delete
IBTL - In Before The Lock
IBW - I belieb whatever ( used for Justin Bieber fans)
IBYP - I Beg Your Pardon
IC - I see
ICAM - I Couldn't Agree More
ICB - I can't believe
ICBA - I Can't Be Asked
ICBB - I can't be bothered
ICBI - I Can't Believe It
ICBIJST - I can't believe I just saw that
ICBINB - I Can't Belive It's Not Butter
ICBIWOOP - I chuckled, but it was out of pity.
ICBSST - I can't believe she said that
ICBT - i can't believe that
ICBU - I can't believe you
ICBW - It Could Be Worse
ICBYST - i cant believe you said that
ICCL - I could care less
ICE - In Case of Emergency
ICEDI - I can't even discuss it
ICGUP - I can give you pleasure
ICHI - I can't help it
ICIC - I See. I See
ICIHICPCL - I Can't Imagine How I Could Possibly Care Less
ICL - Instructions Come Later
ICMFP - I Claim My Five Pounds
ICO - I'm checking out
ICOCBW - I Could, Of Course, Be Wrong
ICONZ - Internet Company of New Zealand
ICOWHMGOWYHH - I can only wonder how many glasses of wine you hav
ICP - In-Coming Parent
ICQ - I Seek You
ICR - I can't rememer
ICSL - I Can't Stop Laughing
ICSRG - I can still reach Google
ICT - Information and Communication Technology
ICTRN - I can't talk right now
ICTY - i can't tell you
ICTYBTIHTKY - I Could Tell You But Then I'd Have To Kill You
ICU - i see you
ICU2 - I See You too
ICUDK - In case you didn't know
ICUP - i see you pee
ICURAQT - I See You Are A Cutie
ICURNVS - I see you are envious
ICW - I care why?
ICWUDT - I See What You Did There
ICWUM - I see what you mean
ICYC - In Case You're Curious
ICYDK - In Case You Didn't Know
ICYDN - in case you didn't know
ICYI - In Case You're Interested
ICYMI - In case you missed it
ID - I do
ID10T - Idiot
IDA - I dislike acronyms
IDAFL - I'd do anything for love
IDB - In The Butt
IDBI - I Don't Believe It
IDBIST - I Don't Believe I Said That
IDBTWDSAT - I don't believe they would do such a thing
IDBY - I Don't Believe You
IDBYST - I Don't Believe You Said That
IDC - I don't care
IDD - InDeeD
IDDI - I didn't do it
IDE - Integrated Device Electronics
IDEC - I don't even care
IDEK - I don't even know
IDFC - i don't f**king care
IDFGAS - I Don't Fucking Give A Shit
IDFK - i don't f**king know
IDFLI - I Don't Feel Like It
IDFTS - I don't f**king think so
IDGAC - I Don't Give A Crap
IDGAD - I don't give a d**n
IDGAF - i don't give a f**k
IDGAFF - I don't give a flying f**k
IDGAFS - I don't give a f**king s**t
IDGARA - I don't give a rat's a**
IDGAS - i don't give a s**t
IDGI - I Don't Get It
IDGRA - I don't give a rat's ass
IDH - I'd Do Her
IDHAC - I Don't Have A Clue
IDHI - I don't have it
IDHMF - I Don't Have Many Friends
IDI - I doubt it
IDJIT - idiot
IDK - I don't know
IDKBIBT - I don't know but I've Been Told
IDKE - I Don't Know Either
IDKH - I don't know how
IDKH2S - i don't know how to spell
IDKT - I Didn't Know That
IDKW - I Don't Know Why
IDKWIB - I Don't Know Why I Bother
IDKWIWDWU - I don't know what I would do without you
IDKWTS - I don't know what to say
IDKWURTA - I don't know what you are talking about.
IDKWYM - I don't know what you mean
IDKY - I don't know you
IDKYB - i don't know why but
IDKYMB2 - I didn't know yoru mom blogs too
IDL - I don't like
IDLH - I don't love her
IDLI - I Don't Like It
IDLU - i don't like you
IDLY - I don't like you
IDLYITW - i don't like you in that way
IDM - I don't mind
IDM2M - It Doesn't Matter To Me
IDMB - I'll do my best
IDN - I Don't Know
IDNDT - I did not do that
IDNK - I do not know
IDNKT - Not Defined
IDNO - i do not know
IDNTK - i dont need to know
IDNWTHS - i do not want to have sex
IDONNO - i do not know
IDOP - it depends on price
IDOT - idiot
IDR - I don't remember
IDRC - I Don't Really Care
IDRFK - I don't really f**king know
IDRGAF - I don't really give a f**k
IDRK - I Don't Really Know
IDRKHTRTWYJSSITATLI - I don't really know how to respond to what you jus
IDRTS - I don't really think so
IDS - I'm dead serious
IDST - If Destroyed Still True
IDSW - i don't see why
IDT - I Don't Think
IDTA - I Did That Already
IDTIS - I don't think I should
IDTKSO - i don't think so
IDTS - I Don't Think So
IDTT - I'll Drink To That
IDU - I Don't Understand
IDUNNO - i do not know
IDUWYM - I don't understand what you mean.
IDW - I Don't Want
IDW2 - I don't want to
IDW2N - i don't want to know
IDWK - I don't wanna know
IDWT - i don't want to
IDWTAI - I Don't Wanna Talk About It
IDWTG - I don't want to go
IDYAT - idiot
IE - id est
IEBKAC - issue exists between keyboard and chair
IEF - It's Esther's Fault
IEP - Individualized Education Program
IETF - internet engineering task force
IFF - if and only if
IFHU - I f**king hate you
IFHY - i f**king hate you
IFK - I flunked
IFLU - i f**king love you
IFTHTB - i find that hard to belive
IFTTT - if this then that
IFWIS - I forgot what I said
IFWU - What does this mean on Facebook?
IG - I guess
IG2G - I got to go
IG5OI - I got 5 on it
IGAHP - I've got a huge penis
IGALBOC - I've got a lovely bunch of cocnuts
IGG - i gotta go
IGHT - alright
IGKYMFA - I'm gonna kick your mother f**king a**
IGS - I guess so
IGT - I Got This
IGTG - i've got to go
IGTGT - I got to go tinkle
IGTKYA - im going to kick your a**
IGU - i give up
IGYB - I Got Your Back
IH - it happens
IH2GP - I have to go pee
IH2P - i'll have to pa**
IH8 - i hate
IH8MLS - I hate my little sister
IH8P - I hate parents
IH8TU - i hate you
IH8U - I hate you
IH8USM - i hate you so much
IH8Y - I hate you
IHAC - I have a customer
IHAIM - I Have Another Instant Message
IHAT3U - I hate you
IHI - I have it
IHISTR - i hope i spelled that right
IHIWYDT - I hate it when you do that
IHM - i hate mondays
IHMB - I Hate My Boss
IHML - I Hate My Life
IHMO - In My Humble Opinion
IHMP - i hate my parents
IHNC - I have no clue
IHNFC - I have no f**king clue
IHNI - I Have No Idea
IHNO - I Have No Opinion
IHOP - International House Of Pancakes
IHS - I Hope So
IHT - I Hate This
IHTBS - It Has To Be Shown
IHTFP - I hate this f**king place
IHTG - I Have To Go
IHTGTTBWIJD - I have to go to the bathroom, wait I just did.
IHTP - I Have To Poop
IHTSM - i hate this so much
IHTUTBR - I have to use the bathroom
IHU - I hate you
IHURG - i hate your guts
IHUSB - i hate you so bad
IHUSFM - i hate you so f**king much
IHUSM - i hate you so much
IHY - I Hate You
IHYA - i hate you all
IHYRND - I Hope You Rot and Die
IHYSM - I Hate You So Much
IHYSMRN - i hate you so much right now
IHYUWIM - I Hope You Understand What I Mean
IIABDFI - If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
IICIW - If I Could I Would
IIGH - alright
IIGHT - alright
IIH - If it helps
IIIO - Intel Inside, Idiot Outside
IIL - I'm In Love
IIMA - If I May Ask
IIMAD - If It Makes An Difference
IINM - If I'm Not Mistaken
IIOK - If I only knew
IIR - If I Remember
IIRC - if I recall correctly
IIRWIIR - It Is Ready When It Is Ready
IIS - Internet Information Services
IISTGTBTIPI - If It Sounds Too Good To Be True It Probably Is
IIT - Is It Tight
IITLYTO - If It's Too Loud You're Too Old
IITRT - it is the right time
IITSFOF - Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
IITUWIMIWHTKY - If I Tell You What It Means, I will Have To Kill Y
IITUWIMWUBMAD - If I Tell You What It Means, Will You Buy Me A Dri
IITUWUTMAS - If I Tell You Will You Tell Me A Secret
IITYWIMIWHTKY - If I Tell You What It Means I Will Have to Kill Yo
IITYWIMWYBMAD - If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drin
IITYWTMWYBMAD - If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me A Dr
IITYWTMWYKM - If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me
IITYWYBMAD - If I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink
IIUC - If I understand correctly
IIW2 - is it web 2.0?
IIWII - It Is What It Is
IIWM - If It Were Me
IIWY - If I Were You
IIYDKIDKWD - If You Don't Know I Don't Know Who Does
IJ - I'm Joking
IJAF - It's Just A Fact
IJC2SILU - I just called to say I love you
IJCOMK - i just came on my keyboard
IJDGAF - I just don't give a fuck
IJDK - I Just Don't Know
IJDL - I just died laughing
IJEOMK - I just ejaculated on my keybord
IJF - i just farted
IJGL - I just got laid
IJIT - idiot
IJK - I just know
IJLS - I Just Like Saying
IJP - Internet job posting
IJPMP - I just peed my pants
IJPMS - I just pissed myself
IJR - i just remembered
IJS - I'm Just Saying
IJSABOMOMCIBSTG - I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance
IJWTK - I Just Want To Know
IJWTS - I Just Want To Say
IK - I know
IKALOPLT - I Know A Lot Of People Like That
IKHYF - I know how you feel
IKI - i know it
IKJWYM - I Know Just What You Mean
IKLY - I Kinda Like You
IKM - I know man
IKMTY - I know more than you
IKR - I know really
IKT - I knew that
IKTR - I Know That's Right
IKWUD - I know what you did
IKWUM - I know what you mean
IKWYDLS - I know what you did last summer
IKWYL - I know where you live
IKWYM - I Know What You Mean
IKY - I Know You
IKYABWAI - I Know You Are, But What Am I
IKYD - I know you did
IKYP - I'll Keep You Posted
IL - In Love
IL2SUS - I Like To See You Speechless
ILA - I Love Acronyms
ILAMY - I love and miss you
ILBBAICNL - I like big butts and I can not lie
ILBCNU - i'll be seeing you
ILCUL8R - I'll see you later
ILD - Ich Liebe Dich
ILF/MD - I Love Female/Male Dominance
ILH - I Love Him
ILHSM - i love him/her so much
ILI - I Love It
ILIC - I Laughed, I Cried
ILICISCOMK - I Laughed, I Cried, I Spat/Spilt Coffee/Crumbs/Cok
ILIWTPCT - I Love It When The Plan Comes Together
ILK2FKU - I would like to f**k you
ILM - Industrial Light and Magic
ILML - I Love My Life
ILMM - I love my man
ILMO - In Loving Memory Of
ILMS - I love my self
ILN - It's Looking Nice
ILNY - I love New York
ILOTIBINLIRL - I'm laughing on the internet, but I'm not laughing
ILSHIBAMF - I Laughed So Hard I Broke All My Furniture
ILSHIPMP - I laughed so hard I peed my pants
ILTF - i love to f**k
ILTIC - I Laughed Till I Cried
ILTON - I have left the office now
ILU - I Love You
ILU2 - I love you too
ILUAAF - I Love You As A Friend
ILUB - I love you baby
ILUGTD - I love you guys to death
ILUIS - I Laughed Until I Stopped
ILUL - I Love You Lots
ILULAFKLC - I love you like a fat kid loves cake.
ILUM - I love you man
ILUMAMED - I love you more and more every day
ILUMED - I love you more each day
ILUSFM - I love you so f**king much
ILUSM - I love you so much
ILUSMIH - I love yo so much it hurts
ILUT - I Love yoU Too
ILUVM - I Love You Very Much
ILUVU - I love you
ILUVYA - i love you
ILUWAMH - i love you with all my heart
ILVU - i love you
ILY - I Love You
ILY2 - I Love You Too
ILY4E - i love you forever
ILY4EV - i love you forever
ILYA - I Love You All
ILYAAF - I Love You As A Friend
ILYAAS - I Love You As A Sister
ILYAL - I Like You A Lot
ILYAM - I Love You As a Mate
ILYB - i love you b***h
ILYBBY - i love you baby
ILYBTID - I Love You But Then I Don't
ILYEAR - I Love You, Everything's All Right
ILYF - I'll Love You Forever
ILYFAE - I Love You Forever And Ever
ILYFE - I love you for eternity
ILYG - I Love You Guys
ILYGSM - i love you guys so much
ILYK - I'll let you know
ILYKTHNXBAI - i love you k thanks bye
ILYL - i love you loads
ILYLAB - I love you like a brother
ILYLABF - I love you like a best friend
ILYLAFKLC - i love you like a fat kid loves cake
ILYLAS - I Love You Like A Sister
ILYLC - I love you like crazy
ILYLT - I Love You Long Time
ILYM - I Love You More
ILYMTYK - i love you more than you know
ILYMTYLM - i love you more than you love me
ILYMTYWEK - I love you more than you would ever know
ILYSDM - I Love You So Damn Much
ILYSFM - i love you so f**king much
ILYSFMB - i love you so f**king much baby
ILYSM - I love you so much
ILYSMB - I Love You So Much Baby
ILYSMIH - i love you so much it hurts
ILYSMM - I Love You So Much More
ILYSMYDEK - I Love You So Much You Don't Even Know
ILYSVM - i love you so very much
ILYT - I love you too
ILYVM - I Love You Very Much
ILYWAMH - I love you with all my heart
IM - Instant Message
IM'D - instant messaged
IM26C4U - I am too sexy for you
IM2BZ2P - I'M Too Busy To Pee
IMA - I am a
IMAHO - In My Absolutely Honest Opinion
IMAO - In My Arrogant Opinion
IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol
IMB - I am back
IMBA - Imbalanced
IMBL - It must be love
IMBO - In My Biased Opinion
IMBW - I May Be Wrong
IMCAO - in my completely arrogant opinion
IMCDO - In My Conceited Dogmatic Opinion
IMCO - In My Considered Opinion
IMD - In my dreams
IMD14U - I am the one for you
IMDB - Internet Movie DataBase
IME - In My Experience
IMED - instant messaged
IMEO - In my educated opinion
IMEZRU - I'm Easy, Are You
IMF - International Monetary Fund
IMFAO - In My f**king Arrogant Opinion
IMFO - in my f**king opinion
IMH - I am here
IMHARO - In my humble and respectful opinion
IMHBCO - In My Humble But Correct Opinion
IMHBMAO - In my humble but most accurate opinion
IMHE - in my humble experience
IMHEIUO - In My High Exalted Informed Unassailable Opinion
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMI - I Mean It
IMING - Instant Messaging
IMIO - In my infallible opinion
IMK - In My Knowledge
IMLAO - In My Lame Ass Opinion
IMM - instant message me
IMMA - I'm going to
IMMAO - In My Most Arrogant Opinion
IMMD - It Made My Day
IMMOR - I Make My Own Rules
IMMSMC - If My Memory Serves Me Correctly
IMNERHO - In my not even remotely humble opinion
IMNL - I'm not laughing
IMNSCO - In My Not So Considered Opinion
IMNSHMFO - In My Not So Humble Mother f**king Opinion
IMNSHO - in my not so humble opinion
IMNSVHO - In My Not So Very Humble Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
IMOBO - In My Own Biased Opinion
IMOO - In My Own Opinion
IMOT - I'm on that
IMPE - In My Previous Experience
IMPO - In My Personal Opinion
IMPOV - In My Point Of View
IMRRLNTOIMUO - In My Real Real Life Not The One I Made Up Online
IMRU - I'm, Are You
IMS - Irritable Male Syndrome
IMSB - i am so bored
IMSMC - If Memory Serves Me Correctly
IMSO - In my sovereign opinion
IMSRY - I am sorry
IMTAW - it may take a while
IMTG - In meeting
IMTS - I meant to say
IMU - I Miss yoU
IMUSM - I Miss You So Much
IMV - Instant Messenger enVironment
IMVHO - In My Very Humble Opinion
IMVU - Instant Messaging Virtual Universe
IMWTK - Inquiring Minds Want To Know
IMXO - In My Expert Opinion
IMY - I Miss You
IMY2 - i miss you to
IMYA - I miss you already
IMYSFM - i miss you so f**king much
IMYSM - I Miss You So Much
IMYT - I Miss You Too
IN2 - into
INAL - I'm Not A Lawyer
INB - I'm Not Bothered
INB4 - in before
INBD - It's No Big Deal
INC - Incoming
INCLD - include
INCRSE - increase
IND2P - I need to pee
INDIE - independent
INDY - Independent
INEF - it's not even funny
INET - internet
INFO - Information
INGSI - I'm Not Gonna Say It
INH - I need help
INHO - in my honest opinion
INHWH - I need homework help
INIT - Isn't it
INK - Tattoo
INKED - Tattooed
INL - I'm Not Laughing
INMP - It's Not My Problem
INNIT - Isn't It
INNW - If Not Now, When
INO - I Know
INPO - In No Particular Order
INR - I know right
INRS - It's not rocket science
INST - I Never Said That
INSTAGIB - instant kill
INSTAKILL - instant kill
INT - Isn't it
INTARWEBS - internet
INTEL - intelligence
INTERWEB - internet
INTPFTPOTM - I nominate this post for the post of the month
INTTWMF - I am Not Typing This With My Fingers
INU - I need you
INUCOSM - It's No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk
INUIM - It is not you it is me
INVU - I envy you
INWLY - I Never Wanna Lose You
INY - I need you
IO - Input/Output
IOAB - I'm On A Boat
IOEAOTO - In one ear and out the other
IOH - I'm out of here
IOHO - In our humble opinion
IOI - Indication of Interest
IOIS - Indicators of Interest
IOKIYA - it's ok if you are
IOKIYAR - It's Okay If You're A Republican
IOL - Information Over Load
IOM - Isle Of Man
IOMH - In over my head
IOMW - I'm On My Way
ION - A measurement of time used to described a length o
IONNO - I don't know
IONO - I Don't Know
IOTD - Image of the day
IOTTMCO - Intuitively Obvious To The Most Casual Observer
IOTY - It's Over To You
IOU - I owe you
IOUD - Inside, Outside, Upside Down
IOW - In Other Words
IOWTBT - I Only Want To Be Told
IOYA - I'd Own Your a**
IOYK - If Only You Knew
IP - Internet Protocol
IPN - Instant Payment Notification
IPO - Initial Public Offering
IQ - Intelligence Quotient
IR - in room
IR8 - Irate
IRA - Irish Republican Army
IRC - Internet Relay Chat
IRCOP - Internet Relay Chat Operator
IRDC - I Really Don't Care
IRDGAF - i really don't give a f**k
IRDK - I really don't know
IRGTGBTW - I've really got to get back to work
IRHTGTTBR - I really have to go to the bathroom
IRHY - i really hate you
IRL - in 'real' life
IRLY - I really love you
IRMC - I Rest My Case
IRMFI - I Reply Merely For Information
IRMY - I Really Miss You
IROOC - I've Run Out Of Cigarettes
IRS - Internal Revenue Service
IRSTBO - It really sucks the big one
IRT - In regards to
IRTF - I'll return the favor
IRW - In Real World
IS - I'm sorry
IS2G - i swear to god
ISAGN - I See A Great Need
ISB - I'm So Bored
ISBAB - I Should have Bought A Book
ISBT - it's strange but true
ISBYA - im sorry but you asked
ISC - I Stand Corrected
ISD - internet slang dictionary
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network
ISE - internal server error
ISFJ - Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging
ISFLY - i so f**king love you
ISG - I speak geek
ISH - Insert Sarcasm Here
ISHBAB - I Should Have Bought A Book
ISHII - i see how it is
ISIANMTU - I Swear I Am Not Making This Up
ISIHAC - I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue
ISJ - inside joke
ISLY - I still love you
ISO - In Search Of
ISP - Internet Service Provider
ISQ - I seek you
ISS - I'm So Sure
ISTG - I Swear To God
ISTM - It seems to me
ISTR - I Seem To Remember
ISWYDT - I See What You Did There
ISWYM - I See What You Mean
ISYALS - I'll Send You A Letter Soon
IT - Information Technology
ITA - I Totally Agree
ITAFAQ - Is That A Fact
ITAH - Is There Anybody Here
ITAK - It Takes All Kinds
ITALY - I Trust And Love You
ITAM - It's The Accounting, Man
ITB - in the butt
ITC - in that case
ITD - in the dark
ITE - alright
ITHGITW - I'm the hottest girl in the world
ITK - in the know
ITN - I think not
ITT - in this thread
ITYK - I thought you knew
ITYL - I'll Tell You Later
ITYLTK - I thought you'd like to know
ITYM - I Think You Meant
ITYS - I told you so
ITYWF - I Think You Will Find
ITZ - It is
ITZK - it's ok
IU2LUVU - I Used To Love You
IU2LUVUBIAON - I used to love you but it's all over now
IU2U - It's Up To You
IUCMD - if you catch my drift
IUD - Inter Uterine Device
IUKWIM - if you know what i mean
IUM - If You Must
IUNNO - I don't know
IUNO - i dunno
IURD - In Your Dreams
IUSS - If you say so
IUSWIM - If You See What I Mean
IUTKATS - I Used To Know All That Stuff
IUTY - It's up to you
IVE - i have
IVL - In Virtual Life
IW2BWU - I want to be with you
IW2F - i want to f**k
IW2FU - i want to f**k you
IW2MU - I want to meet you
IWAA - It was an accident
IWALU - I will always love you
IWAWO - I want a way out
IWBAPTAKYAIYSTA - I Will Buy A Plane Ticket And Kick Your Ass If You
IWBIWISI - I Will Believe It When I See It
IWBN - It Would Be Nice
IWBNI - It Would Be Nice If
IWBRBL@R - I will be right back later
IWBS - I Was Being Stupid
IWC - In Which Case
IWFM - It Works for Me
IWFUSB - i wanna f**k you so bad
IWFY - I want to f**k you
IWFYBO - i will f**k your brains out
IWG - it was good
IWHI - I would hit it
IWHSWU - I want to have sex with you
IWIAAIWIN - I Want It All and I Want It Now
IWIAM - Idiot wrapped in a moron
IWIK - I Wish I Knew
IWIWU - I Wish I Was You
IWIYW - If I Will You Will
IWJK - i was just kidding
IWK - I wouldn't know
IWLU4E - I will love you for ever
IWLYFAE - I will Love You Forever And Ever
IWM - It wasn't me
IWMU - i will miss you
IWMY - I Will Miss You
IWS - i want sex
IWSN - I Want Sex Now
IWSTY - It would seem to you
IWSUL8R - I will see you later
IWTFU - i want to f**k you
IWTFY - i want to f**k you
IWTHSWY - i want to have sex with you
IWTKY - I want to kill you
IWTLY - i want to love you
IWTTY - I Want To Tell You
IWTY - I would tickle you
IWU - I want you
IWUWH - i wish you were here
IWWH,BWR - If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
IWY - i want you
IWYB - I Want You Back
IWYG - Is What You Get
IWYINYILY - I want you, I need you, I love you
IWYN - I want you now
IWYTHMB - i want you to have my baby
IWYWH - I Wish You Were Here
IYAM - if you ask me
IYAOYAS - If You Ain't Ordinance You Ain't Shit
IYC - if you can
IYD - In Your Dreams
IYDHANTSDSAAA - If you don't have anything nice to say don't say a
IYDK - If You Didn't Know
IYDKIDNWD - If you don't know, I don't know who does
IYDMMA - if you don't mind me asking
IYF - In your face
IYFEG - Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group
IYFLG - If You're Feeling Less Generous
IYGIFI - If You've Got It Flaunt It
IYGM - if you get me
IYKWIM - If You Know What I Mean
IYKWIMAITYD - If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do
IYL - If You Like
IYM - I am your man
IYO - In Your Opinion
IYQ - I like you
IYSS - If you say so
IYSWIM - If You See What I Mean
IYTS - If You Think So
IYW - If You Wish
IYWAWDDIY - If you want anything well done, do it yourself
IYWT - if you want to
IZ - is
J - Joking
J CAT - Category J - mentally unstable person
J DUB - Jehovah's Witness
J-C - just chilling
J/A - Just Asking
J/C - Just Checking
J/J - Just Joking
J/K - Just Kidding
J/O - jackoff
J/P - just playing
J/S - just saying
J/T - just talking
J/W - Just wondering
J00 - you
J00R - your
J2BS - just to be sure
J2C - just too cute
J2F - just too funny
J2LUK - Just to let you know
J2LYK - Just To Let You Know
J4F - just for fun
J4G - Just For Grins
J4I - Just For Information
J4L - Just for Laughs
J4U - just for you
J5M - Just Five Minutes
JA - Yes (German)
JACKASS - Stupid person, idiot
JACQUELINE - Not Defined
JAD - Just Another day
JAF - Just A Friend
JAFA - Just Another F***ing Aucklander
JAFO - Just Another Fucking Onlooker
JAFS - Just A Fucking Salesman
JAG - Socially inept person
JAH - God, Jehovah
JAH BLESS - Not Defined
JAILBREAK - Crack an iPhone
JAJA - Spanish laugh
JALAUDLM - just as long as you don't leave me
JAM - Just A Minute.
JAMBO - Hello (Swahili)
JAND - England (Nigerian)
JANK - Worthless, useless
JANOE - I Know
JAO - Just Another Observer
JAPAN - Just Always Pray At Night
JARRIN - Annoying
JAS - Just A Second
JASE - Just another system error
JAT - Just A Thought
JATQ - Just Answer The Question
JAUA - just another useless answer
JAWG - Just A Wild Guess
JAWN - Thing
JAWOHL - Yes, affirmative
JAWS - Just Another Windows Shell
JB - jailbait
JBC - Just because
JBH - Just Being Honest
JBOD - Just a Bunch Of Disks
JBT - Jack-Booted Thug
JBU - Just Between Us
JBW - Just Bloody Works
JBY - Just Be Yourself
JC - just curious
JCAM - just checking away message
JCATH - Just chilling at the house
JCB - J C Bamford (excavator manufacturer)
JD - Jack Daniel's
JDFI - Just f**king do it
JDI - Just Do It
JDLR - Just Doesn't Look Right
JDM - Japanese Domestic Market
JEAL - Jealous
JEAN-MARC - Not Defined
JEBUS - Jesus
JEET - Did you eat?
JEJEMON - People who type stupidly
JEL - Jealous
JELLO - Jealous
JELLY - Jealous
JEOMK - Just Ejaculated On My Keyboard
JERK - Idiot
JEST - Joke
JET - Leave quickly
JEWFRO - Curly Jewish hair style
JF - just fooling
JFC - Jesus f**king Christ
JFDI - Just f**king Do It!
JFF - Just For Fun
JFG - just for giggles
JFGI - just f**king google it
JFH - Just Fuck Her
JFI - Just For Information
JFJ - jump for joy
JFK - Just f**king kidding
JFL - Just For Laughs
JFLTS - just felt like typing something
JFMAMJJASOND - All the months of the year january february etc
JFN - Just For Now
JFO - just f**k off
JFR - Just for reference
JFT - Just For Today
JFTR - Just For The Record
JFU - Just For You
JFWI - Just Fucking Wiki It
JFWY - just f**king with you
JFY - Just For You
JFYI - Just For Your Information
JG - Juicy Gossip
JG2H - just go to hell
JGB - Just Got Back
JGH - Just Got Home
JGI - Just Google It
JGIYN - Just google it you noob
JGL - Just Get Lost
JGTFOOH - just get the f**k out of here
JH - Just hanging
JHC - Jesus H Christ
JHG - Not Defined
JHM - just hold me
JHO - just hanging out
JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point (bullet)
JI - Very, sort of
JIC - Just In Case
JICYDK - Just In Case You Didn't Know
JIFF - Cocaine
JIFFY - Short period of time
JIK - Just in case
JIP - Rob, rip-off
JIT - Just In Time
JIZZ - semen
JJ - just joking
JJ/K - just joking
JJA - Just Joking Around
JJJ - Australian radio station
JK - Just Kidding
JKA - just kidding around
JKD - Jeet Kune Do (Martial Art)
JKING - joking
JKL - just kidding loser
JKLOL - Just Kidding Laughing Out Loud
JKN - Joking
JKS - Jokes
JKZ - Jokes
JLD - Just Like Dad
JLMA - just leave me alone
JLMK - Just let me know
JLO - Jennifer Lopez
JLS - Jack the Lad Swing (band)
JLT - Just like that
JLUK - Just Letting You Know
JLY - Jesus Loves You
JLYK - Just Letting You Know
JM - Just Messing
JM2C - Just My 2 Cents
JMA - Just Messing Around
JMHO - Just My Humble Opinion
JML - Just My Life
JMO - Just My Opinion
JMOOC - Just My Opinion Of Course
JMS - Just Making Sure
JMT - Just My Thoughts
JMVHO - Just my very humble opinion
JMWU - Just Messing With You
JN - Just Now
JO - jerking off/jack off
JOANING - Putting someone down, making fun of
JOCKER - Someone who copies another's style
JOHN - Not Defined
JOHN DOE - General term for a man
JOINT - it could anyone or anything
JOM - just one minuite
JONES - Craving, desire
JONESING - Craving, wanting really badly
JOO - you
JOOC - Just out of curiosity
JOOCE - Juice
JOOR - your
JOOTT - Just One Of Those Things
JORTS - Jean shorts
JOSE - Not Defined
JP - Just Playin'
JPA - Just Playing Around
JPG - Image file format
JPOP - Japanese pop music
JPW - Just Plain Weird
JROTC - Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
JRPG - Japanese Role Playing Game
JS - Just saying
JSA - just stop already
JSING - just saying
JSMN - Just Shoot Me Now
JSP - Java Server Pages
JST - just
JSU - Just Shut Up
JSUK - Just So You Know
JSUN - Just so you know
JSUT - just
JSYK - Just so you know
JSYN - just so you know
JT - Just Teasing
JTAY - just thinking about you
JTB - Just Too Bad
JTBS - Just To Be Sure
JTC - Join The Club
JTFO - joke the f**k out
JTLUK - Just To Let You Know
JTLYK - Just to let you know
JTM - Je t'aime (I love you)
JTOI - just thought of it
JTOL - Just Thinking Out Loud
JTOU - Just Thinking Of You
JTOY - Just Thinking Of You
JTTSIOWCTW - just testing to see if other websites copy this wo
JTTY - Just To Tell You
JTUMLTK - just thought you might like to know
JTUSK - Just Thought yoU Should Know
JTWII - just the way it is.
JTWIW - just the way it was.
JTYLTK - just thought you'd like to know
JTYMLTK - Just Thought You Might Like To Know
JTYSK - just thought you should know
JTYWTK - Just Thought You Wanted To Know
JTYWWTK - Just Thought You Would Want To Know
JUAD - Jumping Up And Down
JUADLAM - Jumping Up And Down Like A Monkey
JUICE - Respect, power
JUICED - Happy, excited
JUJU - Magic, luck
JUMPING THE COUCH - acting strange
JUNGLE FEVER - Attraction between people of different race
JUNIOR - Not Defined
JUNKIE - Addict
JUS - just
JUSS - just
JUZ - Just
JUZT - just
JV - Joint Venture
JW - just wondering
JW2K - just wanted to know
JWAS - just wait a second
JWD - Job Well Done
JWG - Just a Wild Guess
JWOI - Just wait on it
JWTK - Just Wanted To Know
JWTLYK - Just Wanted To Let You Know
JWU - Just Woke Up
JWW - Just Was Wondering
JYEAH - Cool version of Yeah
JYFIHP - jam your finger in her p***y
K - OK
K1 - The best, awesome
K33L - Kill
K3WL - cool
K4Y - Kiss For You
KA - Kick a**
KAFM - Keep Away From Me
KAFN - kill all f**king noobs
KAH - kisses and hugs
KAM - Gorgeous, sexy
KAS - Kicking and screaming
KAW - kick a** work
KAWAII - Cute, pretty (Japanese)
KAY - Okay
KAYLA - Kayla is the prettiest girl in the whole i tire wo
KB - KiloBite
KBD - Keyboard
KBPS - KiloBytes per second
KC - "Keep cool"
KCACO - Keep Calm And Carry On
KCBIWIYWI - Keep Coming Back, It Works If You Work It
KCCO - keep calm chive on
KDOT - Okay, period
KDR - Kill/Death Ratio
KEED - Kid, joke
KEEL - Kill
KEK - laughing out loud
KEN - Know (Scottish)
KET - Ketamine
KETES - Not Defined
KEWEL - cool
KEWL - Cool
KEWT - Cute
KEY - Kilogram (of drugs)
KEYES - Not Defined
KEYGEN - Software serial number generator
KEYS - Kilogram (of a drug)
KF - Kinda Funny
KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken
KFU - Kiss For You
KFY - Kiss For You
KG - Kilogram
KGB - Known Good Board
KGO - OK, Go
KHITBASH - kick her in the box and shove her
KHUF - Know How You Feel
KHYF - Know How You Feel
KHZ - Kilohertz
KI - Kilogram (of cocaine/crack)
KIA - Killed In Action
KIB - okay, im back
KIBO - Knowledge In, Bullshit Out
KIC - keep it clean
KICKS - a slang term which implies something is awesome or
KIFF - Cool
KIG - Keep It Gangsta
KIKE - Offensive term for a Jew
KILED - killed
KILL MOE - to tell someone to calm down your stop being errat
KILLA - Good quality weed
KIM - Keep It Moving
KIMA - Kiss My Arse
KIMB - Kiss My Butt
KINDA - Kind Of
KINGS - Drinking game
KINO - Physical flirting, touching
KIO - Knock it off
KIQ - Keep It Quiet
KIR - Keepin' It Real
KIRF - Keeping It Real Fake
KIS - Keep It Simple
KISA - knight in shining armor
KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid
KIT - Keep In Touch
KITA - Kick In The Ass
KITB - Kick In The Butt
KITE - Mail received in jail
KITFO - knock it the f**k off
KITTEH - kitten
KITTEN - Woman who dates older men
KIU - Keep It Up
KIV - Keep In View
KIWF - Kill It With Fire
KIX - Not Defined
KJ - A sweet loveable person
KK - Cool Cool
KKK - Ku Klux Klan
KKKK - Korean LOL
KKTHNXBYE - okay thanks bye
KKY - kinky
KKZ - Okay
KL - Cool
KLB - Known Lazy Bastard
KLK - Que lo que? (Spanish for What's Up?)
KLKL - Cool Cool
KLM - Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch A
KLUTZ - Clumsy or stupid person
KM - Keep Mum
KMA - kiss my a**
KMAB - Kiss my ass bitch
KMAG - kiss my a** goodbye
KMAGYOYO - Kiss my ass goodbye, you're on your own
KMAO - kick my a** off
KMB - Kiss My Butt
KMFA - kiss my f**king a**
KMFC - Keeping My Fingers Crossed
KMFHA - Kiss My Fat Hairy Ass
KMHBA - kiss my hairy big a**
KMIA - Kiss My Italian Ass
KMK - Kiss my keister
KML - Killing Myself Laughing
KMMFA - Kiss my mother fucking ass
KMN - Kill Me Now
KMP - Keep Me Posted
KMRIA - Kiss My Royal Irish Arse
KMS - Kill me slowly
KMSL - Killing Myself Laughing
KMSLA - Kiss My Shiny Little Ass
KMSO - Knocked my socks off
KMSWL - killing myself with laughter
KMT - Kiss My Teeth
KMU - Keep Me Updated
KMUF - Kiss Me You Fool
KMWA - Kiss My White Ass
KMWIH - Kiss Me Where It Hurts
KMYF - Kiss Me You Fool
KNEWB - new player
KNIM - Know What I Mean
KNN - f**k your mother
KNO - Know
KNOCK IT OFF - Stop it
KNOCKED - Caught (selling drugs)
KNOCKED UP - Pregnant
KNOCKOUT - Stunning person or thing
KNOT - Roll of paper money
KNOW - knowledge
KNP - OK, No Problem
KNW - know
KO - Knock out
KOC - Kiss On Cheek
KOD - Kiss Of Death
KOI - Koibito (Japenese for lover)
KOK - Knock
KOKO - Most important thing
KOL - Kingdom Of Loathing (Game)
KOO - Cool
KOOL - Cool
KOOLS - Mentholated cigarettes
KOS - kid over shoulder
KOTC - Kiss on the cheek
KOTD - It's an abbreviation for kick(shoes) of the day.
KOTG - Keeper of the Grove
KOTH - King of the Hill (game)
KOTL - Keeper of The Light; a character in the game Dota
KOTOR - Knights of the old republic
KOTS - keep on talking s**t
KOW - Knock On Wood
KP - Korean Pride
KPC - Keep Parents Clueless
KPG - Keep the Party Going
KPI - Key Performance Indicator
KPOP - Korean popular music
KPTONDL - Keep it on the down low
KR - Kind Regards
KRAM - Smoke weed
KRO - Keep Right On
KS - Kill Steal
KSC - Kinda sorta chuckle
KSS - Asking for a person to respond
KSSD - kissed
KT - keep talking
KTB - Ok, Thanks, Bye
KTBSPA - Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive
KTC - kill the cat
KTCOOTN - Keep This Crap Out Of This Newsgroup
KTF - Keep The Faith
KTFO - knocked the f**k out
KTHANXBI - Okay, thanks. Bye.
KTHNXBAI - Okay, thanks, bye
KTHNXBI - OK, Thanks, Bye
KTHNXBYE - Okay, thanks, bye
KTHX - ok, thank you
KTHXBAI - ok thanks bye!
KTHXBI - ok, thank you, goodbye
KTHXBYE - ok, thank you, goodbye
KTHXGB - ok thanks goodbye
KTHXMN - Ok Thanks Man
KTHZ - ok thanks
KTNX - Okay and Thanks
KTY - Ok, Thank You
KUDOS - Respect and recognition
KUHL - cool
KUL - Cool
KUSH - High grade marijuana
KUTE - cute
KUTGSAWYAD - Keep Up The Good Spirit And Whatever You Are Doing
KUTGW - keep up the good work
KUWL - cool
KVM - Keyboard, Video, Mouse
KW - Kilowatt
KWEL - Cool
KWIC - Keyword in context
KWIK - quick
KWIM - know what I mean
KWIS - Know what I'm saying
KWIT - quit
KWIZ - quiz
KWL - Cool
KWOC - Keyword out of context
KWSTA - Kiss With Serious Tongue Action
KWTII - Know What Time it is
KWTSDS - Kiss where the sun don't shine
KYAG - Kiss Your a** Goodbye
KYANOOI - Keep Your Nose Out Of It
KYB - Kick Your Butt
KYFAG - kiss your f**king a** goodbye
KYFC - Keep Your Fingers Crossed
KYHO - Keep Your Hair On
KYHOOTW - Keep Your Head Out Of The Water
KYHOOYA - Keep Your Head Out Of Your Ass
KYHU - Keep Your Head Up
KYKO - keep your knickers on
KYO - Knock Yourself Out
KYOOT - Cute
KYP - Keep You Posted
KYPO - Keep Your Pants On
KYS - Kill Yourself
KYSO - Knock Yourself Out
KYSOTI - Keep your stick on the ice
L - Laugh
L&G - Latest And Greatest
L/F/E - Lovers forever
L0LZ - laugh out loud
L2 - learn to
L2LYB - Love to love you baby
L2M - Listening to Music
L2MS - Laughing To Myself
L2P - Learn to play
L2PK - Learn To Player Kill
L2R - Learn to Read
L337 - elite
L33T - Elite
L4D - Left 4 Dead (game)
L4D2 - Left 4 Dead 2 (game)
L4M3RZ - lamers
L8 - late
L84SKOOL - late for school
L8A - later
L8ER - later
L8ERS - Later
L8R - It means later
L8RS - laters
L8RZ - later
L8S - later
L8T - later
L8TA - later
L8TER - later
L8TR - later
L@U - laughing at you
LABATYD - Life's A Bitch And Then You Die
LACE UP - catch up on the gossip.
LAFF - laugh
LAFFING - Laughing
LAFS - Love at first sight
LAK - love and kisses
LAL - laughing a little
LALL - Live And Let Live
LALOL - lots and lots of laughs
LAM - leave a message
LAMASMC - Look At Me And See Me Crying
LAMF - like a motherf**ker
LAMOJ - Laughing at my own joke
LAN - Local Area Network
LAPPY - Laptop
LAQ - Lame Ass Quote
LARP - live action role-play
LASB - Lame a** Stupid b***h
LAST - Locate, Access, Stabilize, Transport
LAT - laugh at that
LATA - later
LATES - later
LATIS - An old, skinny cat.
LATN - laugh at the newbs
LATR - Later
LATWTTB - laughing all the way to the bank
LAU - laugh at you
LAUREN - Not Defined
LAWD - lord
LAWL - lauging out loud with a southern drawl
LAWL'D - laughed out loud
LAWLED - laughed out loud
LAWLS - laughing out loud with a southern drawl
LAWLZ - laughing out loud with a southern drawl
LAYSATB - Look After yourself all the best
LAZER - laser
LAZOR - laser
LB?W/C - Like Bondage Whips or Chains
LBAY - Laughing back at you
LBBB - left bundle branch block
LBD - Little Black Dress
LBF - Later, best friend
LBH - let's be honest
LBIG - Laughing Because I'm Gay
LBL - Label
LBNR - laughing but not really
LBO - laughing butt off
LBR - little boy's room
LBUG - Laughing Because You're Gay
LBVS - laughing but very serious
LBW - Leg Before Wicket
LBYL - Look before you leap
LC - Let's celebrate
LCSNPC - low cost small notebook personal computer
LCW - Loud, confident and wrong
LD - Long Distance
LDIMEDILLIGAF - Look Deeply Into My Eyes, Does It Look Like I Give
LDO - Like, duh obviously
LDR - Long Distance Relationship
LDTO - Lets Ditch This One
LDTTWA - Let's Do The Time Warp Again
LDWPKOL - Long Deep Wet Passionate Kiss On The Lips
LED - LED actually stands for Light Emiting Diode but no
LEE7 - elite
LEET - elite
LEGIT - legitimate
LEIK - like
LEL - Laughing even louder
LEME - let me
LEMENO - Let me know
LEMME - let me
LEP - Love emo people
LERK - leaving easy reach of keyboard
LESBIAUNTIE - Lesbian aunt. Like a Guncle, except female.
LESBO - lesbian
LESS THAN 3 - love
LET'S BOUNCE - let's go or let's leave
LEZ - Lesbian
LEZBEAN - lesbian
LEZBO - lesbian
LEZZZIE - lesbian
LF - Looking for
LF1M - Looking for one more
LF2M - looking for 2 more
LFD - Left for day
LFG - Looking for group
LFK - Light french kissing
LFL - let's f**k later
LFM - looking for mate
LFNAR - laughing for no aparent reason
LFP - looking for p***y
LFR - Laughing for real
LFS - Local Fish Store
LFTD - Left for the day
LFTI - Looking Forward To It
LFTYSR - Look forward to your swift response
LGB - lesbian/gay/bisexual
LGBNAF - lets get butt naked and f**k
LGBT - Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered peo
LGBTQ - Lesbien, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer.
LGF - little green footballs
LGGD - let's go get drunk
LGH - Lets get high
LGM - Little Green Men
LGMAS - Lord Give Me A Sign
LGN - link goes nowhere
LGO - life goes on
LGOT - let's go out tonight
LGR - Little Girl's Room
LGS - let's go shopping!
LHAO - laughing her a** off
LHH - Laughin hella hard
LHM - Lord Help Me
LHO - Laughing Head Off
LHOL - Laughing Heartily Out Loud
LHOS - Lets Have Online Sex
LHS - lets have sex
LHSRN - let's have sex right now
LI - LinkedIn
LIBTO - Like I believe that one
LIC - Like I care
LIEC - like i even care
LIEK - like
LIEKZ - likes
LIFO - last in first out
LIG - Life is good
LIGAFF - like I give a flying f**k
LIGAFS - like I give a flying s**t
LIGAS - like I give a s**t
LIH - Laugh in head
LIITA - love is in the air
LIK - like
LIL - little
LIM - Like it Matters
LIMH - laugh in my head
LIMT - Laugh in my tummy
LIOL - laugh insanely out loud
LIOWLIOW - Life Is Ours, We Live It Our Way
LIQ - Laughing inside quietly
LIR - Let It Ride
LIRL - laughing in real life
LIS - Laughing In Silence
LIU - LAN Interface Unit
LIV - little girls name off of a movie on Disney chanel
LIW - Laughing In Whispers
LIYF - laughing in your face
LJ - live journal
LJBF - Let's Just Be Friends
LK - like
LKE - like
LKG - Last Known Good
LKITR - Little Kid In The Room
LKOM - Light Kiss On Mouth
LL - Later loser
LLAB - Laughing like a b***h.
LLAP - Live Long and Prosper
LLC - Laughing like crazy
LLF - laugh like f**k
LLGB - Love, later, God bless
LLL - Long lasting love
LLNL - Laughing Long aNd Loud
LLOL - Literally laughing out loud
LLOM - Like Leno on Meth
LLPOF - Liar Liar Pants On Fire
LLS - Laughing like shit
LLTA - Lots and lots of thunderous applause
LLTNT - live like theres no tomorrow
LM - Letters mailed
LM4AQ - Let's meet for a quickie.
LMA - Leave Me Alone
LMAMF - leave me alone mother f**ker
LMAO - laughing my a** off
LMAOL - laughing my a** out loud
LMAOMTOAOA - Laugh my a** off many times over and over again
LMAONADE - laughing my a** off
LMAOOL - laughing my a** off out loud
LMAOOTF - Laughing my a** off on the floor
LMAOROF - Laughing my a** off Rolling on the floor
LMAOROTF - laughing my a** off rolling on the floor
LMAOWPIMP - Laughing my assoff while peeing in my pants
LMAOWROTF - Laughing my a** of while rolling on the floor
LMAOWTNTPM - laughing my a** off whilst trying not to piss myse
LMAOXH - laughing my a** off extremely hard
LMAP - Leave Me Alone Please
LMB - lick my balls
LMBAO - laughing my black a** off
LMBFWAO - laughing my big fat white a** off
LMBO - Laughing my butt off
LMC - Lost My Connection
LMCAO - laughing my crazy a** off
LMCLAO - laughing my cute little a** off
LMCOA - Lost My Connection Once Again
LMD - Lick My d**k
LMFAO - laughing my fucking ass off
LMFAOPIMP - Laughing my fucking ass off peeing in my pants
LMFAP - Little Man from Another place
LMFBO - laugh my f**king butt off
LMFFAO - laughing my f**king fat a** off
LMFFO - Laughing my f**king face off
LMFHO - Laughing my fucking heart out
LMFO - Laughing My Face Off
LMFPO - laughing my f**king p***y off
LMFR - Lets Meet For Real
LMFTO - laughing my f**kin tits off
LMG - let me guess
LMGDAO - Laughing My God d**n a** Off
LMGTFY - Let me Google that for you
LMHAO - laughing my hairy a** off
LMHO - laughing my heiny off
LMIRL - let's meet in real life
LMK - Let Me Know
LMKO - Laughing My Knickers off
LMKS - Let Me Know Soon
LMKWUT - let me know what you think
LMKWYT - Let Me Know What You Think
LML - Laugh Mad Loud
LMLOTD - Let My Love Open the Door
LMMFAO - laughing my mother f**king a** off
LMMFAOS - laughing my mother f**king a** off silly
LMMFAS - laugh my mother f**kin a** off
LMMFFAO - laughing my mother f**king fat a** off
LMNO - Leave My Name Out
LMO - Leave Me One
LMOAO - Laughing my Other a** Off
LMOOI - Leave Me Out Of It
LMP - lick my p***y
LMPO - laughing my panties off
LMS - leave me some
LMSAO - Laughing My Stupid Ass off
LMSO - Laughing My Socks Off
LMTC - Left Message To Call
LMTCB - Left Message To Call Back
LMTD - limited
LMTFA - leave me the f**k alone
LMTO - Laughing My Thong Off
LMTUS - let me tell you something
LMTY - laughing more than you
LMVO - laugh my vagina off
LMWAO - Laughing my white ass off
LN - last name
LNH - Love and hugs
LNK - Link
LOA - List Of Acronyms
LOBFL - Laugh Out Bloody f**king Loud
LOBNAH - Lights On But Nobody's At Home
LOBNH - Lights On But Nobody Home
LOC - Load of crap
LOE - Lack of education
LOF - Laughing on floor
LOFI - uncool
LOFL - laugh out f**king loud
LOFLMAO - laying on floor laughing my a** off
LOFLOL - Lying On Floor Laughing Out Loud
LOFTING - Talking in Private Chat
LOH - Low On Health
LOHICA - Look Out, Here It Comes Again
LOI - Laughing on the inside
LOIS - Laughing On The Inside
LOL - =Lol means laugh out loud
LOL'D - laughed out loud
LOL2U - Laugh out loud to you
LOL@U - Laugh out loud at you
LOLA - Laugh Out Loud Again
LOLAK - Lots Of Love And Kisses
LOLAROTF - laughing out loud and rolling on the floor
LOLAROTG - Laughing Out Loud And Rolling On The Ground
LOLAW - laugh out loud at work
LOLAWS - Laugh out loud and with style
LOLBAY - Laughing Out Loud Back At You
LOLCANO - laugh out loud
LOLCI - laughing out loud, crying inside
LOLCITY - the whole city laughs out loud
LOLD - It mean laugh out loud doofous
LOLEES - laugh out loud
LOLERZ - laugh out loud
LOLF - lots of love forever
LOLFOC - Laughs Out Loud Falls Of Chair
LOLH - Laughing out loud hysterically
LOLHK - Lots of love, hugs and kisses
LOLIN - laughing out loud
LOLIO - laugh out loud I own
LOLKK - Laugh out loud okay
LOLLAM - Laughing Out Loud Like A Maniac
LOLLERCAUST - an extreme event of hilarity
LOLLERCOASTER - laugh out loud (a lot)
LOLLERSKATES - laughing out loud
LOLM - laugh out loud man
LOLN - laught out loud... not
LOLNGS - laghing out loud never gonna stop
LOLO - Lots of love
LOLOCOST - laugh out loud
LOLOL - Lots Of Laughing Out Loud
LOLOLZ - laugh out loud
LOLPIMP - Laughing out loud peeing in my pants
LOLQ - laugh out loud quietly
LOLRL - Laugh out loud really loud
LOLROF - Laughing out loud while rolling on the floor.
LOLROFLMAO - Laugh out loud rolling on the floor laughing my ar
LOLROTF - laughing out loud rolling on the floor
LOLS - laugh out loud
LOLUSA - Laughing out loud until sides ache
LOLV - Lot's Of LoVe
LOLVQ - laugh out loud very quietly
LOLWTIME - laughing out loud with tears in my eyes
LOLZ - Done know can you add it?
LOMBARD - Lots Of Money But A Right Dick
LOMG - like oh my god
LOML - Love of my life
LOMLILY - Light of my life, I love you
LOMY - love of my life
LONH - Lights On, Nobody Home
LOOL - Laughing Outragously Out Loud
LOOMM - laughing out of my mind
LOPSOD - Long On Promises, Short On Delivery
LORE - Learn Once, Repeat Everywhere
LORL - laugh out real loud
LORRL - laugh out really really loud
LOTF - Laughing On The Floor
LOTFL - Laying On The Floor Laughing
LOTFLOL - Lying on the floor laughing out loud
LOTI - Laughing on the inside
LOTR - Lord of the Rings
LOTR3 - Lord of the rings three
LOU - Laughing Over You
LOV - love
LOVU - love you
LOXEN - laughing out loud
LOXXEN - laughing out loud
LOZER - loser
LPB - low ping b*****d
LPIAW - Large Penis is always welcome
LPMS - life pretty much sucks
LPOS - Lazy Piece Of Shit
LQ - Laughing Quietly
LQ2M - laughing quietly to myself
LQTM - Laugh quietly to myself
LQTMS - Laughing quietly to myself
LQTS - laughing quietly to self
LRF - Little Rubber Feet
LRFL - Laughing really f**king loud
LRH - laughing really hard
LRL - Laugh real loud
LRQTMS - laughing really quietly to myself
LRT - last retweet
LRU - Least Recently Used
LSCWC - Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
LSDL - Let sleeping dogs lie
LSFIAB - Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel
LSFW - Less Safe For Work
LSHHTCMS - Laughed So Hard, Had To Change My Shorts
LSHIAPM - Laughing so hard I almost peed myself
LSHIAPMP - Laughing so hard I almost peed my pants
LSHIC - laughing so hard i'm crying
LSHICT - Laughing So Hard I Can't Type
LSHID - laugh so hard i die
LSHIH - Laughing So Hard It Hurts
LSHIPMP - Laughing So Hard I Peed My Pants
LSHISMP - laughed so hard I s**t my pants
LSHIWMS - laughing so hard I wet myself
LSHMBA - Laughing So Hard My Belly Aches
LSHMBB - Laughing So Hard My Belly is Bouncing
LSHMBH - Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LSHMBIB - Laugh so loudly my belly is bouncing
LSHMSB - Laughing So Hard My Stitches Burst
LSHMSFOAIDMT - Laughing so hard my sombrero fell off and I droppe
LSHMSH - Laughing So Hard My Sides Hurt
LSHMSON - laughing so hard milk shot out nose
LSHRN - laughing so hard right now
LSHTTARDML - Laughing So Hard The Tears Are Running Down My Leg
LSKOL - long slow kiss on the lips
LSMFT - Lucky Strike means Fine tobacco
LSMIF - Laughing So Much I Farted
LSMIH - laughing so much it hurts
LSP - Less Sensitive Person
LSR - loser
LSS - Long story short
LSSM - Least said soonest mended
LST - Long-sleeve t-shirt
LSUDI - Lets see you do it
LSV - Language, sex and violence
LT - long time
LTAHP - Lets Talk about Harry Potter
LTB - looking to buy
LTBF - Learn To Be Funny
LTBH - Long Term Buy & Hold
LTC - Long Term Care
LTD - Lovers till death
LTFU - Long-Term Follow-Up
LTHTT - Laughing Too Hard To Type
LTIC - Laughing 'Til I Cry
LTIP - Laughing Til I Puke
LTLWDLS - Let's twist like we did last summer
LTM - Laughing To Myself
LTMQ - Laugh To Myself Quietly
LTMS - Laughing to my self
LTMSH - Laughing unTil My sides Hurt
LTNC - Long Time No See
LTNH - Long Time No Hear
LTNS - long time no see
LTNSOH - Long time, no see or hear
LTNT - long time no talk
LTO - Linear Tape Open
LTP - Lay the pipe
LTPLM - Little things please little minds
LTR - later
LTS - Laughing To Self
LTTIC - Look The Teacher Is Coming
LTTPOT - laughing to the point of tears
LTUAE - Life, The Universe, And Everything
LTW - Lead The Way
LTYWL - love the way you lie
LU - Love You
LU2 - love you too
LU2B - Love you too baby
LU2D - love you to death
LU4EVER - Love your forever
LU4L - love you for life
LUA - Love you a lot
LUB - laugh under breath
LUF - love
LUFF - Love
LUFTHANSA - Let's Us FLirt Together And Never Seperate Again
LUG - lesbian until graduation
LUGLS - Love you guys like sisters
LUK - look
LUKIN - looking
LUL - Love you lots
LULAB - Love you like a brother
LULAF - Love you like a friend
LULAS - Love you like a sister
LULFIE - a selfie but from the male genetalia
LULU - Locally Unwanted Land Use
LULZ - Laughing out loud.
LUM - Love you man
LUMED - Love you more each day
LUMTP - Love You More Than Pie
LUN - Logical Unit Number
LUNA - Let Us Not Argue
LUP - Its means love
LURKER - one who reads but doesn't reply
LURVE - love
LUSER - user who is a loser
LUSM - Love You So Much
LUTA - Let Us Talk Again
LUV - Love
LUVER - lover
LUVUVM - love you very much
LUVV - love
LUWAMH - Love You With All My Heart
LUZAR - Loser
LUZR - Loser
LV - love
LV1 - Leave one
LVE - Love
LVL - level
LVM - Left voice mail
LVN - loving
LVR - lover
LVYA - love you
LWB - Long Wheel Base
LWBAT - Learner will be able to
LWIH - look what I have
LWN - last week's news
LWOP - Life Without Parole
LWR - Launch When Ready
LWT - Laughing with tears
LWTIME - Laughing With Tears In My Eyes
LY - love ya
LY2 - love you to
LY4E - Love You Forever
LYA - Love you always
LYAAB - Love you as a brother
LYAAF - Love you as a friend
LYAB - Love you as a brother
LYAO - laugh your a** off
LYAS - Love you as a sister
LYB - Love You Babe
LYBO - laugh your butt off
LYCYLBB - Love You, See You Later, Bye Bye
LYF - life
LYFAO - laughing your f**king a** off
LYFE - let your fear enter
LYK - let you know
LYK3 - like
LYKE - like
LYKYAMY - Love You, Kiss You, Already Miss You
LYL - love you lots
LYLAB - Love You Like A Brother
LYLABA - love you like a brother always
LYLABF - Love You Like a Boy Friend
LYLABT - Love You Like A Broken Toy
LYLAD - Love You Like A Daughter
LYLAFKLC - love you like a fat kid loves cake
LYLAM - love you like a mom
LYLAS - I love you like a sister
LYLASA - love you like a sister always
LYLB - Love You Later Bye
LYLC - Love you like crazy
LYLM - Love You Love Me
LYLNO - Love you like no other
LYLS - Love You Like a Sister
LYMI - love you mean it
LYMY - Love You Miss You
LYN - Lying
LYOL - Last Year Of Life
LYSFM - love you so f**king much
LYSK - Least you should know
LYSM - Love You So Much
LYT - love you too
LYTD - Last Year To Date
LYVM - love you very much
LYWAMH - Love You With All My Heart
LZER - laser
LZR - loser
M - Male
M$ - Microsoft
M&D - Mum and Dad
M&M - Small chocolate candy
M&S - Marks & Spencer
M/F - male or female
M/O - Make Out
M02 - My two cents
M2 - Me Too
M2AF - Message To All Friends
M2CW - My Two Cents Worth
M2D - Make my day
M2F - Male to female
M2FP - My Two( three , four etc...) Favorite People
M2M - Machine To Machine
M2NY - Me Too, Not Yet
M4C - Meet for Coffee
M4F - Man seeking woman
M4M - Males For Males
M4W - Man for Woman
M8 - Friend
M8S - Mates
MA - Mature Audience
MAA - Men At Arms
MAB - Maybe
MAMHWAW - Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
MAMN - Me an my nigga
MARC - A common first name for men; an alternative spelli
MARCA - Not Defined
MARLBORO - Men Always Remember Ladies Because Of Romance Only
MATTEO - Not Defined
MAU - Mad About You
MAWOY - May Angels Watch Over You
MAYA - Most Advanced Yet Accessible
MB - My bad
MBA - Married But Available
MBCS - Multi Byte Character Set
MBF - My best friend
MBI - Management Buy In
MBLA - Management by listening around
MBM - Management by means
MBN - Must be nice
MBO - Management Buy Out
MBOTS - May be offensive to some
MBRFN - Must Be Real Fucking Nice
MBS - Mom behind shoulder
MBTA - Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority
MBUC - Mind Bogglingly Unlikely Coincidence
MC - Merry Christmas
MCBF - Mean Cycles Before Failure
MCIBTY - My Computer Is Better Than Yours
MCM - man crush monday
MD - Made
MD@U - Mad at you
MD@UFN - Mad at you for now
MDIAC - My Dad is a cop
ME2 - Me too
MEG - Mega Evil Grin
MEGO - My Eyes Glaze Over
MEH - Who cares, whatever
MERKED - kind of like screwed. it can mean buzzed, drunk, j
MEZ - Mesmerize
MF - Mother Fucker
MFB - Mother Fucking Bitch
MFD - multi-function device
MFF - Male, Female, Female
MFG - Mit freundlichen Gruessen
MFI - Mad for it
MFIC - Mother Fucker In Charge
MFM - Male, Female, Male
MFT - Master File Table
MFWIC - Mo Fo Who's In Charge
MFZ - Microsoft Free Zone
MG - Many greetings
MGB - May God Bless
MGMT - management
MHB4U - My Heart Bleeds For You
MHBFY - My Heart Bleeds For You
MHM - Members Helping Members
MHMLW - Many hands make light work
MHO - My Humble Opinion
MHOTU - My Hats Off To You
MHOTY - My Hat's Off To You
MHS - Message Handling System
MHUM - Master of Humanities
MHWTSS - Make hay while the sun shines
MI - Marching Illini
MIA - Missing in Action
MIASGB - Make It A Short GoodBye
MIB - Mint in box
MIBG - Mental image be gone
MICU - mobile intensive care unit
MIHAP - May I Have Your Attention Please
MIL - million
MILF - Mother I'd Like to Fuck
MILFS - Mothers I'd like to F**k is the most common meanin
MILG - Make It Look Good
MIMAS - May I make a suggestion
MIMO - Multiple Input Multiple Output
MIN - Minute
MINK - Multiple income, no kids
MINS - minutes
MIP - Mint In Packet
MIPS - millions of instructions per second
MIRL - Meet in real life
MISANDRY - when women hate men. the opposite of misogyny. lik
MISHU - Miss you
MITB - Man Is The Bastard
MITIN - More Information Than I Needed
MJM - Married Jewish Male
MKA - Make additions
MKOP - My Kind Of Place
MKP - My Kind of place
MLA - Multiple Letter Acronym
MLAS - My Lips Are Sealed
MLG - MLG means major league gaming or major league game
MLIA - My life is average
MLNW - Make love not War
MLTR - Multiple Long Term Relationships
MM - Missing my
MMA - Meet me at
MMAMP - Meet me at my place
MMB - Message me back
MMBBG - Massively Multiplayer Browser-Based Game
MMDP - Make my day punk
MMF - Make Money Fast
MMFU - my mate fancies you
MMHA2U - My Most Humble Apologies To You
MMHRD - Many Many Happy Returns of the Day
MMJ - Medical Marijuana
MMO - Masively Multiplayer Online
MMOB - Mind my own business
MMOG - Massively Multiplayer Online Game
MMORPG - massively multiplayer online role playing game
MMRD - My mind is rolled down
MMYT - Mail Me Your Thoughts
MNC - Mother nature calls
MNG - Manage
MNGR - Manager
MNJ - Not Defined
MO - Move On
MOAB - Mother Of All Bombs
MOAOTL - My one and only true love
MOB - Mobile
MOC - Mint on card
MOF - Matter Of Fact
MOFO - mother fucker
MOH - Medal Of Honor
MOMPL - One Moment Please
MOO - My own opinion
MOOS - Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOP - MOment Please
MORROCO - Not Defined
MOS - months
MOSPF - Multicast Open Shortest Path First
MOSS - Member Of The Same Sex
MOTAS - Members of the appropriate sex
MOTD - Message of the Day
MOTM - Member Of The Month
MOTOS - Members Of The Opposite Sex
MOTSS - members of the same sex
MOTU - Masters of the Universe
MP - Merry part
MPFB - My Personal Fuck Buddy
MPOV - My Point Of View
MPTY - More Power To You
MR - mentally retarded
MRA - Moving Right Along
MRP - My Romantic Partner
MRU - Most Recently Used
MS - Microsoft
MSB - My sexy bitch
MSCEA - My Southern Comfort's Empty Again
MSG - message
MSMD - Monkey See Monkey Do
MSNUW - Mini-Skirt No UnderWear
MSOF - Multiple system and organ failure
MSOG - Multiple shots on goal
MST - Must see today
MT - Mistype
MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure
MTBOI - Make The Best Of It
MTCW - My two cents worth
MTE - My Thoughts Exactly
MTF - More To Follow
MTFBWU - May the Force be with you.
MTFBWY - May The Force Be With You
MTG - meeting
MTH - Month
MTLA - My True Love Always
MTO - Made To Order
MTR - MTR is a common abbreviation which is applicable t
MTSBWY - May The Schwartz Be With You
MU - Miss You
MU@ - Meet you at
MUAH - Kiss
MUBAR - Messed up Beyond All Recognition
MUD - Multi-User Dungeon
MURKA - Not Defined
MUSH - Multi-User Shared Hallucination
MUSM - Miss You So Much
MUVM - Miss You Very Much
MW - Most welcome
MWA - Kiss
MWAHUGZ - Kisses and hugs
MWBRL - More Will Be Revealed Later
MWC - Married With Children
MWF - Married White Female
MWM - Married White Male ... Just letting you know your
MWMT - Mint with mint tags
MWMTS - Mint with mint tags
MWOA - It means a kiss. Like a French sounding word for
MWT - Mint With Tag
MY MAINS - In the case of Super Smash brothers (a video game)
N - And
N E - any
N/A - not applicable
N/A/S/L - name, age, sex location
N/C - no comment
N/M - nevermind
N/N - nickname
N/O - no offense
N/T - no text
N00B - Newbie
N00BS - newbies
N00DZ - nudes
N00S - news
N1 - Nice One
N199312 - african american
N1994 - african american
N1C3 - Nice
N2 - into
N2B - Not Too Bad
N2BB - nice to be back
N2BR - not to be rude
N2G - Need To Go
N2M - not too much
N2MH - not too much here
N2MHBU - not too much how about you?
N2MHJC - not too much here just chillin
N2MU - not too much, you?
N2N - need to know
N2P - need to pee
N64 - Nintendo 64
N8V - native
NA - not applicable
NA4W - not appropriate for work
NAA - not at all
NADE - grenade
NADM - Never A Dull Moment
NADT - Not A Darn Thing
NAFAL - Not As Fast As Light
NAFC - Not Appropriate for Children
NAFKAM - Not Away From Keyboard Any More
NAFT - Not A f**king Thing
NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement
NAGB - Nearly Almost A Good Bridge
NAGI - Not A Good Idea
NAH - no
NAHM - Not A Happy Man
NAHW - Not A Happy Woman
NAK - nursing at keyboard
NAL - Nationality
NALOPKT - Not A Lot Of People Know That
NAMH - not at my house
NANT - Not A Nice Thought
NAO - Not As Often
NAP - Not a problem
NARB - National Advertising Review Board
NARU - Not a Registered User
NATCH - Naturally
NATM - not at the minute
NAVY - Never Again Volunteer Yourself
NAW - no
NAW-T - Naughty
NAWIDT - never again will i do that
NAWT - not
NAWW - no
NAYL - in a while
NAZ - Name Address Zip
NB - not bad
NB,P - nothing bad, parents
NB4T - Not Before Time
NBA - national basketball association
NBD - No Big Deal
NBDY - nobody
NBFAB - Not Bad For A Beginner
NBFABS - Not Bad For A Bot Stopper
NBIF - No Basis In Fact
NBIR - No Basis In Reality
NBJF - No brag, just fact
NBL - Not Bloody Likely
NBLFY - Nothing But Love For You
NBM - Nill By Mouth
NBOW - New bottle, old whine
NBS - No Bullshitting
NBSB - No Boyfriend Since Birth
NBSP - No bull shit please
NBTD - Nothing Better To Do
NC - Nice Call
NCAA - National Collegiate Athletic Association
NCATT - No Comment At This Time
NCB - Never Change Baby
NCFPA - No cause for police action
NCG - New College Graduate
NCIH - No Chance In Hell
NCJLYK - Not Complaining, Just Letting You Know
NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer
NCS - no crap sherlock
NCSS - Non-Comment Source Statements
NCTO - Now Cut That Out
NCYCBTAH - Never count your chickens before they are hatched
NCZ - No capture zone
ND - And
NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement
NDB - None of your Damned Business
NDIT - No details in thread
NDM - No Disrespect Meant
NDN - indian
NDR - Non Delivery Reciept
NDS - Nintendo DS
NE - Any
NE1 - anyone
NE14KFC - Anyone for KFC
NE1ER - Anyone Here
NE2H - Need To Have
NECKBEARD - a geek or guy into anime/gaming who doesn't take g
NEDAY - any day
NEDN - any day now
NEFING - anything
NEHO - Never Ever Heard Of
NEHW - No Enjoyment, Hard Work
NEIDA - any idea
NEKKID - naked
NEM - Nothing Else Matters
NEMORE - Anymore
NES - Never Ending Story
NESEC - Any Second
NETHIN - anything
NETHING - anything
NETHNG - anything
NETMA - Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything
NETUA - nobody ever tells us anything
NEVA - never
NEVAH - never
NEVAR - Never
NEVARZ - never
NEVM - never mind
NEVR - never
NEWAIS - Anyways
NEWAY - Anyway
NEWAYS - anyways
NEWAYZ - anyways
NEWAZE - Anyways
NEWB - someone who is new
NEWBIE - new player
NEWEZ - anyways
NEWS - North, East, West, South
NF - not funny
NFBSK - Not For British School Kids
NFC - no f**king clue
NFD - no f**king deal
NFF - No Fucking Fair
NFG - Not Fucking Good
NFI - no f**king idea
NFIAH - Never fear, I am here
NFL - National Football League
NFM - Not for me
NFN - Normal for Norfolk
NFR - not for real
NFS - Not For Sale
NFSCD - Now for something completely different
NFT - no further text
NFW - no f**king way
NFWS - Not for work safe
NG - nice game
NGAF - nobody gives a f**k
NGB - Nearly Good Bridge
NGL - Not Gonna Lie
NGT - Not Gonna Tell
NH - nice hand
NHATM - not here at the moment
NHOH - Never Heard Of Him/Her
NI - No Idea
NI994 - n***a
NIAA - No Idea At All
NIB - New in box
NIC - Network Interface Card
NICBDAT - Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes
NICBDTAT - Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes
NICE - Nonsense In Crappy Existence
NICUAR - Now I Could Use A Raise
NIF - non internet friend
NIFOC - naked in front of computer
NIFOK - naked in front of keyboard
NIGI - Now I get it
NIGYSOB - now I've got you son of a b***h
NIH - Not Invented Here
NIMBY - not in my backyard
NIN - no its not
NIP - nothing in particular
NIPS - nipples
NITE - night
NIZZLE - n****r
NJ - Nice job
NJOY - enjoy
NJP - nice job partner
NK - no kidding
NKT - never knew that
NLD - nice lay down
NM - not much
NM U - not much, you
NMBR - number
NME - Enemy
NMF - not my fault
NMFP - not my f**king problem
NMH - Not much here
NMHAU - nothing much how about you
NMHJC - Nothing Much Here Just Chilling
NMHM - nothing much here, man
NMHU - nothing much here, you?
NMHWBY - nothing much here what about you
NMI - No Middle Initial
NMJ - not my job
NMJB - nothing much just bored
NMJC - not much, just chillin'
NMJCH - Nothing Much Just Chilling
NMJCHBY - Nothing Much Just Chilling How Bout You
NMJCU - Nothing much, just chillin, you
NMJCY - Not much, just chilling, you
NMJDHW - nothing much just doing homework
NMJFA - nothing much, just f**king around
NMNHNLM - no money, no honey, nobody loves me
NMP - Not My Problem
NMS - Not My Style
NMSAA - Not My Style At All
NMTE - Now More Than Ever
NMTN - Nevermind that now
NMU - Not Much, You
NMW - no matter what
NMWH - no matter what happens
NMWU - Non Metallic Wet Underground
NN - good night
NN2R - No need to reply
NNAA - no not at all
NNCIMINTFZ - Not Now Chief, I'm In The F
NNFAA - no need for an apology
NNITO - Not necessarily in that order
NNN - No No No
NNR - no not really
NNTO - No need to open
NNTP - Network News Transfer Protocol
NNTR - No need to reply
NNTST - no need to say thanks
NNWW - Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink
NO - Know
NO PRO - no problem
NO1 - no one
NO4C - Not Only For Cows
NOA - Not Online Anymore
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOBMR - None of my business, right
NOBR - No break
NOC - naked on camera
NOE - know
NOES - no
NOFI - No Flame Intended
NOIRL - No one is really laughing
NOLM - No one loves me
NOMB - None of my business
NOMDB - Not Over My Dead Body
NOMW - not on my watch
NOOB - Newbie
NOOBIE - new person
NOOBLET - new player
NOOBZ0R - newbie
NOODZ - nude pictures
NOOKIE - sex
NOOTO - Nothing Out Of The Ordinary
NOP - No Operation
NOPAT - Net Operating Profit After Tax
NORWICH - knickers off ready when I come home
NOS - New Old Stock
NOTA - None Of The Above
NOTD - Nail of the day
NOTHING NEW TO REPORT - Nothing New To Report = NNTR
NOTIN - nothing
NOTTOMH - Not off the top of my head
NOTY - no thank you
NOUB - none of your business
NOWAI - No way
NOWIN - knowing
NOY - Not Online Yet
NOYB - None Of Your Business
NOYGDB - none of your god d**n business
NOYL - Not on your life
NP - Neopets
NP4NP - naked pic for naked pic
NPA - not paying attention
NPB - Non Paying Bidder
NPC - Non-playable character
NPE - nope
NPGF - no problem girl friend
NPGMC - Now Please Give Me Cash
NPH - no problem here
NPI - No Pun Intended
NPLU - Not People Like Us
NPNG - No Pain No Gain
NPNT - no picture, no talk
NPOTTWYCDT - Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today
NPS - No Problems
NPV - Net Present Value
NPW - No Problem Whatsoever
NQ - Thank you
NQA - No Questions Asked
NQOCD - Not quite our class, dear
NQOS - Not Quite Our Sort
NQT - Newly Qualified Teacher
NQWI - Not Quite With It
NR - near
NR4U - not right for you
NRG - energy
NRN - No Response Necessary
NS - nice
NSA - No Strings Attached
NSAS - No Strings Attached Sex
NSFMF - not so fast my friend
NSFU - no sex for you
NSFW - not safe for work
NSS - no s**t sherlock
NST - no school today
NSTAAFL - No Such Thing As a Free Lunch
NT - nice try
NTB - not to bad
NTBN - need to be noticed
NTD - Not Today
NTHG - nothing
NTHIN - nothing
NTHN - nothing
NTIGAF - not that i give a f**k
NTIM - Not That It Matters
NTIMM - Not That It Matters Much
NTK - Need to know
NTKB - need to know basis
NTL - NoneTheLess
NTM - Not That Much
NTMK - Not to my knowledge
NTMU - nice to meet you
NTMY - Nice to meet you
NTN - No thanks needed
NTOOT - Nine Times Out Of Ten
NTRLY - Not Really
NTS - Note to self
NTSTT - not safe to talk
NTT - need to talk
NTTA - nothing to talk about
NTTAWWT - Not that there is anything wrong with that
NTTFLS - Not Till The Fat Lady Sings
NTTIAWWT - Not that there is anything wrong with that
NTTY - Nice Talking To You
NTW - Not To Worry
NTXT - no text
NTY - No thank you
NTYMI - Now That You Mention It
NU - new
NUB - inexperienced person
NUFF - enough
NUFFIN - nothing
NUFIN - nothing
NUFN - Nothing
NUIGB - Not until I get back
NUTIN - nothing
NUTTIN - nothing
NV - envy
NVA - Net value add
NVH - Noise, vibration & harshness
NVM - never mind
NVMD - Nevermind
NVMDT - never mind then
NVMT - nevermind that
NVNG - Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
NVR - Never
NVRM - Nevermind
NVRMND - never mind
NW - no way
NWAL - Nerd Without A Life
NWB - a new person
NWIH - no way in hell
NWO - No Way Out
NWR - Not Work Related
NWRUS - no way are your serious
NWS - not work safe
NWTF - now what the f**k
NWY - no way
NX - No eXecute
NXT - Next
NY1 - Anyone
NYC - New York City
NYCFS - New York City Finger Salute
NYCTMI - Now You Come To Mention It
NYF - not your fault
NYI - Not Yet Implemented
NYK - Not Yet Known
NYM - New York Minute
NYP - Not Your Problem
NYWY - anyway
O - Ounce (of drugs)
O RLY - Oh Really
O&O - Over and Out
O) - Clown nose smiley face
O-O - Shock
O.O - Very valid, pithy, suiccnct, and on point. WD.
O/ - High five
O/P - Out of print
O/\O - High five
O7 - Salute
O:) - Innocent, angelic
O:-) - Innocent, angelic
OA - Over acting
OAN - On Another Note
OAO - Over And Out
OAOO - One And Only One
OAP - Old Age Pensioner
OAR - On a roll
OASRN - On a site right now
OATUS - On A Totally Unrelated Subject
OAUS - On An Unrelated Subject
OB - Oh brother
OBBY - Good game
OBE - Overcome By Events
OBEX - Object Exchange
OBGYN - Gynecologist (OBstetrics and GYNecology)
OBHWF - One Big Happy Weasely Family
OBKB - Okay, bye bye
OBO - or best offer
OBQ - Oh, Be Quiet
OBS - Obviously
OBTW - Oh, by the way
OBTWIAU - Oh by the way I adore you
OBTWIAVBP - OBligatory The World Is A Very Big Place
OBV - Obviously
OBVI - Obviously
OBVS - Obviously
OBVY - Obviously
OBVZ - Obviously
OBX - Old Battle Axe
OC - Own Character
OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OCH - Oh (Scottish)
OCIA - Of Course I Am
OCN - Of Course Not
OCO - Oh, Come On
OCR - Optical Character Recognition
OCT - On Company Time
OD - Oh Dear
ODAAT - One Day At A Time
ODF - Own Damn Fault
ODG - Oh Dear God
ODL - Oh Dear Lord
ODST - Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (Gaming)
ODT - On Dis Ting
ODTAA - One Damn Thing After Another
OED - Oxford English Dictionary
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacurer
OF - Old Fart
OFAY - Offensive term for a white person
OFC - Of course
OFGS - Oh, For God's Sake
OFH - Old Folks' Home
OFL - it means oh what a fricken loonatic
OFN - Old Freaking News
OFOC - Overwhelming Feelings of Concern
OFS - One Finger Salute
OFWGKTA - Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (rappers)
OGIM - Oh God It's Monday
OGK - Only God Knows
OGKT - Only God Knows That
OGN - Online Gaming Network
OGTDA - One good turn deserves another
OH - Other Half
OHAC - Own House And Car
OHAI - Oh, Hi
OHDH - Old Habits Die Hard
OHEMGEE - Oh my gosh
OHIM - Oh Hell, It's Monday
OHK - Oh,Ok
OHKO - One Hit Knock Out
OHN - Oh Hell, No!
OHOTKOHOTC - One Hand On The Keys, One Hand On The Crotch
OHS - Operator Head Space
OHT - One Handed Typing
OHW - On His Way
OI - Hey
OIB - Oh, I'm back
OIC - Oh, I see
OICN - Oh, I see now
OICU812 - Oh, I See You Ate One Too
OICURMT - Oh, I see you are empty
OIK - Unpleasant, unpopular person
OIS - Oh I see
OITNB - Orange Is The New Black - A popular television ser
OIY - Hey
OJ - Only Joking
OJD - Obsessive Jonas (Brothers) Disorder
OJT - On Job Training
OK - One Kiss
OKBB - OKay, Bye Bye
OKC - Oklahoma City
OKI - Okey Dokey, OK
OKIES - Okay
OKW/E - OK What-Ever
OL - old lady
OLD BAG - a woman that was once a lovely young women that is
OLDFAG - Long established member of an online community
OLED - Organic Light-Emitting Diode
OLF - One Line Followup
OLL - OnLine Love
OLLG - One Less Lonely Girl
OLN - OnLine Netiquette
OLOY - Only Losers Obey Yolo
OLPC - One Laptop per Child
OLTL - One Life to Live
OM - Old Man
OM NOM - Sound of eating
OMA - Oh My Allah
OMAA - Oh, my aching ass
OMAC - One Man Army Corps
OMB - On My Break
OMD - Oh My Days
OMDB - Over My Dead Body
OMDZ - Oh My Dayz
OMFSM - Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster
OMFUG - Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers
OMG - Oh My God
OMGA - Oh My Giddy Aunt
OMGD - Oh My God Dude
OMGNA - Oh My Gosh, Not Again
OMGSH - Oh My Gosh
OMJC - Oh My Jesus Christ
OML - Oh My Legs
OMS - Oh My Science
OMSJ - Oh My Sweet Jesus!
OMT - One More Thing
OMW - On My Way
OMWH - On My Way Home
OMZ - Oh My Zeus
ON - Drunk, high
ON ONE - Under the influence of drugs
ONCO - Or Nearest Cash Offer
ONE - One Love, goodbye
ONE OFF - Happened Once
ONION - Ounce of a drug
ONL - Online
ONM - Oh, Never Mind
ONNA - Oh No, Not Again
ONNTA - Oh No, Not This Again
ONO - Or Near Offer
ONOH - On the Other Hand
ONOZ - Oh No
ONS - One Night Stand
ONTD - Oh No They Didn't
ONTFLMAO - On the floor laughing my ass off
ONUD - Oh No You Didn't
ONYD - Oh no you didn't
OO - OpenOffice
OO2U - Option Open to You
OOA - Out Of Ammo
OOAD - Object Oriented Analysis and Design
OOAK - One Of A Kind
OOBE - Out Of Body Experience
OOC - Out of control
OOE - Out Of Endurance
OOF - a sigh of frustration. Same meaning as the Yiddis
OOFT - Sound made when impressed by something
OOH - On one hand
OOI - Out Of Interest
OOL - Out Of Luck
OOM - Out Of Mana
OOMF - One Of My Friends/Followers
OOML - Out Of My League
OOMM - Out Of My Mind
OOMPR - Out Of My Price Range
OOO - Out Of Office
OOP - Out Of Place
OOPS - Word said after doing something wrong
OOS - Out Of Stock
OOSOM - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
OOSOOM - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
OOT - Out Of Touch
OOTB - Out of the Box
OOTC - Obligatory On Topic Comment
OOTD - Outfit of the day
OOTO - Out Of The Office
OOTQ - Out Of The Question
OOTW - Out Of This World
OOYFM - Out of your fucking mind
OOYL - Out Of Your League
OOYM - Out Of Your Mind
OP - operator
OPA - Greek exclamation
OPB - Other People's Business
OPK - Other People's Kids
OPM - Other People's Money
OPP - A snitch
OPPA - Older brother, male friend
OPPS - A opp is a snitch or person you cant trust there l
OPSEC - Operations Security
OREO - Black on the outside, white on the inside
ORGY - Not Defined
ORITE - Alright, hello
ORKUT - Google's social network
ORLY - Oh Really
ORN - Oh Really Now
ORO - Expression of confusion
ORZ - Frustration, despair
OS - operating system
OSFA - One Size Fits All
OSIF - Oh Shit, I Forgot
OSIM - Oh Shoot It's Monday
OSINTOT - Oh Shit I Never Thought Of That
OSLT - Or Something Like That
OSM - Awesome
OSO - Other Significant Other
OSS - Open Source Software
OSSIM - Awesome
OST - On Second Thought
OT - Off Topic
OT1H - On The One Hand
OT3 - One True Threesome
OTA - over the air
OTAKU - Obsessive fan
OTAOK - Over the air OK
OTASOIC - Owing To A Slight Oversight In Construction
OTAY - Okay
OTB - Off The boat
OTBE - Over Taken By Event
OTC - Over the Counter
OTD - Off the Derech (Way in Hebrew) - someone who is no
OTE - Over the edge
OTF - Its a gang or squads for like field butt it means
OTFL - On the Floor Laughing
OTFLMAO - On the floor laughing my ass off
OTFM - Open The Fucking Manual
OTG - On the ground
OTGH - On The Gripping Hand
OTGL - On the ground laughing
OTH - Off The Hook
OTJ - On The Job
OTK - Over The Knee
OTL - Out to Lunch
OTLTA - One Thing Led To Another
OTMH - Off the top of my head
OTMS - Other Than Mexicans
OTN - Most usages of "OTN" on the Internet these days ar
OTO - One Time Only
OTOH - On The Other Hand
OTOOH - On The Other Other Hand
OTP - If you ask someone what they are doing, and they s
OTR - On the road
OTS - On the scene
OTT - Over The Top
OTTH - On The Third Hand
OTTOMH - Off The Top Of My Head
OTTOMHAROO - Off The Top Of My Head And Rolling Out Of Bounds
OTW - Off To Work
OTY - Over To You
OU - Open University
OUAT - Once Upon A Time
OUCH - Interjection said when experiencing pain
OUGHTA - Ought to
OUNCE - 28 grams of drugs (usually marijuana)
OUO - Official Use Only
OUSU - Oh, You Shut Up
OUTTA - Out Of
OVA - Original Video Animation
OVNO - Or Very Near Offer
OVO - Obviously
OW - Oh Well
OW2TE - Or Words To That Effect
OWFM - Often Works For Me
OWK - Other World Kingdom
OWLING - Crouching and staring like an owl
OWN - Beat, dominate (gaming)
OWNED - Dominated
OWNM - Oh Well, Never Mind
OWOA - One Way Or Another
OWS - Occupy Wall Street
OWT - Anything
OWTTE - Or Words To That Effect
OX - Sharp blade
OXY - OxyContin (or oxycodone), painkiller
OY - Oh Yeah
OYB - On Your Bike
OYE - Listen up
OYG - Oh Your God
OYMSYP - Open your mouth, solve your problem
OYO - On Your Own
OZ - Australia
O_O - Confused
P - Penny, pence
P!ATD - Panic! At The Disco (band)
P&C - Point and Click
P) - Pirate
P.I.C. - Partner In Crime
P/U - Pick Up
P/X - Part exchange
P2C2E - Process Too Complicated Too Explain
P2P - Person to Person
P2U4URAQTP - Peace To You For You Are A Cutie Pie
P2W - pay-to-win
P3N15 - Just means penis.
P911 - Parent Alert
PA - Parent alert
PABG - Pack A Big Gun
PAL - Parents Are Listening
PANS - Pretty Awesome New Stuff
PAPES - rolling papers; specifically rolling papers for a
PARIS - People Always Remember Iron Structure
PAT - patrol
PAW - Parents Are Watching
PAWG - phat ass white girl
PAX - Peace and Love
PAYE - Pay As You Earn
PAYG - Pay As You Go
PB - potty break
PB&J - Peanutbutter and Jelly
PBB - Parent Behind Back
PBCAK - Problem Between Chair and Keyboard
PBEM - Play By EMail
PBJ - Pretty Boy Jock
PBM - Play By Mail
PC - Player Character
PC4PC - Picture comment for picture comment
PCB - Please Call Back
PCID - Putting clothes in dryer
PCM - Please Call Me
PCO - Please Carry On
PCYLIHOONL - Please Cross Your Legs, I Have Only One Nail Left
PD - Public Domain
PDA - public display of affection
PDH - Pretty darn hot
PDOMA - Pulled directly out of my ass
PDPMEA - Please Don't Publish My Email Address
PDQ - Pretty Darn Quick
PDS - Please Don't Shout
PDSTM - Please Don't Shoot The Messenger
PDT - Pacific Daylight Time
PEBCAC - Problem Exists Between Chair and Computer
PEBCAK - Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PEBKAC - Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
PEBKC - Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair
PEBMAC - Problem Exists Between Monitor And Chair
PEEPS - People
PEGA - Pilot Error Go Around
PEKUSH - Press Every Key Until Something Happens
PENDEJO - Not Defined
PEST - Please Excuse Slow Typing
PF - Personal Favourite
PFA - Please Find Attached. This is generally for emails
PFC - Pretty Fucking Cold
PFO - Pissed and fell over
PFR - Plasma, Frag, Rocket
PFT - Pretty fucking tight
PG - pretty good
PGP - Pretty Good Privacy
PHAT - Pretty Handsome And Tall
PHB - Pointy Haired Boss
PHLOTE - Primary Home Language Other Than English
PHOS - Parent Hovering Over Shoulder
PHS - Pointy Haired Stupidvisor
PIAPS - Pig In A Pant Suit
PIAS - Play It Again Sam
PIAV - Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values
PIBKAC - Problem is between keyboard and chair
PIBTC - Prevention is better than cure
PIC - Picture
PICNIC - Problem In Chair, Not In Computer
PIF - Paid In Full
PIMB - Pain in my butt
PIMBY - Please In My Back Yard
PIMF - Pairs in Metal Foil
PIMFY - Please In My Front Yard
PIMP - Peeing In My Pants
PIMPL - Peeing In My Pants Laughing
PIN - Person In Need
PINO - President In Name Only
PIO - Pass it on
PIOG - Posted in other groups
PIP - Peeing in pants
PIR - People in room
PISS - Put in some sugar
PITA - Pain in the Ass
PITBY - Put It in Their Back Yard
PITMEMBOAM - Peace In The Middle East My Brother Of Another Mot
PJDWYS - Personal joke, don't worry yourself
PK - Public kiss
PKB - Pot Kettle Black
PKOL - Passionate Kiss On the Lips
PL - Punch line
PL& - Planned
PL0X - Please
PL8 - Plate
PLBKAC - Problem Lies Between Keyboard And Chair
PLC - Place
PLD - Played
PLEB - from the fancy word Plebians who were the roman lo
PLJ - Peace, love, joy
PLMK - Please Let Me Know
PLMKO - Please Let Me Know Ok
PLOKTA - Press Lots Of Keys To Abort
PLOX - Please
PLS - Please
PLU - Price look-up
PLUR - Peace Love Unity And Respect
PLZ - please
PLZRD - Please read
PLZTLME - Please tell me
PM - Personal Message
PMA - positive mental attitude
PMBI - Pardon My Butting In
PMBT - Past My Bed Time
PMF - Pure Freaking Magic
PMFBI - Pardon Me For Butting In
PMFBR - Pardon Me For Being Rude
PMFI - Problem Magically Fixed Itself
PMFJI - Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMFJIB - Pardon me for jumping in but
PMFJIH - Pardon Me For Jumping In Here
PMFSI - Pardon Me For Saying It
PMH - Pre-Menstrual Horniness; a term commonly used by w
PMIGBOM - Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth
PMJI - Pardon My Jumping In
PML - Pissing Myself Laughing
PMP - Peeing My Pants
PMPL - Piss my pants laughing
PMPO - Peak Music Power Output
PMS - Pre Menstrual Stress
PMSFL - Practical Money Skills for Life
PMSL - Pissing Myself Laughing
PMUOTF - Pick Me Up Off The Floor
PMWOF - Putting more wood on the fire
PMYMHMMFS - Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone
PNAMBIC - Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
PNATMBC - Pay No Attention To Man Behind the Curtain
PNCAH - Please, No Cursing Allowed Here
PND - Possibly Not Definitely
PNFO - Probably Not For the Office
PNP - Party and Play
PNSFW - Probably Not Safe For Work
PO - piss off
POAHF - Put On A Happy Face
POAK - Passed Out At Keyboard
POC - Point of Contact
POED - Pissed off
POJ - Piece Of Junk
POM - Phase Of the Moon
POMS - Peace out my sucka
PONA - Person Of No Account
POOF - I have left the chat
POS - Power of suggestion
POSBL - Possible
POSC - Piece Of Shit Computer
POSSLQ - Persons of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarter
POTB - Pat on the back
POTC - Pirates of the Caribbean
POTO - Phantom of the Opera
POTS - Pretty Old Tired Stuff
POTUS - Piece of totally useless shit..
POTW - Project Of The Week
POV - Point of view
POW - Problem Older Woman
PP - People
PPDA - Parents pacing de area
PPL - people
PPLE - people
PPTM - Please Tell Me More
PPU - Pending pick-up
PPV - Pay-Per-View
PRL - Parents are listening
PROLLY - Probably
PRONUNCIATION 1 0 1 - Defintion (101) Referring too 2 people You & I
PROPS - Proper Respect
PRT - Please Retweet
PRVT - Private
PRW - Parents Are Watching
PS - Permanent/Principal Secretary
PSA - Public Show Of Affection
PSB - Pretty Stupid Boy
PSG - Pretty Stupid Girl
PSITA - Persons skilled in the art
PSO - Product Superior to Operator
PSOG - Pure stroke of genius
PSOS - Parent standing over shoulder
PSP - PlayStation Portable
PST - Please Send Tell
PTB - Powers That Be
PTH - Prime Tanning Hours
PTHC - Pre Teen Hard Core
PTIYPASI - Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It
PTKFGS - Punch The Keys For God's Sake
PTL - Praise the Lord
PTL&PTA - Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition
PTM - Please Tell Me
PTMM - Please Tell Me More
PTMY - Pleased To Meet You
PTMYA - Pleased To Make Your Acquaintance
PTO - Power Take Off Unit
PTP - Pardon The Pun
PTPOP - Pat The Pissed Off Primate
PTSB - Pass the sick bucket
PTTF - Peace To The Family
PTUM - Please Tell Us More
PU - that stinks
PUA - Pick Up Artist
PUASU - Put Up and Shut Up
PUC - Pants up crack
PUG - Pick Up Group
PUKS - Pick up the kids
PUNTS - People of Utterly No Tactical Significance
PUSIMP - Put yourself in my position
PV - Private viewing
PVC - Player versus computer
PVE - Player versus Environment
PVP - Player versus Player
PVT - Private
PW - Persistent World
PWBS - Please Write Back Soon
PWDUCS - People Who Don't Use Computers
PWLIGHSTS - People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw st
PWN - Own
PWN2OWN - Own to Own Contest
PWN3D - Owned
PWND - Owned
PWNT - Owned
PWOF - Putting wood on the fire
PWP - parents without partners
PWPF - Pulse-Width, Pulse-Frequency
PWS - Please Write Soon
PWT - Poor White Trash
PX - PX is a common acronym and abbreviation for many t
PXT - Please Explain That
PYHOOYA - Pull your head out of your ass
PYM - Problem Younger Man
PYR - Per Your Request
PYS - Pack Your Stuff
PYSIMP - Put yourself in my place
PYT - Prove Yourself True
PYW - Problem Younger Woman
Q - Smoking
Q&A - Question and Answer
Q/A - Question and Answer
Q2C - Quick To Cum
Q4U - Question For You
Q8 - Kuwait
QANTAS - Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service
QB - Quarter Back
QD - Quiet down
QED - Quite Easily Done
QFE - Question for everyone
QFI - Quoted for irony
QFMT - Quoted For More Truth
QFP - Quoted For Posterity
QFT - Quoted For Truth
QI - Quite Interesting
QK - Ninja
QL - Quit Laughing
QLD - Queensland
QLS - Reply
QMWIH - Quick my wife is home
QNA - Question and Answer
QNO - Quiet Night Out
QOD - used to reference "God" without using the lords na
QOL - Quality Of Life
QOS - Quantam Of Solace
QOTD - Quote of the Day
QOTSA - Queens Of The Stone Age (Band)
QP - Quarter Pound (of weed)
QPSA - Que Pasa
QQ - Crying more
QQ4U - Quick Question For You
QQN - Looking
QR - Queer
QRACKLING - fun, cool, happening
QS - Quick Scope
QSL - Confirmed
QT - Cutie
QTPI - Cutie Pie
QTR - Quarter
QTS - Cuties
QTY - Quantity
QUACK - Doctor
QUE - What?
QURL - Girl
QVC - Quality Value Convenience (shopping channel)
QWP - Quit Whining, Please
QYB - Quit Your Bitching
R - Are
R U THERE? - Are you there
R&B - Rhythm And Blues
R&D - Research & Development
R&R - Rest & Relaxation
R-BOMB - this is just for blackberry users, and since every
R-TARD - retard
R.I.P. - rest in peace
R0X0RZ - rocks
R2F - Ready To f**k
R5 - Region 5 (DVD region)
R8 - Rate
R8P - rape
R8PIST - rapist
R8T - rate
RA2 - red alert 2 (game)
RA3 - Red Alert 3 (game)
RABBIT - A type of vibrator; a small fluffy mammal also kno
RAC - Rock Against Communism
RACHET - Crazy, nasty
RACKS - Money (in thousands)
RAD - Radical, cool
RADAR - Radio Detection And Ranging
RAEBNC - Read And Enjoyed, But No Comment
RAFO - Research & Find Out
RAGE - Party very hard, get wasted
RAGO - Whatever, OK
RAH - Pompous or superior person
RAIL - Line of cocaine
RAILS - Lines of cocaine
RAINCHECK - Postponement
RAK - Random Act of Kindness
RAM - Random Access Memory
RANDOM - Unexpected, unpredictable
RANGA - Redhead (derogatory)
RANK - Disgusting, gross
RAOFLMAO - rolling around on floor laughing my a** off
RAOK - Random Act Of Kindness
RAP - Music genre
RAPID - Cool, excellent
RAPPER - Urban poet
RAR - File compression type
RAS - Remote Access Server
RASTA - Rastafarian
RAT - Remotely Activated Trojan
RATCHET - Undesirable, coarse woman
RATM - Rage Against the Machine (band)
RATS - Damn
RAVE - A Large Dance Party
RAWK - Rock
RAWKS - rocks
RAWL - Roll Around While Laughing
RAWR - Right Answer, Wrong Reason
RB - Reply By
RB@U - right back at you
RB@YA - Right Back at Ya
RBAU - Right Back At You
RBAY - Right Back At You
RBG - Revolutionary But Gangsta
RBL - Raltime Blackhole List
RBM - right behind me
RBS - Really Big Screen
RBTL - Read Between The Lines
RBTY - right back to you
RBV - Red Bull and Vodka
RBY - Red, Blue, Yellow
RC - Remote Control
RCH - A very small unit of measurement
RCI - Rectal Cranial Inversion
RCKS - Rocks
RCON - Remote Console
RCSA - right click save as
RCT - Roller Coster Tycoon
RCVD - Received
RD - Real Deal
RDC - Really Don't Care
RDF - Real deal feeling
RDJ - Robert Downey Jr.
RDM - Random Death Match
RDNK - Redneck
RDO - Regular Day Off
RDR - Red Dead Redemption (Game)
RDRR - Har-de-har-har
RDV - Rendez-Vous
RDWHAHB - Relax, Don't Worry, Have A Home Brew
RDY - Ready
RE - Hello again
RE-GIFT - Pass an unwanted gift on to someone else
RE/REHI - hello again
REACH - to attend (to go)
REC - Recreation (ground)
REDBONE - Light skinned colored person
REDNECK - Unsophisticated rural person from Southeast USA
REDONCULOUS - Ridiculous
REEFER - Marijuana
REEM - Gorgeous, sexy, nice
REF - Refugee
REFL - rolling on the floor laughing
REG - Regular
REGGIE - Regular weed
REHI - Hello Again
REID - Revenue Expenses Income Summary Drawing
RELE - really
RELLIES - A word commonly used by BLOODS in regards to a fam
RENIGGA - Someone who backs out of an agreement.
RENIGGER - Someone who goes back on their word. A person who
RENTS - Parents
RENTZ - parents
REP - to represent
REPPIN - representing
RES - Resin
RESH - Depressing
RESQ - Rescue
RESTECPA - Respect (Ali G)
RETRO - Old fashioned style
RETROTEXTUAL - One who is using out of date words and abbreviatio
REXMAN - Relax And Enjoy and read the MANual
REZ - Indian reservation
RFC - Request For Comment
RFD - Request For Discussion
RFF - really f**king funny
RFI - Request For Information
RFID - Radio Frequency Identification
RFL - Ready For Lunch
RFLMAO - rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
RFMF - Read the Fucking Manual First
RFN - right f**king now
RFP - Request for Proposal
RFQ - Request For Quotation
RFR - Really fucking rich
RFRB - Run Fast Run Beautiful
RFS - Refuse
RFT - Request For Thinking
RFTS - Reach For The Stars
RFYL - Run For Your Life
RGB - Red, Green, Blue
RGD - Regard
RGDS - Regards
RGR - Roger
RH - Road Head
RHCP - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Band)
RHD - Right Hand Drive
RHE - Rolls His/Her Eyes
RHGIR - really hot guy in room
RHI - Rumour Has It
RHINO - Older man looking for a younger woman
RHIP - Rank Has Its Privileges
RHPS - Rocky Horror Picture Show
RHRN - Right here right now
RHS - Right Hand Side
RI - Romantic interest
RIB - Make fun of
RICE - Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements
RICK ROLL - Trick someone with a link to Rick Astley video
RICL - rolling in chair laughing
RIDIC - Ridiculous
RIF - Reduction In Force
RIFK - rolling on the floor laughing
RIFRAF - Common people, trailer trash
RIH - Rot In Hell
RIHAD - Rot In Hell And Die
RINGTONE - Sound a cell phone makes when receiving a call
RINO - Republican In Name Only
RIP - Rest In Peace
RIQHT - Not Defined
RIS - Received In Swap
RITE - right
RITJIVE - non virgin
RIYL - Recommended If You Like
RJCT - reject
RKBA - Right to Keep and Bear Arms
RL - Real Life
RLAB - Roll Like A Buffalo
RLBF - Real Life Boy Friend
RLCO - Real Life COnference
RLF - Real Life Friend
RLG - really loud giggle
RLGF - Real Life Girl Friend
RLLY - really
RLN - real life name
RLTW - Rangers Lead The Way
RLY - Really
RLZ - Rules
RLZE - realize
RM - Remake
RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization
RMB - Ring My Bell
RME - Rolling My Eyes
RML - Read My Lips
RMLB - Read My Lips Baby
RMMA - Reading My Mind Again
RMMM - Read My Mail Man
RMR - Remember
RMS - Ride Me Sideways
RMSO - Rock My socks off
RMT - Real-Money Trading
RMV - Results May Vary
RMW - Read, Modify, Write
RN - Right now
RNA - Ribonucleic Acid
RNB - Rhythm And Blues
RNG - Random Number Generator
RNN - Reply Not Necessary
RNR - Rock 'N Roll
RNT - Aren't
RO - rock out
ROAR - Right Of Admission Reserved
ROBL - Rolling on back laughing
ROCE - Return on Capital Employed
ROCKBAND - Music video game
ROCKIN - Awesome
ROCKR - rocker
ROCKS - Crack cocaine
RODGER - affirmative
ROE - Rules Of Engagement
ROF - Rolling on floor
ROFALOL - roll on the floor and laugh out loud
ROFC - Rolling On Floor Crying
ROFFLE - rolling on the floor laughing
ROFFLE OUT LOUD - rolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROFFLECAKE - rolling on the floor laughing
ROFFLECOPTERS - rolling on the floor with laughter
ROFFLEOL - rolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROFFLES - rolling on floor laughing
ROFFLMFAO - rolling on the floor laughing my f**king a**
ROFFNAR - Rolling On the Floor For No Apparent Reason
ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFL&PMP - rolling on floor laughing and peeing my pants
ROFLAHMS - Rolling on the Floor Laughing and Holding my Side
ROFLAHMSL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing And Holding My Sides
ROFLAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing Ass Off
ROFLAPMP - ROFL And Peeing My Pants
ROFLASC - Rolling On the Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat
ROFLASTC - Rolling On Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat
ROFLCOPTER - Rolling on floor laughing and spinning around
ROFLCOPTERS - rolling on the floor laughing, VERY funny.
ROFLGO - Rolling On Floor Laughing Guts Out
ROFLKAS - Rolling On Floor Laughing, Kicking And Screaming
ROFLKMD - rolling on the floor laughing kicking my dog
ROFLLH - rolling on the floor laughing like hell
ROFLMAO - rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
ROFLMAOAPIMP - rolling on the floor laughing my a** off and peein
ROFLMAOBT - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Arse Off Big Time
ROFLMAOOL - Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off out loud
ROFLMAOPIMP - Rolling on floor,laughing my ass off, pissing in m
ROFLMAOPMP - rolling on floor laughing my arse off peeing my pa
ROFLMAOQWERTY - Rolling on floor laughing my ass off at the keyboa
ROFLMAOUTS - Rolling on floor laughing my f**king a** off unabl
ROFLMAOWEC - Rolling on floor laughing my ass off while eating
ROFLMAOWPIMP - rolling on floor laughing my a** off while peeing
ROFLMBFAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Big Fat a** Off
ROFLMBO - rolling on floor laughing my butt off
ROFLMBWAO - Rolling on floor laughing my big white ass off
ROFLMFAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My F***ing A** Off
ROFLMFAOPIMP - rolling on the floor laughing my f**king a** off p
ROFLMFAOPMP - rolling on flor laughing my f**king a** of peeing
ROFLMGAO - rolling on the floor laughing my gay a** off
ROFLMGDAO - rolling on the floor laughing my god d**n a** off
ROFLMGDMFAO - roling on floor laughing my god d**n mother f**kin
ROFLMGO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Guts Out
ROFLMHO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Head Off
ROFLMIAHA - Rolling on the floor laughing myself into a heart
ROFLMMFAO - rolling on the floor laughing my mother f**king a*
ROFLMRO - Rolling on the floor laughing my rear off
ROFLMYAO - Rolling on the floor Laughing my arse off
ROFLOL - rolling on floor laughing out loud
ROFLOLBAG - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud Busting A G
ROFLOLVH - Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud Very Hard
ROFLPIMP - rolling on the floor laughing pissing in my pants
ROFLPIP - Rolling on the floor laughing, wetting my pants
ROFLPMP - rolling on the floor laughing peeing my pants
ROFLTRABTD - Rolling on floor laughing, thinking Republicans ar
ROFLUSA - Rolling on floor laughing until sides ache
ROFLUTS - Rolling On Floor Laughing Unable To Speak
ROFLWPIMP - Rolling On Floor Laughing Whilst Peeing In My Pant
ROFLWTIME - Rolling on the Floor laughing with tears in my eye
ROFPML - Roll On Floor Pissing Myself Laughing
ROFTL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROFTTPOF - Rolling On the Floor Trying To Put Out Flames
ROFUTS - Rolling On Floor Unable To Speak
ROFWL - Roll on floor with laughter
ROG - Really Old Git
ROGER - affirmative
ROGER THAT - I Understand, OK
ROGL - rolling on ground laughing
ROGLMAO - Rolling on ground laughing my ass off
ROGLMFAO - rolling on ground laughing my f**king a** off
ROGLOL - Rolling On The Ground Laughing Out Loud
ROH - Ring of Honor (wrestling)
ROI - Return on Investment
ROIDS - steroids
ROIO - Recording Of Illegal Origin
ROJ - affirmative
ROL - rolling over laugihng
ROLF - Rolling on laughing floor
ROLFLUTS - Rolling on the floor laughing, unable to speak
ROLFMCO - Rolling On floor Laughing My Clothes Off
ROLL - Experience the effects of Ecstasy
ROLLED - Robbed, beaten
ROLLIN - High on drugs
ROLMAO - Rolling Over Laughing My a** Off
ROLMFAO - rolling over laughing my f**king a** off
ROM - Read-Only Memory
ROM COM - Romantic Comedy
ROMA - Right Outta My Ass
ROMBL - rolled off my bed laughing
ROMEOS - Retired Old Men Eating Out
RONG - wrong
ROO - a typical Australian slang term for a Kangaroo; al
ROOFLES - rolling on the floor laughing
ROOTS - Type of Reggae music
ROR - Raffing out roud
ROS - Right On Schedule
ROSES - Money
ROT - rule of thumb
ROTBA - Reality On The Blink Again
ROTC - Reserve Officer Training Corps
ROTF - Rolling On The Floor
ROTFALOL - roll on the floor and laugh out loud
ROTFFL - roll on the f**king floor laughing
ROTFFLMAO - rolling on the f**king floor laughing my a** off
ROTFFLMFAO - rolling on the f**king floor laughing my f**king a
ROTFFNAR - Rolling On The Floor For No Apparent Reason
ROTFHMS - Rolling On The Floor Holding My Stomach
ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLAHMS - Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Holding My Side
ROTFLAO - Rolling on the floor laughing <my> ass off
ROTFLAS - Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Snorting
ROTFLAVIAB - rolling on the floor laughing and vomiting in a bu
ROTFLBTC - Rolling On The Floor Laughing and Biting The Carpe
ROTFLH - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Hard
ROTFLMAAOBPO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass And Other Bod
ROTFLMAO - rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
ROTFLMAOFAKTD - Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off farted an
ROTFLMAOOL - rolling on the floor laughing my a** off out loud
ROTFLMAOSTC - rolling on the floor laughing my a** off scaring t
ROTFLMAOTID - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off Till I Di
ROTFLMAOWPIMP - Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off while pee
ROTFLMBO - rolling on the floor laughing my butt off
ROTFLMFAO - rolling on the floor laughing my f**king a** off
ROTFLMFAOPIMP - rolling on the floor laughing my f**king a** off p
ROTFLMFAOPMP - rolling on the floor laughing my a** off pissin my
ROTFLMFHO - rolling on the floor laughing my f**king head off
ROTFLMHO - rolling on the floor laughing my head off
ROTFLMMFAO - rolling on the floor laughing my mother f**king a*
ROTFLMTO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Tail Off
ROTFLOL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTFLSHISMC - Rolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard I Spilt My C
ROTFLSTC - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Scaring The Cat
ROTFLTIC - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Till I Cry
ROTFLUTS - Rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak
ROTFLWTIME - Rolling On The Floor Laughing With Tears In My Eye
ROTFPIMP - rolling on the floor peeing in my pants
ROTFPM - rolling on the floor pissing myself
ROTFPMFL - Rolling on the floor pissing my self laughing
ROTFPML - Rolling on the floor pissing myself laughing
ROTFPMPL - Rolling on the floor pissing my pants laughing
ROTFSTCLMAAOBPO - Rolling On The Floor Scaring The Cat Laughing My A
ROTFUTS - Rolling on the floor, Unable to speak
ROTFWLMAO - rolling on the floor while laughing my a** off
ROTG - rolling on the ground
ROTGCMSLMAO - Rolling on the ground clutching my sides laughing
ROTGL - roll on the ground laughing
ROTGLMAO - rolling on the ground laughing my a** off
ROTK - Return of the King (Tolkien)
ROTM - Right On The Money
ROTS - Right on the spot
ROTW - rest of the world
ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle
ROW - Rest Of the World
ROWYCO - rock out with your c**k out
ROX - Rocks
ROXOR - rock
ROXORZ - Rocks
ROXXOR - rock
ROY - Relative of yours?
ROYGBIV - Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
ROZZERS - Police
RP - Rich People
RPC - Role Playing Chat
RPF - Real Person Fiction
RPG - role playing game
RPITA - royal pain in the a**
RPLBK - reply back
RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
RPO - royally pissed off
RPS - Rock Paper Scissors (game)
RQ - Random Questions (Livejournal community)
RQL - Are cool
RR - Reply Required
RRB - restroom break
RRD - Rick Rolled
RRFABL - Red Roses for a Blue Lady
RROD - Red Ring Of Death On Xbox 360
RRP - Recommended Retail Price
RRQ - Return Receipt Request
RRR - haR haR haR
RSA - An encryption algorithm
RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury
RSN - Real Soon Now
RSP - respawn
RSPB - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
RSPCA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ani
RSPCT - respect
RSPS - Runescape Private Server
RSVP - Repondez s'il vous plait (Please reply)
RT - Retweet
RTA - read the article
RTARD - retard
RTB - Return To Base
RTBM - Read The Bloody Manual
RTBQ - Read The Blinking Question
RTBS - Reason To Be Single
RTD - Ready To Drink
RTDM - Read The Damn Manual
RTE - National broadcaster in Ireland
RTF - read the FAQ
RTFA - read the f**king article
RTFAQ - Read The FAQ
RTFB - Read The Fucking Book
RTFC - Read The Fucking Card
RTFD - Read The F***ing Description
RTFF - Read The Fucking FAQ
RTFFAQ - Read The Fucking FAQ
RTFFP - Read the f**king front page
RTFI - Read The Flipping Instructions
RTFM - read the f**king manual
RTFMA - Read The Fucking Manual, Asshole
RTFMFM - read the f**king manual f**king moron
RTFMM - read the f**king manual moron
RTFMS - Read The f**king Manual Stupid
RTFN - Read The Fucking News
RTFP - read the f**king post
RTFQ - Read The f**king Question
RTFS - read the f**king summary
RTFU - Ready the f**k up
RTFW - Read The Fucking Wiki
RTG - Ready To Go
RTGDM - Read the GOD Damned Manual
RTH - Release The Hounds
RTHX - Thank you for the Retweet
RTI - Real-Time Interruption
RTID - Real Time Identification
RTK - Return To Keyboard
RTL - report the loss
RTLW - Rangers lead the way
RTM - Read The Manual
RTMF - Read the manual first
RTMS - Read the manual, stupid
RTO - Radio Telephone Operator
RTOL - Real-time on line
RTOS - Realtime Operating system
RTR - Read the Rules
RTRY - retry
RTS - Real Time Strategy
RTSM - read the stupid manual
RTT - Round Trip Time
RTTSD - Right Thing To Say Dude
RTV - Return to Vendor
RTW - Return to Work
RTWFQ - Read The Whole Fucking Question
RU - are you
RU/18 - Are You Over 18
RU18 - are you 18
RUA - are you alone
RUABOG - are you a boy or girl
RUAGOAB - are you a girl or a boy
RUAL - Are you alone later
RUB - Are you back
RUBZ2NT - are you busy tonight
RUC - Road User Charge
RUCA - Girlfriend
RUCB - Are you coming back
RUCMNG - Are you coming
RUFKM - are you f**king kidding me
RUFR - Are you for real
RUGAY - are you gay
RUGGER - Rugby
RUGTA - are you going to answer
RUH - Are You Horny
RUH ROH - Uh Oh, Scooby Doo style
RUIM - Removable user identiy module
RUJ - Are You Jealous
RUK - are you ok?
RUKM - are you kidding me
RUM - Are You Married
RUMBLE - Brawl, fight
RUMCYMHMD - Are You on Medication Cause You Must Have Missed a
RUMF - Are you male or female
RUMORF - Are You Male OR Female
RUN - Are you in
RUNTS - Are You Nuts
RUO - Weak (Chinese)
RUOK - Are You OK
RUP - Restricted Use Pesticide
RUR - are you ready
RUS - Are You Serious?
RUSOS - Are you stupid or something
RUT - Are You There
RUUP4IT - Are You Up For It
RUWM - are you watching me
RV - Recreational Vehicle
RVB - Red Versus Blue (popular web-series)
RW - Read-Write
RWB - Rich White b***h
RWBIAD - Rome wasn't built in a day
RWD - Rear Wheel Drive
RWL - Roaring With Laughter
RWNJ - Right Wing Nut Job
RWP - Random Wall Post
RWYS - Reap What You Sow
RX - Prescription
RYB - Read your Bible
RYC - Regarding Your Comment
RYFM - Read Your Friendly Manual
RYFS - Are you fucking serious
RYO - Roll Your Own
RYS - Read Your Screen
RYT - right
RYTE - right
S - Yes
S&D - Search and Destroy
S&E - Sausage and Egg
S&M - Sadism and Masochism
S&P - Salt and Pepper
S'OK - it's okay
S'POSE - suppose
S'UP - what is up
S,ITWB - Sorry, in the wrong box
S.I.N.G.L.E - Stay intoxicated nightly, get laid everyday.
S.I.T. - stay in touch
S.O.A.B. - son of a b***h
S.O.B. - son of a b***h
S.W.A.K. - sealed with a kiss
S/ - Substitute first word with second
S/A - Sex/Age
S/B - Should Be
S/N - Serial Number
S/T - Self Titled
S2 - Love (heart shape)
S2A - sent to all
S2BU - Sucks to be you
S2R - Send To Receive
S2S - sucks to suck
S2U - Same To You
S2US - Speak to you soon
S3X - Sex.
S4L - Single For Life
S4S - Support For Support (MySpace)
S4SE - Sight For Sore Eyes
S8TER - skater
SA - Sibling Alert
SAB - slap a b***h
SAC - Sorry All Close
SACK - Bed
SACK A DECK - Not Defined
SACK HER DECK - Not Defined
SACK MY DECK - Not Defined
SACK THE DECK - Not Defined
SADAD - Suck A Dick And Die
SADDLE - Not Defined
SAE - Stamped/Self Addressed Envelope
SAF - Single Asian Female
SAG - Screen Actors Guild
SAGN - Spelling and Grammar Nazi
SAH - sexy as hell
SAHD - Stay at home dad
SAHH - Stay At Home Husband
SAHM - stay at home mom
SAIA - Stupid Asses In Action
SAL - Such a laugh
SALAB - Stop acting like a baby
SAMZD - Still amazed
SAPFU - Surpassing All Previous Foul Ups
SAS - Smiling, Always Smiling
SASE - self-addressed stamped envelope
SAT - Sorry about that
SATC - Sex And The City
SAU - Same As Usual
SB - Smile Back
SBB - Stupid Beyond Belief
SBC - sorry bout caps
SBCG4AP - strongbads cool game for attractive people
SBCN - Sitting Behind the Computer, Naked
SBD - Silent But Deadly
SBF - Single Black Female
SBH - Straight Black Hair
SBI - Sorry aBout It
SBID - Sometime Before I Die
SBLAI - stop babbaling like an idiot
SBM - Single Black Male
SBRD - so bored
SBS - such bull s**t
SBT - sorry bout that
SBTA - Sorry, Being Thick Again
SBTM - Should be there momentarily
SBUG - Small Bald Unaudacious Goal
SC - Snap chat
SCLM - So Called Liberal Media
SCNR - Sorry, Could Not Resist
SCOOL - school
SCRILLA - money
SCRT - secret
SCSI - System Can't See It
SCULLY - a young street girl usually teenager or early 20's
SCURRED - scared
SD - Sad
SDF - So Dang Funny
SDF^ - shut da f**k up
SDGI - She Doesn't Get It
SDIHTT - SomeDay I'll Have The Time
SDK - Software Developers Kit
SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle
SDMB - Sweet dreams, my baby
SEAL - Slaying everyone and laughing
SEC - second
SECKS - sex
SECKSY - sexy
SED - said
SEG - s**t Eatin Grin
SEKS - sex
SELFIE - a picture of yourself, usually taken on a cell pho
SELLIN - selling
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SEP - Someone Else's Problem
SERP - Search Engine Results Page
SETE - Smiling Ear-to-Ear
SEWAG - Scientifically Engineered Wild Ass Guess
SEXC - sexy
SEXE - sexy
SEXI - Sexy
SEXII - sexy
SEXX0RZ - sex
SEZ - says
SF - Surfer Friendly
SFAIAA - So Far As I Am Aware
SFAICR - So Far As I Can Recall
SFAIK - So Far As I Know
SFAM - Sister from another mother
SFB - Shit for brains
SFE - safe
SFETE - Smiling From Ear To Ear
SFF - So fucking funny
SFH - So f**king Hot
SFIPMP - so funny I peed my pants
SFLA - Stupid Four Letter Acronym
SFM - so f**king much
SFMJI - Sorry For My Jumping In
SFP - Small Form-factor Pluggable
SFR - so f**king random
SFS - So f****ing sexy
SFSG - So Far So Good
SFT - Sorry For That
SFTTM - Stop Fucking Talking To Me
SFU - shut the f**k up
SFW - safe for work
SFWUZ - safe for work until zoomed
SFX - Stage Effects
SFY - Speak for yourself
SG - so good
SGB - straight/gay/bisexual
SGBADQ - Search google before asking dumb questions
SGI - Still got it
SGTM - slightly gigling to myself
SGWM - Single Gay White Male
SH - s**t happens
SHAG - f**k
SHAWTY - girl
SHB - Should Have Been
SHCOON - Shoot hot coffee out of nose
SHD - should
SHEMALE - i am ali Islamabad/Rawalpindiand want to sex and e
SHEXI - sexy
SHEXY - sexy
SHIAT - s**t
SHID - Slapping head in disgust
SHIET - s**t
SHITE - s**t
SHIZ - s**t
SHIZIT - s**t
SHIZNAT - s**t
SHIZNIT - In reality, the word shiznit has absolutely nothin
SHIZZ - s**t
SHIZZLE - s**t
SHLD - should
SHLH - Sitting Here Laughing Hysterically
SHMEXY - sexy
SHMILY - see how much i love you
SHO - sure
SHO'NUFF - sure enough
SHOWIN - showing
SHRN - "So/super high right now." Normally said when the
SHT - s**t
SHTF - s**t hits the fan
SHTR - See How They Run
SHTSI - Somebody Had To Say It
SHUD - should
SHUP - shut up
SHURE - sure
SHUT^ - shut Up
SHWR - shower
SHYAT - s**t
SHYT - s**t
SH^ - Shut up
SIA - Someone is around
SIAO - school is almost over
SIBIR - sibling in room
SIC - said in context
SICL - Sitting In Chair Laughing
SICNR - Sorry, I could not resist
SICS - Sitting In Chair Snickering
SIDH - Sorry I didn't help
SIDU - Sorry I Don't Understand
SIF - as if
SIFM - Yes i have ham
SIFN'T - as if not
SIG - Signature
SIG2R - Sorry, I Got To Run
SIGGY - Signature
SII - Seriously Impaired Imagination
SIIK - Stuffed If I Know
SIL - Sister-in-law
SILF - Sister I'd Like To f**k
SIMCL - sitting in my chair laughing
SIMCLMAO - sitting in my chair laughing my a** off
SIMM - SIMM stands for Single In-line Memory Module as op
SIMMS - Single Inline Memory Modules
SIMYC - Sorry I missed your call
SINBAD - Single income, no boyfriend, absolutely desperate
SINK - Single Income No Kids
SIOL - Shout It Out Loud
SIP - Skiing In Powder
SIR - Strike it rich
SIS - sister
SIS,SIG - Speech is silver, silence is golden
SISTA - Sister
SIT - Stay In Touch
SITB - sex in the but
SITCOMS - Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage
SITD - Still In The Dark
SITE - Not Defined
SITMF - say it to my face
SIU - suck it up
SIUL8R - See you later
SIUP - Suck It Up Pussy
SIUYA - Shove It Up Your Ass
SJF - Single Jewish Female
SJM - Single Jewish Male
SK - Shit kickers: boots worn to the barn.
SK8 - Skate
SK8ER - skater
SK8ING - Skating
SK8NG - Skating
SK8R - Skater
SK8RBOI - Skater Boy
SK8TER - skater
SK8TR - skater
SKED - schedule
SKEET - ejaculate
SKEWL - school
SKHOOL - school
SKILLZ - skills
SKL - School
SKOOL - school
SKOUL - school
SKTDH - Stop Kicking That Dead Horse
SKTR - skater
SKUX - Means awesome
SKWL - school
SL4N - so long for now
SLANG - commonly used terms and phrases in language that m
SLAP - sounds like a plan
SLAW - Sounds Like A Winner
SLAY - Work it
SLEEPIN - sleeping
SLEEPN - sleeping
SLF - sexy little f**k
SLFN - So Long Far Now
SLGB - Straight/Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual
SLIRK - Smart Little Rich Kid
SLM - Socially limiting maneuver
SLNG - slang
SLO - slow
SLOM - Sticking Leeches On Myself
SLORE - s**tty w***e
SLOS - someone looking over shoulder
SLP - sleep
SLR - Single Lens Reflex
SLT - Something Like That
SLY - Still love you
SL^T - s**t
SM - Senior Moment
SM1 - someone
SMAIM - Send Me An Instant Message
SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding
SMB - see my blog
SMBD - suck my big d**k
SMBT - Suck my big toe
SMC - suck my c**k
SMD - suck my d**k
SMDB - suck my d**k b***h
SMDH - Shaking my dick head
SMDVQ - suck my d**k quickly
SME - Subject Matter Expert
SMEG - f**k
SMEM - Send Me E-Mail
SMEXY - sexy
SMF - So much fun
SMFD - suck my f**king d**k
SMFPOS - stupid mother f**king piece of s**t
SMG - Sub-machine Gun!
SMH - "shakes my head"
SMHB - suck my hairy balls
SMHID - Scratching my head in disbelief
SMHO - Screaming My Head Off
SMIM - Send Me an Instant Message
SMITHWAWS - Smack me in the head with a wooden spoon
SML - So much love
SMMWO - Shut My Mouth Wide Open
SMO - Many (maybe 60) years ago, there was a small white
SMOFF - Serious Mode OFF
SMOFO - stupid mother f**ker
SMOP - Small Matter of Programming
SMS - Not Defined
SMST - somebody missed snack time
SMT - suck my tits
SMTHIN - something
SMTHNG - something
SMTM - show me the money
SMTO - Staat voor SodeMieterTochOp
SMTOAY - Sticking my tongue out at you
SN - screen name
SNAFU - situation normal all f**ked up
SNAFUBAR - Situation Normal All f**ked Up Beyond Any Recognit
SNAG - Sensitive New Age Guy
SNERT - Snotty Nosed Egotistical Rotten Teenager
SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
SNEW - what's new
SNF - so not fair
SNL - Saturday Night Live
SNM - say no more
SNMP - So not my problem
SNOG - kiss
SNOGGED - kissed
SO - significant other
SO8 - Sweet
SOA - service oriented architecture
SOAB - Son of a Bitch
SOAD - system of a down
SOAFB - son of a f**king b***h
SOAG - Son Of A Gun
SOB - son of a b***h
SOBS - same, old, boring s**t
SOBT - Stressed Out Big Time
SOC - Same old crap
SOD - Stupidity of the Day
SOE - service oriented enterprise
SOF - smile on face
SOFAS - stepping out for a smoke
SOFS - same old f**king s**t
SOG - Son Of a Gun
SOGOP - Shit Or Get Off the Pot
SOH - sense of humor
SOHB - Sense Of Humour Bypass
SOHF - Sensing Humor Failure
SOI - Self Owning Idiot
SOIAR - Sit On It And Rotate
SOK - It's OK
SOKAY - it's okay
SOL - s**t outta luck
SOM'M - something
SOM1 - someone
SOMADN - sitting on my a** doing nothing
SOME1 - someone
SOMF - Sat On My Face
SOML - story of my life
SOMY - sick of me yet
SOO - So
SOOBS - saggy boobs
SOOI - Stay out of it
SOOL - s**t out of luck
SOOYA - Snake Out Of Your Ass
SOP - same old place
SORG - Straight or Gay
SORREH - sorry
SORT - Not Defined
SORTA - sort of
SOS - same old s**t
SOSDD - same old s**t, different day
SOSG - spouse over shoulder gone
SOSO - Same Old, Same-Old
SOT - Short On Time
SOTA - State of the Art
SOTC - stupid off topic crap
SOTG - Spirit Of The Game
SOTMG - Short On Time, Must Go
SOTP - Seat Of The Pants
SOTR - sex on the road
SOTW - Spirit of the wild
SOW - Statement of Work
SOWI - sorry
SOWM - Someone with me
SOWWY - sorry
SOYF - Stay on your feet
SOZ - sorry
SP - Spelling
SPAM - Spiced Pork and hAM
SPATHROOM - Spa-like bathroom
SPK - Speak
SPKR - Speaker
SPLOITS - exploits
SPLOITZ - exploits
SPOS - stupid peace of s**t
SPRM - sperm
SPROS - Stop, parents reading over shoulder
SPST - Same place, same time
SPTO - Spoke to
SQ - Square
SQL - Single
SQO - Some Quantity Of
SQTM - snickering quietly to myself
SRCH - search
SRLY - seriously
SRN - Strip right Now
SRO - Standing Room Only
SROUCKS - that's cool, but it still sucks
SRRY - Sorry
SRS - serious
SRSLY - Seriously
SRVIS - Service
SRY - sorry
SRYND2G - sorry need to go
SRZLY - seriously
SS - screenshot
SS4L - smoking sista for life
SSC - Super Sexy Cute
SSDD - same s**t, different day
SSDP - same s**t different pile
SSEWBA - Someday Soon, Everything Will Be Acronyms
SSFD - Solid State Disk
SSI - Subject Says It
SSIA - Subject Says It All
SSID - Service Set Identifier
SSIF - So stupid it's funny
SSINF - So stupid it's not funny
SSL - Secure Socket Layer
SSM - Same-sex marriage
SSOB - stupid sons of b***hes
SSRY - so sorry
SSSD - Same s**t Same Day
ST - Stop That
ST&D - Stop texting and drive
ST1 - stoned
ST2M - Stop talking to me
ST8 - Stage
STAR - Stop, think, act, review
STB - soon to be
STBID - Some Time Before I Die
STBX - soon to be ex
STBY - Sucks To Be You
STD - Seal The Deal
STEAMLOLLER - Laughing. Alot.
STFAGOS - Stuff That For A Game Of Soldiers
STFD - sit the f**k down
STFF - stuff
STFM - search the f**king manual
STFNG - search the f**king news group
STFU - shut the f**k up
STFUA - shut the f**k up already
STFUAH - shut the f**k up a**h**e
STFUB - shut the f**k up b***h
STFUDA - Shut the f**k up dumb a**
STFUGBTW - shut the f**k up and get back to work
STFUN - Shut the f**k up n****r
STFUOGTFO - Shut the f**k up or get the f**k out.
STFUPPERCUT - shut the f**k up
STFUYB - shut the f**k up you b***h
STFUYSOAB - shut the f**k up you son of a b***h
STFW - search the f**king web
STG - swear to god
STH - something
STHING - something
STHU - Shut the heck up
STLSDR - Still too long, still didn't read
STM - smiling to myself
STMS - Sick to my stomach
STMUC - Stop Texting Me You Creep
STO - Sticking Out Tongue
STONER - stoner is a person who does drugs more than often.
STOOPID - stupid
STPD - Stupid
STPPYNOZGTW - Stop Picking Your Nose, Get To Work
STR8 - straight
STR8UP - straight up
STS - so to speak
STSP - Same Time Same Place
STT - Same Time Tomorrow
STTH - Speak to the hand
STUFU - stupid f**ker
STUPD - stupid
STW - Search the Web
STYLL - Styll sounds like "still" but it means you agree o
STYS - Speak To You Soon
SU - Shut Up
SUABQ - shut up and be quiet
SUAC - Shit Up A Creek
SUAFU - Situation unchanged, all fouled up
SUAGOOML - shut up and get out of my life
SUAKM - Shut up and kiss me
SUF - Shut your face
SUFI - Super Finger
SUFID - Screwing Up Face In Disgust
SUIB - shut up im busy
SUITM - See You In The Morning
SUK - suck
SUKA - Sucker
SUKZ - sucks
SUL - see you later
SUM1 - Someone
SUMFIN - Something
SUMMIN - something
SUMONE - someone
SUMTHIN' - Something
SUMTIN - something
SUNOILTY - Shut Up No One Is Listening To You
SUP - What's Up
SUPA - super
SUPPOSABLY - Supposedly
SUS - See You Soon
SUSFU - situation unchanged, still f**ked up
SUSS - To figure something out, often something that was
SUT - see you tomorrow
SUTH - So use to haters
SUTUCT - so you think you can type
SUX - sucks
SUX0RZ - sucks
SUX2BU - sucks to be you
SUXOR - Sucks
SUXORS - sucks
SUXORZ - sucks
SUXX - sucks
SUXXOR - sucks
SUYAH - shut up you a** hole!
SUYF - Shut Up You Fool
SVN - seven
SVS - Someone very special
SVU - special victims unit
SW - so what
SWA - So what ass
SWAFK - sealed with a friendly kiss
SWAG - Means Cool or like she owns the place.
SWAK - Crazy Minded
SWALBCAKWS - Sealed With A Lick Because A Kiss Won't Stick
SWALK - sealed with a loving kiss
SWAS - Said with a smile
SWATK - Sent with a tender kiss
SWCOC - Special Wishes, Comments, Or Corrections
SWDYRTW - Since When Do You Rule The Web
SWDYT - So What Do You Think
SWDYWTTA - So what do you want to talk about
SWF - single white female
SWIM - See What I Mean
SWIS - See What I'm Saying
SWITW - Sexiest Woman In the World
SWL - Screaming with Laughter
SWLABR - She Walks Like a Bearded Rainbow
SWM - Single White Male
SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed
SWMT - Stop Wasting My Time
SWP - sorry wrong person
SWPM - Single White Professional Male
SWRD - Still waters run deep
SWSW2B - single when she wants to be
SWT - sweet
SWTF - seriously, what the f**k
SWU - So What's Up
SWW - Single White Woman
SWYP - So What's Your Problem
SX - sex
SXC - sexy
SXCY - sexy
SXE - straight edge
SXI - sexy
SXS - sex
SXY - sexy
SY - Sincerely Yours
SY2SB - Send you to sin bin
SYATP - see you at the party
SYBDW2BY - See Ya But Don't Want 2 Be Ya
SYDIM - stick your d**k in me
SYDLM - Shut your dirty little mouth
SYFM - shut your f**king mouth
SYH - Shut Your Head
SYIAB - see you in a bit
SYIAF - see you in a few
SYIH - See you in hell
SYITM - See You In The Morning
SYL - See you later
SYL8R - see you later
SYLA - See You Later Alligator
SYM - shut your mouth
SYNDROMING - When you bout to clutch a 1v4 and you fall off the
SYOA - Save Your Own a**
SYOTBF - see you on the battlefield
SYRS - see ya real soon
SYS - See You Soon
SYSOP - system operator
SYT - see you there
SYTYCD - so you think you can dance
SYU - sex you up
SYUTH - Smack You Upside The Head
SYWWBY - See Ya Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya
SYY - Shut your yapper
SZ - sorry
S^ - What's Up
S~! - Salute
T - Side smile
T&C - Terms & Conditions
T-T - Crying
T.T - Crying
T/Y - Thank you
T2M - Talk To Me
T2T - Time To Talk
T2U - Talk to you
T2UL - Talk To You Later
T2UL8ER - Talk to you later
T2UL8R - Talk to you later
T2YL - Talk to you later
T4P - Thanks For Posting
T@YL - Talk At You Later
TA - Thank you
TAB - cigarette, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England Tactical A
TABA - Throw Beer At It
TABYAS - thinking all but you are stupid
TAC - Cannabis resin
TACP - Take A Chill Pill
TAD - Small amount
TADA - Exclamation when something is finished
TADT - They All Do That
TAE - Trial And Error
TAF - That's All, Folks
TAFL - Take a Flying Leap
TAFN - That's All For Now
TAFT - That's A Frightening Thought
TAFU - Things Are Fouled Up
TAH - Take A Hike
TAKS - That's A Knee Slapper
TANF - Temporary Assistance For Needy
TANJ - There Ain't No Justice
TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TAP - Take A Pill
TAPE - Tape Is A Masking Tape or Tape Could Be Like A Mov
TARFU - Things Are Really Fucked Up.
TAS - taking a shower
TAT - This and that
TATWFNM - Time and tide wait for no man
TAU - Thinking about u
TAUS - Thinking about us
TAW - teachers are watching
TAWIS - That Ain't What I Said
TAY - Thinking about you
TAY2 - Thinking about you too
TAYL - Talk at ya later
TB - "throwback"
TBA - To Be Announced
TBAL - To Be Announced Later
TBC - To Be Continued
TBCL - To be continued later
TBD - To be discussed
TBDL - To Be Discussed Later
TBDML - To Be Discussed Much Later
TBE - To Be Expected
TBF - To be frank
TBH - a slang term which refers to and emphasizes one's
TBIF - Total Buy In Factor
TBIOM - Too bad it's only monday
TBL - Text back later
TBLTB - The blind leading the blind
TBNT - Thanks But No Thanks
TBO - To Be Honest
TBR - Means to be real
TBS - To be sure
TBT - Talk By Typing
TBTH - To Be The Hero
TBTSSB - The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
TBW - To begin with
TBWTAMHITHS - The best way to a man's heart is through his stoma
TBY - Teacher behind you
TBYB - Try Before You Buy
TC - That's cool
TC,TAC - Two's company, three's a crowd
TCB - Trouble Came Back
TCBY - Taking Care of Business
TCCIC - Take Care Coz I Care
TCL - Tool Command Language. This is for tecchies when t
TCLC - The Computer Literate Cousins
TCN - Take Care Now
TCO - taken care of
TCOB - Taking care of business
TCOOD - Taking clothes out of dryer
TCOY - Take Care Of Yourself
TCS - Take care sweetheart
TD - Tower defense
TDDUP - Till Death Do Us Part
TDL - To Do List
TDM - Too Darn Many
TDNBW - This Does Not Bode Well
TDTM - Talk Dirty To Me
TDTMN - Teachers Don't Teach Me Nonsense
TDTU - Totally Devoted To You
TEBCTW - The early bird catches the worm
TEI - Total Economic Impact
TEJTM - The end justifies the means
TEL - Telephone
TEME - Tell me
TEOTD - the end of the day
TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It
TFA - The Fucking Article
TFB - Too Fucking Bad
TFDS - That's For Damn Sure
TFF - Too fucking funny
TFH - Thread From Hell
TFI - The fact is
TFT - Tutorial for tutorial
TFY - time for you
TH - Trying Hard
THD - Total Harmonic Distortion
THERD - A person who has a little thug/nerd in them
THIRSTY - Dehydrated chick that is trying way to hard to be
THKQ - Thank you
THNQ - Thank-you
THNX - thanks
THOT - A thot is someone who gets ran through almost eve
THOT MEANS - "That hoe over there"
THOTS - Those Hotties Over There
THREAD - Not Defined
THRU - Not Defined
THT - Think happy thoughts
THWY - Not Defined
THX - Thanks
THX TX - thanks
TIA - thanks in advance
TIAD - Tomorrow Is Another Day
TIAIL - Think I Am In Love
TIC - Tongue-in-cheek
TIE - Take It Easy
TIFU - ADD THE DEFINITION...TIFU is an ancient martial ar
TIG - This Is Great
TIGAS - Think I Give A Shit
TIIC - Those Idiots In Control
TIL - Not Defined
TILII - Tell It Like It Is
TIME - tears in my eyes
TIMTOWTDI - There Is More Than One Way To Do It
TINALO - This Is Not A Legal Opinion
TINAR - This Is Not A Recommendation
TINC - There Is No Cabal
TINSTAAFL - There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TINWIS - That Is Not What I Said
TIPS - To improve professional service
TIR - Teacher in room
TISC - This Is So Cool
TISL - This Is So Lame
TISNC - This Is So Not Cool
TISNF - This Is So Not Fair
TISNT - That Is So Not True
TISU - This is so unfair
TIT - Not Defined
TITF - That is too funny
TIU - Total It Up
TIWTGLGG - This Is Where The Goofy Little Grin Goes
TIYLI - Try it You'll Like it
TJATAW - Truth Justice And The American Way
TJAWG - That's Just A Wild Guess
TJI - Try joining in
TK - To Come
TKA - Totally Kick Ass
TKU4UK - Thank You For Your Kindness
TL - Too long
TL&EH - True Love and Eternal Happiness
TL4E - True Love Forever
TL;DR - Too Long, Didn't Read
TLA - Three Letter Acronym
TLAR - That Looks About Right
TLC - Tender Loving Care
TLDR - Too long, didn't read
TLG - The Living God
TLGO - The List Goes On
TLITBC - That's Life In The Big City
TLK - Talk
TLK-2-U-L-8-R - Talk To You Later
TLK2UL8R - Talk To You Later
TLTB - Thank you Linesmen Thank you Ballboys
TLTBT - Too Ludicrous To Be True
TM - trust me
TMA - Too many acronyms
TMAI - Tell me about it
TMB - Tweet Me Back
TMBASAP - Text me back as soon as possible
TMCSTB - Too many cooks spoil the broth
TMDF - To my dearest friend
TMFT - Too much free time
TMG - That's my girl
TMI - To much info
TMIKTLIU - The More I Know The Less I Understand
TMIY - The Magic In You
TMK - To my knowledge
TMNTM - That Means Nothing To Me
TMOT - Trust me on this
TMS - Touch My Soul
TMSD - Tiny Minds Seldom Differ
TMSF - Too much Science Fiction
TMSHTF - Too Much Shit Hit The Fan
TMSWITW - The Most Sexiest Woman In the World
TMT - Technology, Media and Telecommunications
TMTC - Too Many To Count
TMTH - Too much too handle
TMTLTBMG - There's More To Love Than Boy Meets Girl
TMTM - The More, the Merrier
TMTMALMF - To me that means a lot my friend
TMTOWTDI - There's More Than One Way To Do It
TMWFI - Take My Word For It
TNA - Temporarily Not Available
TNC - Tongue In Cheek
TNFLAOF - There's no fool like an old fool
TNG - The Next Generation
TNKU - Thank you
TNLN - Took Nothing, Left Nothing
TNLNSL - Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Logbook
TNOTVS - There's Nothing On TV So
TNPP - Telocator Network Paging Protocol
TNSTAAFL - There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TNT - Till Next Time
TNTC - too numerous to count
TNTL - Trying Not To Laugh
TNX - Thanks
TOAB - Tits On A Bull
TOBAL - There Oughta Be A Law
TOBAS - Take Out Back And Shoot
TOBB - The other bulletin board
TOBG - This Oughta Be Good
TOC - Table of Contents
TOD - Truth or dare
TOFT - Terms of trade
TOFTT - Took one for the team
TOFU - Text oben, Fullquote
TOH - Typing one-handed
TOIOM - This one is on me
TOJ - Tears of joy
TOK - Touch Of Klass
TOL - Touch of love
TOM - I recall that in the 40's-50's that "George" meant
TOMOZ - Tomorrow
TOP LEL - a mix of memes. top like from top gun and lel like
TOPCA - Till our paths cross again
TOS - The Original Series
TOT - Tip of the Tongue
TOTD - Tip of the Day
TOTP - Top Of The Pops
TOU - Thinking of you
TOW - The one with
TOWL - The one with love
TOY - Thinking of You
TOYA - Thinking Of You All
TP - TelePort
TPAE - The Possibilities Are Endless
TPC - The Phone Company
TPIMTTS - The pen is mightier than the sword
TPS - This Program Sucks
TPSS - This Program Sucks Severely
TPT - Trailer park trash
TPTB - The Powers That Be
TQ - thank you
TQM - Total Quality Management
TQOTM - Theist Quote Of The Month
TQVM - thank you very much
TRAM - The Rest Are Mine
TRBL - Terrible
TRDF - Tears rolling down my face
TRDMC - Tears Running Down My Cheeks
TRS - That really sucks
TRT - The Right Thing
TRTBD - That remains to be determined
TS - tough shit
TSDMC - tears streaming down my cheeks
TSFW - Totally Safe For Work
TSH - Tripping so hard
TSIA - This Says It All
TSIF - Thank Science It's Friday
TSNF - That's So Not Fair
TSOHF - Total Sense Of Humour Failure
TSR - Totally Stupid Rules
TSRA - Two Shakes of a Rat's Ass
TSTB - The sooner, the better
TSWC - Tell Someone Who Cares
TT - Trailer trash
TT4N - Ta-Ta For Now
TTA - Tap That Ass
TTAC - The Times They Are Changing
TTB - Thats too bad
TTBA - Title to be announced
TTBE - That's To Be Expected
TTBOMK - To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTC - Trying to Conceive
TTFF - Time To First Fix
TTFL - Two-Terminal Fault Location
TTFN - Ta-Ta for Now
TTFW - Too tasty for words
TTG - time to go
TTIOT - The Truth Is Out There
TTIUWP - This thread is useless without pictures
TTIWWOP - This thread is worthless without pictures
TTKA - Time to kick ass
TTKSF - Trying To Keep a Straight Face
TTL - Time To Live
TTL4N - That's The Lot For Now
TTLFN - That's The Lot For Now
TTLY - Totally
TTM - To The Moderator
TTMNR - Take The Money aNd Run
TTMT1W2DI - There's More Than One Way To Do It
TTR - Tea Time Review
TTSIA - The Title Says It All
TTSP - This Too Shall Pass
TTT - to the top
TTTAC - The Times They Are Changing
TTTH - Talk To The Hand
TTTHTFAL - Talk To The Hand The Face Ain't Listening
TTTKA - Time To Totally Kick Ass
TTTS - Twin to twin transfer syndrome
TTTT - Too tired to talk
TTU - Talk To yoU
TTUT - Talk To You Tomorrow
TTWH - Thought That Would Happen
TTWTSW - That's the way the system works
TTY - Talk to you
TTYAFN - Talk to you awhile from now
TTYAS - Talk to you all soon
TTYAW - Talk to you after work
TTYAWFN - Talk To You A While From Now
TTYF - Take That You Fiend
TTYI - Talk to you Ingame
TTYII - Talk to you too
TTYL - Talk to you later
TTYLA - Type To You Later, Alligator
TTYLMF - talk to you later my friend
TTYLS - Talk to you laters
TTYM - Talk to You Monday
TTYN - Talk To You Never
TTYO - Talk to you online
TTYOOTD - Talk to you one of these days
TTYRS - Talk To You Real Soon
TTYS - Talk To You Soon
TTYT - Talk To You Tomorrow
TTYTT - To Tell You The Truth
TTYVS - Talk to you very soon
TTYW - Talk to you whenever
TU - Thank you
TUFD - The User File Died
TUI - Turning you in
TUT - Totally unique thought
TVD - TVD is 'The Vampire Diaries" a television teen dra
TVM - Thanks Very Much
TVM4YEM - Thank You Very Much For Your E-Mail
TVN - Thank You Very Much
TWEEN - I suddenly feel aware of all these feelings, but I
TWEEPLE - Twitter People
TWEEPS - Twitter Updates
TWERK - Not Defined
TWERKING - similar to the slang term "twerk", this is the act
TWERMINOLOGY - Twitter Terminology
TWEXPLANATION - Twitter Explanation
TWF - That was fun
TWFAF - Not Defined
TWHAB - This won't hurt a bit
TWHS - That's what he said
TWIA - Not Defined
TWIENDS - Twitter Friends
TWIKE - Twitter Bike
TWIMC - To Whom It May Concern
TWIS - That's What I Said
TWISTORY - Twitter Story
TWIT - That's what I thought
TWITF - That's What It's There For
TWITTONARY - Twitter Dictionary
TWITTSOMNIA - Twitter Insomnia
TWITTWORKING - Twitter Networking
TWIU - That's What I Understood
TWIWI - That Was Interesting, Wasn't It
TWLY - This Week Last Year
TWMA - Till We Meet Again
TWOC - Taking Without Owner's Consent
TWOLLOWER - Twitter Follower
TWOOGLE - Twitter Google
TWOOPS - Twitter Oops
TWOP - Television Without Pity
TWORD - Twitter Word
TWS - Thermal Weapons Sight
TWSI - That was so ironic
TWSS - That's what she said
TWTI - That was totally ironic
TWTST - That Will Take Some Thought
TWYAS - That's What You All Say
TWYT - That's What You Think
TX - Thanks
TXS - Terminal Exchange Services
TXT - Text
TXT IM - Text Instant Message
TXTIN - Texting
TXTTTYL - Text talk to you later
TY - Thank You
TYAFY - Thank you and fuck you
TYFC - Thank you for charity
TYFYC - Thank you for your comment
TYL - Text you later
TYLE - Took You Long Enough
TYM - Thank you much
TYN - Tell your Nanna
TYS - Told You So
TYSK - Thought You Should Know
TYSM - Thank You So Much
TYSO - Thank you so much
TYT - Take Your Time
TYTY - Thank you thank you
TYVL - Thank You Very Little
TYVM - thank you very much
TYVMHAND - Thank You Very Much Have A Nice Day
U - you
U IZ A 304 - you is a hoe
U UP - Are You Up
U'D - you would
U'LL - you will
U'R - you're
U'V - you have
U'VE - You Have
U-L - You Will
U-OK - You OK
U.O.E.N.O - You Don't Even Know
U.U - Expressing sympathy
U/L - upload
U/N - username
U2 - you too
U2B - YouTube
U2U - Up to you
U4I - up for it
U8 - You Ate
UA - user agreement
UA4I - You Asked For It
UAAAA - Universal Association Against Acronym Abuse
UAC - User Account Control
UAD - You Are Drunk
UAE - United Arab Emirates
UAFIUGI - You Asked For It You Got It
UAK - You Already Know
UARK - You Already Know
UART - Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
UASV - You Are So Vain
UAT - User Acceptance Testing
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAYOR - Use At Your Own Risk
UB3R - super
UBD - User Brain Damage
UBE - Unsolicited Bulk Email
UBER - over
UBI - Unexplained Beer Injury
UBS - Unique Buying State
UC&P - Up Close and Personal
UCAP - Up Close and Personal
UCCOM - You Can Count On Me
UCE - unsolicited commercial e-mail
UCLA - University of California at Los Angeles
UCTAODNT - you can't teach an old dog new tricks
UCWAP - Up a Creek Without A Paddle
UDA - Ulster Defence Association
UDB - Unified database
UDC - Upper Divisional Clerk
UDEK - you don't even know
UDFI - You don't fit in
UDFS - User Defined Funtions
UDH82BME - You'd Hate To Be Me
UDI - Unidentified Drinking Injury
UDIAGS - Und Das Ist Auch Gut So
UDK - You Don't Know
UDM - U da man
UDS - Ugly Domestic Scene
UDUM - You Don't Understand me
UDWK - You Don't Wanna Know
UDY - you done yet
UEFA - Union of European Football Associations
UES - Upper East Side (of Manhattan)
UFAB - ugly fat a** b***h
UFB - Un fucking believable
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFF - Expression of annoyance
UFG - Up For Grabs
UFIA - unsolicited finger in the anus
UFIC - Unsolicited Finger in Chili
UFMF - you funny mother f**ker
UFN - Until Further Notice
UFO - unidentified flying object
UFS - Unlucky For Some
UG - Ugly
UG2BK - You've Got To Be Kidding
UGBA - you gay b***h a**
UGBK - You Gotta Be Kidding
UGC - User Generated Content
UGG - Ugly
UGGO - Ugly person
UGGS - Brand of boots
UGH - Expression of disappointment or disgust
UGTBK - You've Got To Be Kidding
UGTR - you got that right
UH - Expression of hesitation
UHAB - you have a blog
UHBW - You Have Been Warned
UHEMS - you hardly ever make sense
UHF - Ultra High Frequency
UHQ - Ultra High Quality
UHSE - User Head Space Error
UHT - Ultra High Temperature
UI - User Interface
UIAM - Unless I Am Mistaken
UID - User Identification
UIN - Unique Identification Number
UJDS - u just did s**t
UK - U know
UKR - You know right
UKT - You Know That
UKTR - You Know Thats Right
UKWIM - You Know What I Mean
UKWIS - You know what I'm saying
UKWUR - You Know Who You Are
UL - unlucky
ULBOM - you looked better on myspace
ULKGR8 - You look great
ULM - You Love me
ULT - Last month (from Latin ultimo)
UM - Expression of hesitation
UMAD - Are You Mad?
UMBJ - You Must Be Joking
UMFRIEND - sexual partner
UMMC - You Make Me Crazy
UMML - You Make Me Laugh
UMTWTM - You Mean The World To Me
UN - United Nations
UN2BO - you need to back off
UN4RTUN8LY - unfortunately
UNA - Use No Acronyms
UNADR - You need a doctor
UNBLEFBLE - Unbelievable
UNCE - Sound of club music
UNCRTN - Uncertain
UNDIES - Underwear
UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultura
UNI - University
UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund
UNIX - Computer operating system
UNK - Crackhead
UNO - Under number odd
UNPC - Not Politically Correct
UNPLUG - To unplug from technology, TV, mobile devices, soc
UNT - until next time
UNTCO - You Need To Chill Out
UNTZ - Sound of a pulsing beat
UO - Ultima Online (game)
UOINDIC - Unless Otherwise INDICated
UOK - Are You Okay
UOM - Unit of Measure
UOME - You owe me
UPCIA - unsolicited pool cue in anus
UPG - Upgrade
UPIA - unsolicited pencil in anus
UPMO - You piss me off
UPOD - Under Promise Over Deliver
UPOS - you piece of s**t
UPT - Uptown
UPW - unidentified party wound
UR - you are
UR2G - you are too good
UR2K - You Are Too Kind
UR2M - You are too much
UR6C - you're sexy
URA - you are a
URA* - You are a star
URAB - You are a bitch
URADRK - you're a dork
URAFB - you are a f**king b***h
URAL - You are a loser
URAPITA - You Are A Pain In The Ass
URAQT - you are a cutie
URBAN DICTIONARY - a compilation of slang terms and abbreviations to
URC - You are caught
URCRZY - you are crazy
URE - you are
URG - you are gay
URGH - Expression of annoyance, displeasure
URGR8 - You are great
URHT - you're hot
URI - Uniform Resource Indicator, URL
URL - Uniform Resource Locator, internet address
URL8 - you are late
URLCM - You Are Welcome
URM - You Are Mad
URMS - you rock my socks
URMW - you are my world
URNC - you are not cool
URP - Vomit, throw up
URS - yours
URSAB - you are such a b***h
URSAI - You Are Such An Idiot
URSDF - you are so d**n fine
URSG - you are so gay
URSH - you are so hot
URSKTM - You are so kind to me
URSSB - you are so sexy baby
URSTPID - you are stupid
URSTU - you are stupid
URTB - you are the best
URTBITW - You are the best in the world!
URTRD - you retard
URTW - you are the worst
URW - you are weird
URWS - You Are Wise
URYY4M - You Are Too Wise For Me
URYYFM - You Are Too Wise (two y's) For Me
US - United States
USA - United States of America
USAD - You're such a dork
USAF - United States Air Force
USB - Universal Serial Bus
USBCA - Until something better comes along
USBM - United States Black Metal
USC - University of Southern California
USCG - United States Coast Guard
USCK - you suck
USD - United States Dollar
USENET - United States Ers' NETwork
USER - Someone who uses other people to gain an advantage
USMC - United States Marine Corps
USP - Unique Selling Point
USPS - United States Postal Service
USS - United States Ship
USSR - The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USU - USUally
USUK - You Suck
USUX - you suck
USW - Und So Weiter (German for etc)
UT - Unreal Tournament
UTBNB - Up the bum, No babies
UTD - Up To Date
UTE - Utility vehicle, pickup truck
UTF - Unicode Transformation Format
UTFG - Use The Fucking Google
UTFL - Use The Force, Luke
UTFS - Use the f**king search
UTFSE - use the f**king search engine
UTFSF - Use The Fucking Search Function
UTFW - Use The Fucking Wikipedia
UTH - Up The Hoods
UTI - Urinary Tract Infection
UTM - You Tell Me
UTO - Unable To Obtain
UTP - Up-Town Projects
UTR - Under The Radar
UTS - Under The Skin
UTSL - Use the Source, Luke
UTT - Under The Table
UTTT - You Telling The Truth
UTUBE - youtube
UTW - used to work
UTY - it's up to you
UV - Unpleasant Visual
UVE - You've
UVGTBSM - you have got to be shiting me
UW - you're welcome
UWC - you are welcome
UWIWU - You Wish I Was You
UWMA - Until we meet again
UWS - Upper West Side (of Manhattan)
UX - User eXperience
UY - Disrespectful manner of pointing someone
UYA - up your a**
UYAB - up your a** b***h
V - Very
V-SAFE - Had a vasectomy
V.V - Sad
V/R - Very Respectfully
V2V - Voice To Voice
V4G1N4 - vagina
V4V - Vote For Vote
VA - Various Artists
VA JAY JAY - Vagina
VAC - Valve Anti-Cheat
VACA - Vacation, holiday
VAG - vagina
VAIR - Very
VAJAYJAY - vagina
VANILLA - Unexciting, conventional
VAT - a large tank or tub used to hold liquid, especiall
VATO - Dude (Mexican)
VB - visual basic
VBEG - Very Big Evil Grin
VBG - Very Big Grin
VBL - Visible Bra Line
VBR - Variable Bit Rate
VBS - very big smile
VBW - Very Big Word
VC - Voice Chat
VCARD - Virtual (online) business card
VCD - Video Compact Disc
VCDA - Vaya Con Dios, Amigo
VCR - Video Cassette Recorder
VDU - Visual Display Unit
VE - Very emotional
VEEP - VP, Vice President
VEETA - Money
VEG - Sit around and do nothing
VEL - Virtual Electronic Library
VENT - Ventrilo (internet chat program)
VER - Version
VERLAN - French reverse slang (from l'anvers)
VERS - Versatile
VERTICAL VIDEO SYNDROME - this sounds like a sickness but is just when someb
VES - Very Evil Smile
VET - Veteran
VEXED - Angry, annoyed
VF - VampireFreaks
VFE - Virgins 4 ever
VFF - Verry f**king Funny
VFM - Value for Money
VFX - Visual Effects
VGA - Video Graphics Array/Adaptor
VGC - Very Good Condition
VGG - Very good game
VGH - Very good hand
VGL - Very Good Looking
VGM - Video Game Music
VGN - Vegitarian
VH1 - Video Hits One (TV channel)
VHF - Very High Frequency
VHS - Video Home System
VHTF - Very hard to find
VIBE - Atmosphere, ambience
VIBIN - Hanging, chilling
VID - Video
VIDA - live the good life life
VIDFIE - A vidfie is a spinning 10-20 video where the perso
VIDS - Videos
VIG - Interest paid on a loan
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
VIP - Very Important Person
VITSOL - Variety Is The Spice Of Life
VIXEN - Attractive woman
VLAN - Virtual Local Area Network
VLB - Very Lucky Bastard
VLEO - Very Low Earth Orbit
VLOG - Video Log
VLOGGER - Video blogger
VLSI - Very Large-Scale Integration
VM - Voice Mail
VMA - Video Music Awards
VMI - Virginia Military Institute
VMS - Voice Mail Systems
VN - Very nice
VNC - Virtual Network Computing
VNDS - Very Near Dead Stock
VNH - Very Nice Hand
VNS - Very Nice Shot
VOA - Voice Of America
VOD - Video-On-Demand
VOIP - voice over ip
VOL - Volume
VOM - Vomit
VP - Vice President
VPL - Visible Panty Line
VPN - Virtual Private Network
VR - Virtual Reality
VRBS - Virtual reality bull shit
VRSTY - Varsity
VRY - very
VS - Versus, against
VSC - Very soft chuckle
VSF - Very Sad Face
VSOP - Very Old Special Pale
VT - Video Tape
VTEC - Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control
VTL - Visible Thong Line
VTPR - View To Permanent Relationship
VTR - Video Tape Recorder
VV - Very Very
VVF - Very very funny
VVN - Very Very Nice
VVV - Refering to comment below
VW - Volkswagen
VWD - Very Well Done
VWEG - Very Wicked Evil Grin
VWG - Very wicked grin
VWP - Very Well Put
VWS - Very wicked smile
VZIT - visit
VZN - verizon
W - George W. Bush
W'EVER - Whatever
W.E - Whatever
W/ - with
W/B - Write back
W/E - Weekend
W/END - Weekend
W/O - without
W00T - Hurrah
W2F - Way too funny
W2G - Way To Go
W2LB - Wisdom to Live By
W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
W4M - Woman looking for a man
W8 - wait
W84M - Wait for me
W8AM - Wait a minute
W8N - Waiting
WA - What
WAB - Windows Address Book
WAD - without a doubt
WADITWB - We always did it that way before
WADR - With All Due Respect
WAEF - When All Else Fails
WAEFRD - When all else fails, read directions
WAFB - What A Fucking Bitch
WAFF - Warm And Fuzzy Feelings
WAFM - What A Fucking Mess
WAFS - Warm And Fuzzies
WAG - Wild Ass Guess
WAGS - What A Great Story
WAH - Working at home
WAHD - Work at home dad
WAHM - Work at home mom
WAI - What An Idiot
WAJ - What a jerk
WAK - What A Kiss
WALOB - What A Load Of Bull
WALOC - what a load of cobblers
WALOR - What A Load Of Rubbish
WAM - to sink downward
WAMBAM - Web Application Meets Brick And Mortar
WAMH - With all my heart
WAMKSAM - Why Are My Kids Staring At Me
WAN2 - want to
WAN2TLK - Want to talk
WART - What a Retard
WAS - Wild Ass Guess
WAT - What
WATEV - Whatever
WATP - We Aim to Please
WAWA - Where are we at
WAYD - What Are You Doing
WAYDRN - What are you doing right now
WAYDT - What are you doing tonight
WAYF - Where Are You From
WAYN - Where Are You Now
WAZZUP - Resistance is futile.
WB - Write Back
WBASAP - Write Back As Soon As Possible
WBMBF - Wanna Be My Boy Friend
WBMGF - Wanna Be My Girl Friend
WBP - Write back please
WBRB - Won't be right back
WBS - Write Back Soon
WBSP - Write Back Soon Please
WBU - What about you
WBU/WBYA - What about you/what about ya
WBWYC - Write back when you can
WC - Who Cares
WCA - Who Cares Anyway
WCAGA - What Comes Around Goes Around
WCTYBTWHTKY - We Could Tell You, But Then We'd Have To Kill You
WCWIO - We can work it out
WD - well done
WDALYIC - Who died and left you in charge
WDAMYK - Who died and made you king
WDDD - Woopie Doo Da Dey
WDDITW - We don't do it that way
WDMB - Will do my best
WDO - Well Done, Opponents
WDOI - Wouldn't Dream Of It
WDPO - Watchdog pulse output
WDR - With Due Respect
WDT - "We don't talk"
WDTM - What Does That Mean
WDUGU - Why Don't You Grow Up
WDUL - Where Do You Live
WDUMBT - What do you mean by that
WDUS - What Did You Say
WDUTUR - Who Do You Think You Are
WDUW - What do you want
WDUWTA - What do u wanna talk about
WDYC - Who Do I Call
WDYE - What Did You Expect
WDYK - What do you know
WDYLL - What Do You Look Like
WDYM - What Do You Mean
WDYMBT - What Do You Mean By That
WDYS - What Did You Say
WDYT - What do you think
WDYWTD - What do you want to do
WDYWTTA - What do you want to talk about
WE - Week end
WEG - Wicked Evil Grin
WEI - Whatever idiot
WEML - Whatever Major Loser
WEP - Weapon
WETSU - We Eat This Shit Up
WFH - Work From Home
WFHC - What For, How Come
WFHIT - What Fresh Hell Is This
WFM - Works For Me
WFR - Waiting For Reply
WFTM - Working For The Money
WG - Working Girl
WGACA - What Goes Around Comes Around
WGAFF - Who Gives A Flying Fuck
WGUMCD - What goes up must come down
WHATDDUP - what's up
WHATEVER - commonly used by teenagers as a way of blowing off
WHFO - When Hell Freezes Over
WHT - What
WHTT - We have to talk
WICKED - something that is awesome or cool; also used to em
WIWWY - What is wrong with you
WMAO - Working my ass off
WMB - Write Me Back
WMD - Was my double
WMH2CUS - With me hope to see you soon
WMHGB - Where Many Have Gone Before
WMMOWS - Wash My Mouth Out With Soap
WMPL - Wet My Pants Laughing
WMRS - Write Me Real Soon
WMWM - Worlds Most Wonderful Man
WN - Why not
WN,WN - Waste not, want not
WNDITWB - We never did it this way before
WNOHGB - Where No One Has Gone Before
WOA - Work Of Art
WOB - Without boyfriend
WOG - Wise Old Guy
WOHD - Work outside home dad
WOHM - Working outside home mom
WOLF - Wit-less One Line Follow-up
WOLOG - Without loss of generality
WOM - Word of Mouth
WOMBAT - Waste Of Money, Brains And Time
WOMBS - Wearing Only My Birthday Suit
WOOF - Well Off Older Folks
WOOT - We Own the Other Team
WOP - With Out Papers
WORM - Write Once Read Many
WOS - Wife over shoulder
WOT - What
WOTAM - Waste Of Time And Money
WOTD - Workout of the day
WOTR - War of the ring
WOW - Wish Only Well
WOZ - was
WP - wrong person
WPKOL - Wet Passionate Kiss On the Lips
WPYS - Who Pulled Your String
WRATGAS - Who Really And Truly Gives A Shit
WRT - with regard to
WRU - Where are you
WRUD - What Are You Doing
WRUDATM - What Are You Doing At The Moment
WRUDOIN - What are you doing
WSDMU - We Sure Did Miss yoU
WSITU - Why Should I Trust You
WSIUWYW - What You See Isn't Usually What You Want
WSLS - Win Some, Lose Some
WSRU - What Sex Are You
WT - Without Thinking
WTAYTAG - What time are you thinking about going
WTB - Wanted to buy
WTBH - What the bloody hell
WTBI - Whats The Big Idea
WTC - Wash the car
WTD - who to delete
WTF - Why the Fuck
WTFAY - Where the fuck are you
WTFE - What the fuck ever
WTFGDA - Way To Fucking Go, Dumb Ass
WTFH - What The Fucking Hell
WTFM - Write The Fucking Manual
WTFNF - What the fucking fuck
WTFRU - Where the fuck are you
WTG - Way To Go
WTGP - want to go private
WTH - Why The Hell
WTHAY - Not Defined
WTHDIK - What The Hell Do I Know
WTHDTM - What The Hell Does That Mean
WTHOW - White Trash Headline Of the Week
WTHRU - Who The Hell Are You
WTHWT - What the heck was that
WTLM - Welcome To Last Week
WTLY - Welcome To Last Year
WTM - Way to mean
WTMI - Way too much information
WTMKF - Welcome To My Kill Filter
WTMPI - Way Too Much Personal Information
WTMW - Welcome to my world
WTN - What Then Now Who Then Now
WTP - Wtp means "way too pretty"
WTRMTR - Where the rubber meets the road
WTS - What the shit
WTSDS - Where The Sun Don't Shine
WTSHTF - When The Shit Hits The Fan
WTT - want to trade
WTTC - Welcome To The Club
WTTM - Without Thinking To Much
WTYO - What Turns You On
WUMM - Will You Marry Me
WUWY - What up with you
WWNC - Will wonders never cease
WWSD - What Would Satan Do
WWTFW - What's with this fucked up world
WWY - Where Were You
WWYC - Write When You Can
WWYL - When Will You Learn
WX - Weather
WYBM - Will You Be My
WYBMADIITY - Will You Buy Me A Double If I Tell You
WYCM - Will You Call Me
WYD - What you doing
WYFM - Would You Fuck Me
WYG - What You Give
WYGAC - When You Get A Chance
WYGAM - When you get a minute
WYGISWYPF - What You Get Is What You Pay For
WYGIWYAF - What You Get Is What You Asked For
WYGIWYG - What You Get Is What You Get
WYGIWYPF - What You Get Is What You Pay For
WYGOWM - will you go out with me
WYHAM - When you have a minute
WYL - Why you little
WYLABOCTGWTR - Would You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Rem
WYLASOMTGWTC - Would You Like A Saucer Of Milk To Go With That Co
WYLASOMTGWTR - Would You Like A Saucer Of Milk To Go With That Re
WYLASOMWTC - Would You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That Comment
WYLEI - When you least expect it
WYLSNED - Well you learn something new every day
WYM - What You Mean
WYMM - Will You Marry Me
WYMOWS - Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap
WYP - What's Your Problem
WYPF - What You Pay For
WYRN - What's Your Real Name
WYRY - What Year Are You
WYS - Whatever You Say
WYSBANRTWYG - What You See Bears Absolutely No Relation To What
WYSBYGI - What You See Before You Get It
WYSIAWYG - What You See Is Almost What You Get
WYSIAYG - What You See Is All You Get
WYSINEWYGBIC - What You See Is Not Exactly What You Get But It's
WYSINWYG - What You See Is Not What You Get
WYSISYG - What you see on the screen is what you will get on
WYSIWIG - What you see is what you get
WYSIWYD - What You See Is What You Deserve
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
WYSLPG - What You See Looks Pretty Good
WYSOH - Where's Your Sense Of Humour
WYT - Whatever you think
WYTTIWTK - What You Tell Them Is What They Know
WYTXMS - White Christmas
WYTYSYDG - What You Thought You Saw, You Didn't Get
WYWH - Wish You Were Here
WYWO - While you where out
WYWT - Whats Your Wand Type
X - Kiss
X TREME - extreme
X) - Happy, mischevious
X-I-10 - Exciting
X.X - Exasperated, irritated, annoyed
X3 - Cute face
XAXA - Ha Ha
XB - XBox
XB36T - Xbox 360
XBF - Ex-Boyfriend
XBL - XBox Live
XC - Cross Counrty
XCEPT - except
XCPT - except
XD - extreme droll
XDD - Laughing especially hard
XELLENT - excellent
XEP - Except
XFER - transfer
XGA - eXtended Graphics Array/Adaptor
XGF - exgirlfriend
XHTML - Extensible Hyper-Text Markup Language
XING - crossing
XIT - Exit
XITB4ILI - Exit before I lose it
XL - Extra Large
XLNT - Excellent
XLR8 - Accelerate
XLS - MS Excel file extension
XM - Extreme
XMAS - christmas
XME - Excuse Me
XML - eXtensible Markup Language
XMPL - example
XO - Hugs & Kisses
XOAC - Christ on a crutch
XOR - hacker
XOVER - crossover
XOX - Hugs & Kisses
XOXO - Hugs & Kisses
XOXOXO - Hugs and Kisses
XP - experience
XPECT - expect
XPLANED - explained
XPT - except
XQZT - Exquisite
XROADS - crossroads
XS - excess
XT - Cross Training
XTC - Ecstasy
XTRA - extra
XTREME - extreme
XVID - Video format
XX - Kisses
XXX - 30
XXXX - Not Defined
XYL - Ex-young lady
XYZ - eXamine Your Zipper
XYZPDQ - Examine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick
X] - Happy
X_X - Dead
Y - why
Y W - you're welcome
Y!A - yahoo answers
Y'ALL - you all
Y/N - yes or no
Y/O - Year(s) Old
Y/R - Yeah right
Y/Y - Yes/Yes
Y00 - you
Y2B - Youtube
Y2K - Year 2000
YA - yeah
YA YAYA - Yet Another Ya-Ya
YAA - Yet Another Acronym
YAABH - You Are A Big Help
YAAF - you are a f**
YAAFM - You Are A f**king Moron
YAAG - You Are A Genius
YAAGF - you are a good friend
YAAI - You are an idiot
YAAR - Dude, mate (Hindi)
YABA - Yet Another Bloody Acronym
YABR - You Are Being Replaced
YABSA - Yet Another Bloody Stupid Acronym
YAC - Are You Available To Chat
YACC - Yet another calendar company
YACT - Yet Another Conspiracy Theory
YADA - And so on, blah
YAF - you're a f**
YAFI - you're a f**king idiot
YAFIYGI - You asked for it, you got it
YAG - you are gay
YAGMCB - You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
YAGNI - Youn Ain't Gonna Need It
YAGT - Yet Another Great Tutorial
YAGTOH - You Are Going To Own Him
YAGUF - Yet Another Gratuitous Use of French
YAHOO - Yob, lout
YAK - You Already Know
YAL - Girl (Hispanic)
YALA - You always live again. It's a response to yolo: yo
YALDI - Expression of excitement
YALL - you all
YALLA - Hurry Up (Arabic)
YALLAH - Let's Go (Arabic)
YAMP - Young tramp
YANA - You Are Not Alone
YANETUT - You Are Not Expected To Understand This
YANK - American
YANKEE - American
YANNO - You Know
YANO - You Know
YAOMM - You are always on my mind
YAOTM - Yet Another Off-Topic Message
YAP - Yet Another Ploy
YAPA - A word to represent glory or honor
YAQW - You are quite welcome
YAR - Yes
YARD - Home
YARDIE - Jamaican (gang member)
YARLY - Ya, really
YAS - you are stupid
YASAN - You are such a nerd
YASAWYAB - You Are So Angry When You Are Beautiful
YASF - you are so funny
YASFG - you are so f**king gay
YASG - you are so gay
YASID - Yet Another Story ID
YASNY - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
YASSSS - It means yes. referred to Nicki Minaj's song ''YAS
YASW - you are so weird
YATB - You are the best
YATK - You Are Too Kind
YATLOML - You Are The Love Of My Life
YATM - Yet Another Typing Method
YATTD - Yet Another Thing To Do
YATWL - you are the weakest link
YAUN - Yet Another Unix Nerd
YAVW - You Are Very Welcome
YAW - You Are Welcome
YAWN - Boring
YAYO - ADD THE DEFINITION...You Are Owned by satan
YBBG - Your Brother By Grace
YBF - You've Been Fucked
YBIC - Your brother in Christ
YBS - You'll Be Sorry
YBTJ - You Be The Judge
YBTMFML - You Belong To Me Forever My Love
YBW - You've Been Warned
YBWM - You Belong With Me
YBYA - you bet your a**
YC - You're Cool/Cute/Crazy
YCLIU - You can look ot up
YCMIU - You Couldn't Make It Up
YCMTSU - You Can't Make This s**t Up
YCMU - You Crack Me Up
YCNTU - Why Cant You?
YCTWUW - you can think what you want
YDEK - You Don't Even Know
YDG - You Dig?
YDI - You Deserve It
YDK - You Don't Know
YDL - Yellow Dog Linux
YDMS - You Don't Make Sense
YDMT - You Don't Mean That
YDPOS - you dumb piece of s**t
YDS - You Don't Say
YDTM - You're dead to me
YDU - You Don't Understand
YDUFC - Why do f**king care?
YDUWTK - why do you want to know
YDWTK - You Don't Want to Know
YE - yeah
YEA - yeah
YEAP - Yes
YEH - Yes
YELLO - Hello
YELLOW BONE - Light-skinned black woman
YEP - Yes
YER - you're
YERMOM - your mother
YERP - Yes, what's up, ok
YESH - Yes
YEW - You
YEYO - Cocaine
YEZZER - Yes Sir
YF - Your Favorite
YFB - you f**king b*****d
YFG - you're f**king gay
YFI - you f**king idiot
YFW - Your Face When ...
YG - Young Gangster
YGG - You Go Girl
YGI - You Got It
YGLT - You're Gonna Love This
YGM - You Got Mail
YGP - you got punked!
YGPM - you've got a private message
YGRR - you got rick rolled
YGTBFKM - you've got to be f**king kidding me
YGTBK - You've Got To Be Kidding
YGTBKM - you got to be kidding me
YGTBSM - You've got to be shitting me
YGTI - You Get The Idea
YGTR - You Got That Right
YGTSR - you got that s**t right
YH - Yeah
YHA - Youth Hostel Association
YHBT - You Have Been Trolled
YHBW - You Have Been Warned
YHEW - you
YHF - you have failed
YHGASP - You Have Got A Serious Problem
YHGTBSM - You Have Got To Be Shitting Me
YHL - You Have Lost
YHM - You Have Mail
YHNI - You Have No Idea
YHPM - you have a private messge
YHTBT - You Had To Be There
YHU - You
YHWH - Yahweh (Hebrew for God)
YID - Yes I Do
YIK - Yes, I Know
YIKES - Expression of shock or surprise
YIM - yahoo instant messenger
YINS - You guys, you all
YITB - Yours In The Bond
YITE - Are You All Right?
YIWTGO - Yes, I want to go private
YJLTG - You Just Lost The Game
YK - you kidding
YKHII - You Know How It Is
YKI - You know it
YKIMS - You Know It Makes Sense
YKISA - Your knight in shining armor
YKK - Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha (zipper manufacturer
YKM - You're killing me
YKN - you know nothing
YKTR - You Know the Rest
YKW - You Know What
YKWIM - You Know What I Mean
YKWIS - You Know What I'm Saying?
YKWYA - you know who you are
YKYLM - You Know You Love Me
YKYWYWM - you know you wish you were me
YL - Young Lady
YLB - you little b***h
YLI - You Love It
YLM - You Love Me?
YLOD - Yellow Light Of Death
YLYL - You Laugh You Lose
YM - your mom
YMBJ - You Must Be Joking
YMBKM - you must be kidding me
YMCA - Young Mens Christian Association
YMCMB - Young Money Cash Money Billionaires
YME - why me
YMFP - Your Most Favorite Person
YMG2C - your mom goes to college
YMGTC - Your Mom Goes To college
YMIAW - your mom is a w***e
YMISLIDI - you make it sound like i did it
YMMB - Yet More Microsoft Bashing
YMMD - You Made My Day
YMML - You Make Me Laugh
YMMS - You Make Me Smile
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
YMMVG - Your mileage may vary greatly
YMRASU - Yes, My Retarded a** Signed Up
YMSF - Your momma's so fat
YMTYK - You may think you know
YMW - You're Most Welcome
YMWV - Your mileage will vary
YN - why not
YNG - young
YNK - You never know
YNM - yes, no, maybe
YNT - why not
YNW - you know what
YNWA - You'll Never Walk Alone
YNWIM - You know what I mean
YO - year old
YO' - your
YOB - Hooligan, thug
YODO - You Only Die Once
YOGWYPF - You Only Get What You Pay For
YOKED - Well built, muscular, ripped
YOL - Cocaine
YOLA - Cocaine
YOLF - You Only Live Forever
YOLO - stands for You Only Live Once. you say it when you
YOLT - you only live twice
YOMANK - You owe me a new keyboard
YOMB - You Owe Me Big
YOMV - Your Opinion May Vary
YOO - You
YOOH - You
YOOW - You're out of work
YOR - your
YOUNGIN - young person
YOUNS - You guys, you all
YOUS - You, you guys
YOUSE - You (plural)
YOWTWYWT - You Obviously Weren't Thinking When You Wrote That
YOY - why oh why
YOYO - Slang A stupid or objectionable person
YOYOW - You Own Your Own Words
YPMF - you pissed me off
YPML - You're pulling my leg
YPMO - you piss me off
YPOM - Young people on the move
YPU - Misspelling of 'you'
YQ - I Like You
YQW - You're Quite Welcome
YR - Yea, Right.
YRAG - You are a geek
YRBK - Yearbook
YRG - You are good
YRL - You are lame
YRMS - You Rock My Socks
YRMV - Your Results May Vary
YRO - Your Rights Online
YRR - You 'R' Right
YRS - Years
YRSAF - You Are Such A Fool
YRSM - you really scare me
YRSS - you are so sexy
YRT1 - You Are The One
YRU - Why are you
YRUBM - why are you bugging me?
YRUSM - Why are you so mean
YRYOCC - You're running your own cuckoo clock
YS - you suck
YSA - You Suck a**
YSAL - you suck at life
YSAN - You're Such A Nerd
YSATI - you suck at the internet
YSC - Your So Cute
YSF - you stupid f**k
YSI - You Stupid Idiot
YSIC - why should I care
YSITM - your shirt is too small
YSJ - You're so jealin
YSK - You Should Know
YSL - Y.S.L is also a blooded click. R.o.c crew ( rased
YSM - You scare me
YSMTU - You So Made That Up
YSOAB - You son of a b***h
YSR - Yeah, sure, right
YSS - you stupid s**t
YSVW - You're So Very Welcome
YSW - Yeah sure whatever
YSWNT - why sleep when not tired?
YSYD - Yeah sure you do
YSYL - You Snooze, You Loose
YT - Are you there?
YT? - You Think ?
YTB - You're The Best
YTD - Year To Date
YTF - why the f**k
YTFWUDT - why the f**k would you do that?
YTHWUDT - Why the hell would you do that
YTIS - You think I'm special?
YTM - you tell me
YTMBA - You Take My Breath Away
YTML - You Took My Line
YTMND - You're The Man Now, Dog
YTO - You're The One
YTP - YouTube Poop
YTRNW - Yeah That's Right, Now What
YTTL - You take too long
YTTT - You Telling The Truth
YTY - why thank you
YTYTK - You're too young to know
YU - You
YUA - you ugly a**
YUCK - Expression of disgust
YUCKY - Disgusting, gross
YUG - Not Defined
YUL - Why you little
YUM - Said when something tastes good or is attractive
YUMMY MUMMY - Attractive mother
YUO - Misspelling of 'you'
YUP - Yes
YUPPIE - Young Urban Professional
YUPPIES - Young Urban Professionals
YUR - your
YUS - Yes
YUSH - Yes
YUST - why you say that
YUTE - just a fun way of saying "youth," like kids who ar
YVFW - you're very f**king welcome
YVMW - You're Very Much Welcome
YVW - You're Very Welcome
YW - You're Welcome
YWAM - Youth With A Mission
YWAPOM - you want a piece of me?
YWCA - Young Women's Christian Association
YWEL - You're Welcome Even Less
YWHNB - Yes, we have no bananas
YWHOL - Yelling WooHoo Out Loud
YWIA - You're Welcome In Advance
YWIC - why would i care
YWIMC - Your Wish Is My Command
YWS - you want sex
YWSYLS - you win some you lose some
YWU? - Yo Waz Up?
YWUD - yo whats up dude
YWVM - you're welcome very much
YWYWM - you wish you were me
YY4U - Too Wise For You
YYBBHH - Yeh Yeh Beep Beep Honk Honk
YYFM - Too wise for me
YYGT - Yes You Get That
YYIC - Too wise I see
YYSS - Yeah yeah, sure sure
YYSSLIBTO - Yeah Yeah Sure Sure Like I Believe That One
YYSSW - Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever
YYSW - Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever
YYUR - Why why you are
YYY - Yeah Yeah Yeah
Z - Not Defined
ZA - Pizza
ZAIN - Beautiful (Arabic)
ZECH - Energy, life
ZED - Zombie
ZERG - Defeat enemy by outnumbering rather than strategy
ZIG ZAG - Cigarette paper
ZILCH - Nothing, zero
ZIMBO - Person from Zimbabwe
ZING - Owned
ZIP - Ounce of marijauna
ZIT - Spot, pimple
ZMG - Oh My God
ZOMB - Zombie
ZOMG - Super Oh My God
ZONKED - Very tired or inebriated
ZOOT - Spliff, joint
ZOOTED - High on drugs
ZTA - Zeta Tau Alpha
ZUP - What's up?
ZUT - Damn it (French)
ZZZ - Sleeping
0 - Surprised
0.0 - Surprise
0/ - Waving
012 - Forever
07734 - hello
0DAY - software illegally obtained before it was released
0NOE - Oh No
0VR - over
0_0 - Shocked
1 - Not Defined
10 - Perfect looking woman
10-1 - Radio code for 'Receiving poorly'
10-2 - Radio code for 'Receiving well'
10-4 - Understood, OK
101 - Basic introduction
10CHAR - Padding where at least 10 characters are required
10Q - Thank You
10TACLE - Tentacle
10X - Thanks
11 - One louder than 10
111 - Excited
112 - European emergency number
12 - The police
121 - One to one
123 - I agree
12B - wannabe
1314 - Forever (Chinese)
1337 - Elite
133T - Elite
13ITCH - b***h
143 - I love you
1432 - I love you too
14344 - I Love You Very Much (letters in each word)
143444 - I love you very very much
1437 - I Love You Forever
14AA41 - One for all, all for one
153 - I Adore You (letters in each word)
180 - Turn around, 180 degrees
182 - I Hate You
187 - ashraf Montel ahmed's code which (1) means I, (8)
1AAT - One At A Time
1AB - wannabe
1CE - Once
1D - One Direction (band)
1DAFUL - wonderful
1DERING - wondering
1I - One eye
1NCE - once
1SEC - one second
1UP - Extra life in a game
2 - To
21 - A vine.
211 - Police code for robbery
212 - Speak with someone
22 - A .22 caliber handgun
220 - Second To None
221 - Not Defined
222 - Not Defined
224 - Today, tomorrow, forever
231 - Not Defined
24 - Not Defined
24-JUL - Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
24/7 - Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
241 - Two For One
250 - money
262 - Old
26Y4U - too sexy for you
2B - To be
2B4U - too bad for you
2BAD4U2 - too bad for you too
2BH - To Be Honest
2BZ4UQT - Too Busy For You Cutey
2C - 2) to see 3) 2 grades of Celcium (expected & undes
2C4U - To See For You , the definition an artist's job
2DA - to the
2DAE - today
2DAY - Today
2DFM - Too dumb for me
2DITD - today is the day
2EZ - Too easy
2FB - Too fucking bad
2G - Too Good
2G2B4G - To good to be forgotten
2G2BT - Too Good To Be True
2GE4 - Together
2GETHA - together
2GETHER - together
2GETHR - together
2GETR - Together
2H2H - Too hot to handle
2H4U - too hot for you
2K - Talk
2K0 - 2000
2K1 - 2001
2K10 - 2010
2K4 - 2004
2K4U - To Cool For You
2K6 - 2006
2K7 - 2007
2K8 - 2008
2K9 - 2009
2L8 - Too late
2M - Tomorrow
2M2H - Too much to handle
2M2M - Too many too mention
2M4U - too much for you
2MA - Tomorrow
2MARO - tomorrow
2MI - Too Much Information
2MM - Tomorrow
2MMRW - tomorrow
2MO - tomorrow
2MORA - tomorrow
2MORO - Tomorrow
2MOROW - tomorrow
2MORRO - tomorrow
2MORROW - tommorrow
2MOZ - Tomorrow
2MOZZ - tomorrow
2MR - Tomorrow
2MRO - Tomorrow
2MRW - Tomorrow
2MW - tomorrow
2MZ - tomorrow
2NIGHT - tonight
2NITE - Tonight
2NT - Tonight
2NYT - Tonight
2O4S - too old for sex
2QT - too cute
2SDAY - tuesday
2TALI - totally
2TM - to the max
2TRD - too tired
2U - To You
2U2 - To you too
2ZDA - Tuesday
3 - Cute face
3 WHEELIN - Driving with one wheel off the ground
301ING - referring traffic to another site
303 - Mom
304 - hoe
30STM - 30 Seconds To Mars (band)
313 - Area code for Detroit
31337 - elite
313373 - elite
31EE7 - elite
333 - Half evil
381 - 3 = California 8 = Hells 1 = Angels California Hel
39 - Thank You
3ARC - Treyarch
3DG - Three Days Grace (band)
3G - Third Generation mobile phone network
3Q - thank you
3RZDA - Thursday
3SUM - Threesome
3U - thank you
3VI1 - evil
3Y3 Y4M - I am
4 - For
401 - Area Code for Rhode Island
401K - Retirement investment plan
403 - Deny Access To
404 - Clueless
411 - Information
419 - Nigerian Email Scam
42 - The answer to life, the universe and everything
420 FRIENDLY - Cool with smoking pot or marijuana. Used in a lot
42N8 - fortunate
4311 - hell
44 - .44 Magnum
458 - I love you
459 - 459 means burglary. It's a slang word usually used
4CHAN - Internet message/image board
4COL - For crying out loud
4E&E - forever and ever
4E4 - Forever
4EAE - ForEver And Ever
4EVA - Forever
4EVER - Forever
4EVR - for ever
4EVS - forever
4FS - for f**k's sake
4G - 4th Generation
4G8 - forget
4GAI - forget about it
4GEIT - forget it
4GET - Forget
4GETU - forget you
4GIVE - forgive
4GM - Forgive me
4GOT - forgot
4GV - forgive
4HEAD - forehead
4HOA - four horsemen of the apocalypse
4KER - f**ker
4KING - f**king
4LYF3 - for life
4LYFE - for life
4M - form
4MTK - For Me To Know
4N - Phone
4NR - Foreigner
4OTS - For old time's sake
4Q - f**k you
4R3AL - for real
4RL - For real
4RL? - For Real?
4RM - from
4SHO - For Sure
4SRS - For Serious?
4TLOG - for the love of god
4TW - For The Win
4U - For You
4U2 - For you too
4UMB - For You Maybe
4US - for us
4V6GQ9K3D5SOL8 - Not Defined
4WARD - Forward
4WD - forward
4X4 - Four wheel drive vehicle
4YEO - For Your Eyes Only
5 BY 5 - Loud and clear, fine
5 HOLE - Gap between goalie's legs in hockey
5-OH - cop
50 - Fake
5150 - Police code for crazy person on the loose
520 - I Love You (Chinese)
520 1314 - I love you forever
53X - sex
555 - Laughing
5FS - 5 Finger Salute
5H17 - s**t
5N - Fine
5O - police
637 - Always and Forever (letters in each word)
66 - Spooning
666 - The Number of the Beast
67 - The trigger of "The Game" You see it you loose You
69 - S33333X
6FLX - X-Rated movie (sex flick)
6UP - cops in area
6Y - sexy
72 - 72 hours, 3 days
721 - Love You (7 letters, 2 words, 1 meaning)
73 - Best regards (Amateur Radio)
730 - Crazy
7734 - hell
7DAW - Seven Days A Week
7UCK - f**k
8 - Ate
8) - Cool
8* - Kiss
8-) - Cool (sunglasses)
8-| - Nerdy (wearing glasses)
8008 - boob
8008135 - boobies
80085 - Boobs
808 - Police code for disturbing the peace
80S - The Eighties, 1980s
81 - Hells Angels (HA 8th and 1st letter)
81TC# - b***h
823 - Thinking Of You
829 - Not Defined
831 - I love you
86 - Get rid of something
88 - Heil Hitler (H is 8th letter)
881 - Bye Bye (from Chinese pronounciation)
886 - Bye Bye (Hong Kong Cantonese)
888 - Ate, ate, ate
88888888 - Clapping
8BALL - 1/8 ounce of cocaine
8D - Manic
8IIIID - 8IIIID is a chode.
8TB - Ate the bait
8| - Balls To The Wall
9 - Yum
9009L3 - Google
911SC - emergency let's stop chatting
99 - Parent has left
9T - night
#1 - Number one
$ - Dollar, money
$_$ - Has money
%) - Drunk, giddy
& - Tongue tied
&APOS;S - Wrongly displayed 's
&HEARTS; - HTML code for a heart
'( - Crying
') - Crying with joy
'EM - Them
( - Unhappy
(!) - Sarcasm
('_') - Emoticon Representing Boredom
(8) - Musical note (MSN)
(: - Happy
(A) - Angel (MSN)
(H) - Cool dude emoticon (MSN)
(K) - Kiss (MSN)
(L) - Love heart (MSN)
(N) - Thumbs down (MSN)
(S) - Seriously
(U) - Heartbroken
(Y) - Thumbs up (MSN)
(YN) - Fingers crossed (MSN)
(^^^) - Shark
(_8^(I) - Homer Simpson
({)(}) - Two People Hugging
) - Happy
* - Indicating a spelling correction
*$ - Starbucks
*$$ - Starbucks
*.* - Every file on a computer
*4U - Kiss for you
*67 - unknown
*<:-) - Clown
*EG* - evil grin
*G* - Grin
*HUG* - A Cyberhug
*O* - Confused, surprised, shocked
*S* - Salute
*\O/* - Cheerleader
*_* - In love, dazed
+REP - Boost reputation on XBox Live
+_+ - Dead man
-( - Sad
-) - Smile
-* - Kiss
-.- - Annoyance
-_- - Annoyed, tired
.-. - Sad, unhappy
.BIZ - Top level domain for business
.CO - Alternative to .COM
.COM - Top level domain for commerce
.EDU - Top level domain for education
.GOV - Top level domain for governments
.MIL - Top level domain for the military
.NET - Top level domain originally for network providers
.ORG - Top level domain for non-profit organizations
._. - Emoticon Representing Apathy
/ - Sarcasm
// - Love, I love you
/B/ - 4chan's random image board
/O/ - Happy, arms in the air
/O\ - Frustrated, hands on head
/R/ - Requesting
/S - Sarcasm
/THREAD - End of a thread on a forum
/W - Whisper
:$ - Embarrassed
:& - Tongue tied, speechless
:'( - Crying
:') - Crying with joy
:( - Unhappy, sad
:(:) - Pig
:(|) - Monkey
:) - Happy
:* - Kiss
:-( - Sad
:-) - Smile
:-* - Kiss
:-P - Emoticon Of Someone Sticking Their Tongue Out
:/ - Sarcasm
:0 - Surprised, shocked
:3 - Cute/goofy face
:9 - Yum, licking
:< - Sad, frowning
:> - Mischievous smile
:? - Confused
:@ - Angry
:B - Buck teeth
:C - Very Sad
:D - Happy
:DD - Very happy
:F - Drooling
:J - Smirk
:L - Laughing
:O - Surprised
:O) - Clown nose smiley face
:P - Sticking tongue out
:Q - Smoking
:S - Confused
:T - Side smile
:X - Zipped lips
:\ - Emoticon Meaning Confusion
:] - Happy
:{) - Happy with a moustache
:| - Disgust, disapproval, not funny
;( - Crying
;) - Wink
;-) - Wink
;-P - Not Defined
;D - Wink
;O - Joking
;P - Winking and sticking tongue out
< - Sad
<.< - Shifty look
</3 - Broken Hearted
<3 - Love
<333 - Multiple hearts
<3U - Love You
<=3 - a tiny penis
<>< - Fish
<B - Hate
<G> - Grin
<_< - Sarcasm, look left
=) - Happy
=* - Kiss
=.= - Tired
=/= - Not equal to
=0 - Surprised, shocked
=3 - Cute/goofy face
=D - :D
=F - Vampire
=I - Indifference
=P - Sticking tongue out
=S - Confused
=W= - Weezer
=X - No Comment
=[ - Sad
=] - Happy
> - Mischievous smile
>,< - Angry, annoyed
>.< - Frustrated, angry, upset, in pain
>.> - Suspicious, wary
>//< - Embarrassed, blushing
>:( - Angry
>:) - Evil Grin
>:O - Angry
>< - Frustration
>O< - Yelling
>_< - Frustrated
>_> - Looking left, shifty look
? - What
?4U - Question For You
?? - What
?U@ - Where are you?
?UP - what's up?
?^ - what's up?
?_? - Confused, lost
@ - At
@$$ - a**
@$$ #013 - a** hole
@$$HOLE - a**h**e
@.@ - Confused, surprised
@@-O - Tattletale
@@@ - Warning of parents nearby
@H - a**h**e
@_@ - dazed
@}--->---- - A rose
[ - Vampire
\M/ - Horns, metal salute
\O - Waving
\O/ - Happy, arms in the air
] - Happy
^.^ - Happy
^.~ - Wink
^5 - High five
^O^ - Hurrah
^W^ - Happy
^^ - Happy
^^^ - Reference to line above
^_^ - Happiness, satisfied
^_~ - Wink
^~^ - Emoticon Of A Mischievous Smile
{) - Happy with a moustache
| - Not funny
}:-) - Devilish smile